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SKCC's Slow Speed Saunter (CQS)

Rules | Reporting

The SKCC Slow Speed Saunter aims to bring together operators at a slower CW pace, <12 WPM code speed. This is an informal operating event lasting 24 hours. This is not a contest! The event starts at 0000 UTC on the first day of the month and ends at 2359 UTC on the same day.

SKCC Members who participate in the Slow Speed Saunter must use straight keys, sideswipers (cooties), or bugs. Waivers from this policy are possible. For details, see the club's policy on approved keying devices.

Non SKCC Members may use any key they have available during this event, but are encouraged to use a Straight Key, Sideswiper(Cootie), or Bug if possible.

Because this event aims to include newcomers to CW as well as experience brass-pounders, operating speed should be adjusted accordingly.

Please address any questions or ideas for improvement to the SSS Manager,



The SKCC's Slow Speed Saunter is open to all licensed amateurs. All SKCC Members must use a straight key, sideswiper, or bug unless you qualify for an exemption, as stated in the SKCC Key Policy.. Non SKCC Members may use any key they have available during this event, but are encouraged to use a Straight Key, Sideswiper(Cootie), or Bug if possible.


Participants may operate on 160-6 meters, excluding the WARC bands (60, 30, 17, and 12 meters). Suggested frequencies are on or around the SKCC calling frequencies: 1.813.5, 3.550, 7.038, 7.055 and 7.114, 14.050, 21.050 and 21.114, 28.050 and 28.114, and 50.090 Mhz. The club's sked page or other spotting tools are permitted for this event. Where two frequencies are listed for the same band, QSOs count as one band. That is, if you contact W8BALL on 7.050 and on 7.114, you can count only one of those contacts.


The minimum exchange must include RST, SPC, operator name, and SKCC number. If you are not a club member, please send "none" for SKCC number. Please give a realistic RST, not a perfunctory 599 or 559. If you don't get a signal report, please ask for it. For SPC, US and Canadian stations should use their two-letter state or province abbreviation. US and Canadian stations, send your two-character state or province code. All other countries send your 3-alpha SPC code found here.

This is an informal operating event, so if you are not an SKCC member, please consider taking a moment to visit our home page and apply for a number. It's free! And if you are a member and have completed the required exchange, hang around and chat for a bit with non-members. It's good PR!

QSO Reporting:

Please report your QSO totals by clicking on the "Report QSOs" link at the top of this page. The link will appear when the submissions page is activated for each event. Between events, the link will not appear on the page.

Logs are not required unless the Slow Speed Saunter manager requests them. The deadline for submitting or correcting your entry is 72 hours following the event. If you are correcting your entry, you must resubmit all your information, not just the item that needed the correction. If you are not a member of the SKCC, use "none" in place of SKCC number on the submissions page.