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December WES: “Reindeer Stations”

The December Weekend Sprintathon runs from 12:00 UTC December 10th through 23:59 UTC December 11th for a total of 36 hours.

*It’s that time again for Santa and Staff to get ready for the 2021 Holidays.*

There will be* three* opportunities for bonus points during this WES. The following members/stations are worth 5 bonus points each. Please only count each bonus station once per band.

*First Bonus Points Option* - The "*Reindeer, Santa, and Scrooge*" will be bonus stations this month.

WM4Q #16465S
W9YY #21824S
K3QP #20513S
W7AMI #20359S
WØBET #20365S
KD9KHA #23208T
VE2CRO #20207C
W8YA #23445S
NQ8T #5919S
AH6AX #11165S
F6EJN #508S
WD7JS #11465T

The SKCC Membership manager Randy - N8KQ has agreed to change names for the logger to respective “reindeer” names during this WES. Requests for a certificate for working Santa with Reindeer endorsements can be emailed to Josh, W9HT @ Include your name, call and stations worked. A PDF of your certificate will be emailed back to you.

*Second Bonus Points Option* - There are also “*Worldwide SKCC Ham Radio Elves*” as bonus stations (5 points each) for this WES. Lots of possibilities for increasing your final total score. Please count each “Elf” bonus station only once per band.

Santa’s Elves from around the world are:

PG4I #11019S
W2EB #21535C
W9KMK #19270S
WØNZZ #22005T
KF6C #3398S
N2ZUT #23313T
AC9XS #23280T
W4XJ #616S
VE1AHX #18100S
KKØI #2370S
AF6GA #15191T
N4SNI #11075T
KZ3T #18885S
G0RDO #2133S
K8FAC #2506S
AB4PP #32S
W4CMG #20093T
AF4QK #20594S
K3EW #10605S
AK6A #23994S
ND8MS #19789T
K2CWM #3018S
AA9OM #17229T
WA3GM #10382S
VE3KZ #22804S
G4PVM #17810T
VA2KCC #18420T
KG5YTS #18546T

*Third Bonus Points Option* - Can be obtained by contacting *KS1KCC* which will be a multi-multi station during this WES event. Same as the rest, please count KS1KCC contacts only once per band. Your contacts with KS1KCC should be entered in the KS1KCC box on the WES submission page.

I have asked all of the BONUS stations to use the SKCC SKed website if possible to post where they are listening or calling CQ.

Your total of Reindeer, Santa, Scrooge, Elves, and KS1KCC bonus points are entered in the *specific* event bonus points boxes found on the WES submission page.

Print this webpage and use it as a checklist while operating during the WES Event.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

73 and Happy Holidays, Ken, WB2ART #2020S



The SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon is open to all licensed amateurs, as well as shortwave listeners. All participants must use a straight key, sideswiper, or bug unless you qualify for an exemption, as stated in the SKCC Key Policy..


Participants may sprint on 160-6 meters, excluding the WARC bands (60, 30, 17, and 12 meters). Suggested frequencies are on or around the SKCC calling frequencies: 1.813.5, 3.550, 7.038, 7.055 and 7.120, 14.050, 21.050 and 21.114, 28.050 and 28.114, and 50.090 Mhz. The club's sked page or other spotting tools are permitted for this event. Where two frequencies are listed for the same band, score as one band. That is, if you contact W8BALL on 7.050 and on 7.120, you can count only one of those contacts.


The minimum exchange must include RST, QTH, operator name, and SKCC number. If you are not a club member, please send "none" for SKCC number. Please give a realistic RST, not a perfunctory 599 or 559. If you don't get a signal report, please ask for it. For QTH, US and Canadian stations should use their two-letter state or province abbreviation. US and Canadian stations, send your two-character state or province code. All other countries send your 3-alpha SPC code found here.

This is an informal event, so if you are not an SKCC member, take a moment to visit our home page and apply for a number. It's free! And if you are a member and have completed the required exchange, hang around and chat for a bit with non-members. It's good PR!


For amateur-radio operators

-- Each unique QSO counts as one point. You may count contacts with the same station on multiple bands, but only once per band. You earn one multiplier point for each state, province, or country worked, but you can count a state, province, or country only once per WES.

-- You earn bonus points for working Centurions, Tribunes, and Senators. You can work the same C, T, or S on multiple bands for QSO points, but his or her C, T or S counts once per WES for bonus points. Each C is worth 5 points, each T is worth 10 points, and each S is worth 15 points.

-- You receive an additional 25 bonus points for each band on which you contact the special sprint station, KS1KCC, when it is active. Extra bonus points may be offered as part of a given sprint's theme. If none is offered, enter 0 in the appropriate box on the submissions page.

For shortwave listeners:

You must copy at least one side of a WES QSO for a QSO point. If you copy both sides of a WES exchanges, that counts as 2 QSO points. You can count the same station more than once only if you copy that station's QSO on a different band -- one QSO per band. Note that some WES themes may not allow SWL entrants to claim the theme-related bonus.


Please use the submissions page, reached by clicking on the "Submit Your Score" link at the top of this page. The link will appear when the submissions page is activated for each event. Between events, the link will not appear on the page.

As you enter your contact information on the submissions page, the page calculates your score automatically by multiplying the total number of QSOs by the total number of multipliers, then adds the total C, T, and S bonus points. If the event has a theme-related bonus scheme as well, you will need to calculate the theme-related bonus yourself and enter the total in the appropriate field on the submissions page.

Your Total = (QSO x Multipliers) + C, T, and S bonus points + theme-related bonus, if any

Logs are not required unless the WES manager requests them. The deadline for submitting or correcting your entry is 2359 UTC on the Sunday following the event. If you are correcting your entry, you must resubmit all your information, not just the item that needed the correction. If you are not a member of the SKCC, use "none" in place of SKCC number on the submissions page. If you are an SWL and have a unique SWL club ID, use that in place of a call sign. If you don't have a club ID, make up a unique, one-word ID to use.