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Founded, January 2006
23,775 members strong
as of 22-Jan-2021

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


23680 - KY4DG - Mark - Haymarket - VA
To improve my cw and meet new people on the airway.

23681 - N6TUC - Jim - Aptos - CA
Learn CW

23682 - W2ACS - Jose - Mount Holly - NC
I have been a CW operator since 2003, and truly enjoy straight key operation. I would like to join in the hopes of improving my CW skills, and to participate in the fun!

23683 - N5SU - John - Elkins - AR
Just would like to have a number when participating occasionally in the SKCC Sprints. Thanks.

23684 - W7VK - Jim - Port Orchard - WA
1. To promote and preserve the use of Morse for radio communication.
2. To improve my skill and competence using this historically important practice.

23685 - W6KE - Doug - Carlsbad - CA
Need to get back into CW again. SK Month looks like a great idea.

23686 - W7HO - Ron - Salem - OR
I was told about SKCC from another member KF7SEY. He asked me if I was a member or if I would join. I have been operating CW for many years. Not that good but can handle about 14-15 wpm. I am very active my favorite modes are SSB and CW (I also play on digital modes). I have won several 10-10 contests on CW 10 meters.

Thanks you very much.
W7HO Ron

23687 - JM1NCA - Ken - Yokohama - JPN
I’m keeping straight key for long time without using it.
But this site encouraged me to dig it out and use it.
Now slowly started to have QSO with it in the late night.
It’s another era of ham radio for me.

23688 - K6HHW - Bob - Thousand Oaks - CA
i was a radioman in the Navy back in 1955 and have been interested in CW ever since

23689 - EI8KW - Ryan - Dublin - IRL
I am currently Irelands youngest radio amateur age 11 and interested in all things morse. I am a member of FISTS and operate nightly on FISTS frequencies mainly 80m 3.558. I have a bencher paddle but looking to get a second hand cootie key or straight key to operate SKCC

23690 - AC3CH - Duke - Baltimore - MD
I personally, personally mind you, consider cw and morse code the most important aspect of ham radio. Just my personal opinion.

23691 - G7JAF - Andrew - Sheffield - ENG
I've been learning cw for 10 months, have reached 12wpm and now looking for the confidence to try it on the HF bands. The information you have on the website plus the community will be a great help.

23692 - F4IAX - Jeff - Lacroix Falgarde - FRA
I am a beginner and I am discovering your club
whose I share the objectives.

23693 - VE7OM - Ralph - Surrey - BC
operate almost exclusively in CW.

23694 - WB6UIA - PETE - LARAMIE - WY
Encouraged to join today during contact with K3Y/3 today operated by "Larry AH6AX 11165S in MD". He took the time to encourage me to join and get more active on cw.

23695 - W1ETI - Chris - Edgecomb - ME
To talk to other members

I would like to improve my CW skills.

23697 - N5JED - Chuck - Brunswick - OH
Enjoy CW

23698 - KW4E - Ken - Powder Springs - GA
Active since 1964 mostly on CW. Love this mode of operation.

23699 - KA2ZXV - Jim - Brackney - PA
Learn and use code.

23700 - PA3BKD - Ruud - Huissen - NED
I am a serious straight key user and collector. It would be nice to be part of the SKCC .

23701 - EI9ES - Peter - Dublin - IRL
I am interested in the history of CW and operating with old straight morse keys from WW2. I would like to keep CW alive and in use.

23702 - K7UV - Ron - Brigham City - UT
I've been a long time CW operator and want to get back with my old straight key and help promote CW activity.

23703 - R0LHE - Al - Vladivostok - ARS
Only CW

23704 - KO4EBW - Whit - Savannah - GA
No comment provided by member

23705 - VA3PN - Pat - Smiths Falls - ON
I want to achieve 25wpm, error free, on a straight key

23706 - EB4AYO - EB4AYO - MADRID - ESP
despues de muchos años en radio,he vuelto a la radio,pero para aprender y trabajar solo cw,estoy trabajando en ello,ya llevo 36 contactos

23707 - KI4WVW - Jon - Mc Donald - TN
No comment provided by member

23708 - KF7NUN - Ken - Rexford - MT
No comment provided by member

23709 - N2YIB - Dick - East Marion - NY
I want to be an SKCC member to gain on-air experience in sending and receiving Morse code using a straight key.

23710 - PY5WEF - Wlad - Santo Antonio Da Platina - BRA
I'm a fan of straigth key 90% of contacts are made by straight key.

23711 - VK2NEW - Anthony Sang - Sydney - AUS
I enjoy using the mode C.W. and would very much like to join SKCC and contact on air other SKCC members who use straight keys at a speed I’m comfortable with. Thanking you.

23712 - K0EMP - Tim - Emporia - KS
I have been a HAM for 12 years and have always wanted to learn CODE and not just learn it but start to become proficient and and make contacts. SKCC is well known for its efforts to support members in the use of CODE. That kind of group interests me and is one of which I want to be part.

23713 - NR7Z - Joe - Livermore - CA
No comment provided by member

23714 - KI4MRH - Randall - DICKSON - TN
Recommended by WM4Q, Robert Harris

23715 - G4LVD - Barry - Ipswich - ENG
Have begun to operate Morse again and enjoying it.

23716 - SA0TAY - Banjo - Stockholm - SWE
No comment provided by member

23717 - KD9NNZ - Cynthia - Carmel - IN
I am learning CW and think your organization could be helpful. Thank you, 73

23718 - W2JV - Peter - Northport - NY
improve my speed

23719 - CM6SQ - Nelson - Caibarien - CUB
I love the cw

23720 - KC1MTL - Gary - Surry - ME
I am trying to learn CW. Our club president recommended you.

23721 - AA6LT - Tom - Dewey - AZ
It sounds like alot of fun.

23722 - W8JWL - John - PORTLAND - MI

23723 - W2NDA - Todd - Wellington - CO
More involvement in the CW community

23724 - KB4DZN - Brent - LONDON - KY
Been encountering an increasing number of CQ/SKN calls, enjoy the longer than normal chats with these ops. Thought it might be time to dust off the old J38.

23725 - KG5NJS - Wei - Chino Hills - CA
No comment provided by member

Going back to the basics, I took the exam for the 1st class of operator on yes