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Founded, January 2006
28,939 members strong
as of 25-Jul-2024

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Files and downloads

The computer programs listed on this page were produced by various members of the club with features tailored to the club's operating events. All have been designed for Windows computers, and several run successfully on Linux machines via the program Wine. See each description for details. Enjoy!

New Download N1MM logger support files!

Call History File with SKCC membership name and number(misc field).
The file can be downloaded here.

Senator List Utility

This application is designed to help members who have reached the Tribune Tx8 level and are working toward their Senator Award. It produces two lists in CSV format (Excel compatible). It uses data from the SKCC website -- the tribunelist.txt -- and an ADI file containing your log. It compares the tribunelist.txt with your log and gives you two output files: NEEDS.CSV and WORKED.CSV. NEEDS.CSV is a list of tribunes you have not worked since your Tx8 date and WORKED.CSV is a list of the ones you have worked, i.e. your SENATOR List for your senator award. Download the README.PDF for the instructions for installing and operation. The SENATORS.ZIP file contains the application. Just follow the directions for installation.

Download the directions here.
Download the utility here.

W9RFX code-practice software

This CW training software is intended to improve your morse code copying skills. This is achieved by providing a simple and yet versatile means for the creation of CW *.WAV "music" files. Files can be created with multiple source text options. Created CW .WAV files can be saved to the hard disk, reloaded, or burned to a CD or converted to MP3 files for use on an MP3 player. By listening to generated CW files maybe an hour or so a day while walking the dog, exercising, or commuting, you will be amazed at how rapidly your ability progresses. Initially, keep word length to 5 characters maximum, and create a sequence of files, maybe each file of 10 minute duratition, at a gradually increasing speed (WPM).

Download the program here.

SKCC Quick QSL Card

Stephen, KE7WAV, created this quick and easy SKCC QSL card that you can print out and use. It is formatted to the size of a regular prepaid blank postcard purchased at the USPS. All you have to do is fill in the boxes and print it with your home computer. (The last field that says QSL is a drop-down box that reads either please or thank you.)

Download it here.

SKCC Database Files

Just point your browser to the file, then right-click your mouse or touchpad and select Save Link As.

The Membership list file is here.
A supplemental membership list, with join dates, is here.
The Centurion list file is here.
The Tribune list file is here.
The Senator list file is here.