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Founded, January 2006
27,880 members strong
as of 4-Oct-2023

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AC2C's SKCCLogger

Version 03.01.01B released on 25-Jun-2022

SKCCLogger downloads for Windows, MacOS, and Linux are available ONLY from the SKCCLogger User Group.

The logger's author depends on the SKCCLogger User Group to support the MacOS and Linux versions as he does not have either of those platforms available to him for development or testing.

The SKCCLogger:
    • Uses information from downloaded membership data files to optionally auto-insert
      member information as you log contacts.
    • Keeps a running display of the number of QSOs you have accumulated along with
      a count of unique Cs, Ts, and Ss you contact during a sprint.
    • Automatically reads the VFO frequency from your connected radio and auto-completes
      the Frequency and Band as you log a contact.
    • Allows you to control your VFO from within the Log Entry window.
    • Saves and recalls specific settings for multiple radio configurations.
    • Optionally displays a running checklist of all Unique SPCs contacted during a sprint.
    • Maintains a folder of backup logs to provide for recovery from a catastrophic computer
      (or user) error. This facility also provides for a limited "roll-back" capability.
    • Provides automatic insertion of SKCC Numbers for ADIF logs imported from other
      logging programs.
    • Displays a list of previous QSOs with the same member as the callsign is being entered.
    • Includes Award Application Processing for Centurion, Tribune, Senator, DXC, DXQ,
      WAS, WAS-C, WAS-T, WAS-S, Prefix, RagChew, and QRP awards.
    • Provides automated reporting for Monthly Brag Input.
    • Supports tracking of QSL Sent/Received status.
    • Includes a complete Compiled Hypertext User Guide including multiple screen shots.

Although not designed as an everyday logger, the SKCCLogger has a log-merge function that allows you to use it to keep one master log, even as you set up logs for individual sprints. All logs are saved as *.adi (ADIF) files, ready for uploading to eQSL or for signature-processing for LoTW.

The SKCCLogger makes no permanent changes to your PC, does not make changes to your PC's registry, and can be easily removed if you decide not to continue using it.

You can review the web-based SKCCLOgger User guide here: SKCCLogger User Guide

Ron welcomes your comments on how SKCCLogger performs. You can reach him at: