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Worked All States - Tribunes

To qualify, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. An operator must submit, and the award manager must approve and publicly proclaim acceptance of, an application showing contacts with a Tribune or Senator member in each of the 50 states. Contacts may be made at any time and on any band, including WARC bands.

2. An operator applying for the award must be an SKCC member at the time each qualifying contact is made. A member does not have to be a Tribune to qualify for this award.

3. All contacts must be made with a straight key, semi-automatic key (bug), or sideswipper (cootie). For details, see the club's policy on approved keying devices here.

4. Only contacts completed on or after February 1, 2016, qualify for this award.

5. Contacts with Tribune or Senator members operating outside of their home states, either as portable or mobile stations, are permitted.

Tribune members are strongly encouraged to append a T to their member number during operating events to make it easier for prospective WAS-Tribune applicants to zero in on the states they need.

Applicants are encouraged to copy the member station's state carefully, since Rule 5 implies that the state you hear the member give you may be different from the state listed for that call in the membership data base.

If you maintain a log in ADIF format, there are a variety of logging and award processing programs available from the Files and Download Section. These programs will use your ADIF log file to create error-free application forms for you. As an alternative, you can download an award application here.

!!!Attention to All Members!!!

When submitting award applications, please ensure your callsign and the word "Application" are in the subject line. We are trying to reduce our spam and increase the spam filter success rate.

For questions about the WAS award program or to submit an application, send an email to Mark, NX1K @

Happy hunting!