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Founded, January 2006
27,880 members strong
as of 4-Oct-2023

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Monthly Straight Key Night

SKCC Straight Key Night (SKN) occurs on the first day of each month. It is not a contest. So there is no need to submit logs. But it is a good opportunity to work toward the club's achievement awards. The operating event, the club's first, was inspired by the ARRL's annual Straight Key Night. The SKCC's founders wanted to have Straight Key Night every month -- a good way to bring members together on the air on a regular basis. The tradition continues!

This is an informal operating event lasting 24 hours. The event starts at 0000 UTC on the first day of the month and ends at 2359 UTC on the same day. The monthly Straight Key Night runs concurrent with the Monthly Slow Speed Saunter.


The minimum exchange must include RST, SPC, operator name, and SKCC number. If you are not a club member, please send "none" for SKCC number. Please give a realistic RST, not a perfunctory 599 or 559. If you don't get a signal report, please ask for it. For SPC, US and Canadian stations should use their two-letter state or province abbreviation. US and Canadian stations, send your two-character state or province code. All other countries send your 3-alpha SPC code found here.