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as of 18-Feb-2019

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


19922 - EA3GOC - Ruben - Lleida - ESP
I want to start learning CW. Thanks

19923 - N2GSL - Ed - Baldwin - NY
Want to be part of the continuation of CW and mechanical CW operation and also improve my fist.

19924 - KE0LD - Larry - Saint Louis - MO
I wish to use cw as my primary mode for Ham Radio.

19925 - WD8J - Glen - Cincinnati - OH
Although I generally use an electronic keyer I would like to get practice on my straight key.

19926 - AG7GP - Amy - Ashland - OR
I am new to cw but have had some great contacts so far with skcc members. Still just learning on paddles but hope to explore other keys soon.

19927 - KI5TEX - Eric - Peaster - TX
No comment provided by member

19928 - K1NMF - Dennis - Chichester - NH
I was a USCG Radioman back in the 70s both aboard the USCGC Evergreen and was also stationed at USCG Communication Station Boston, call Letters (NMF) CW was a big part of what we did back then and I still enjoy working CW as much as possible. I think I would enjoy being a Member of an Organization that promotes CW use and meet other folks that enjoy using CW to communicate. ZUT (CW FOREVER)!

19929 - WB6POT - Peter - Colfax - CA
I'm interested in getting back into CW after decades of inactivity.

19930 - K4MRL - Gary - Haymarket - VA
Getting back into ham radio and have always preferred CW - and using a straight key primarily. Sounds like a good way to get back into the fun

19931 - KA0TZX - Bruce - East Hartland - CT
beginner to cw after 25 year break and having fun.Also built a qrp portable station

19932 - N8ZIP - Doug - Windsor - OH
I love the code and am actively trying to improve my CW skills.

19933 - W5BRW - Buford - San Antonio - TX
Have been an extra for many years and have never worked CW. Am learning code now and believe being part of the club will assist in that.

19934 - KE0EPY - Richard - Watertown - SD
I think it will be fun and improve my cw

19935 - KA7OLK - Brian - Wilsonville - OR
Worked first QSO in 31 years this last weekend on 20M band! During the SKCC February wes. Enjoyed it a lot! Felt pretty rusty with CW though - :)

19936 - W7CBR - Chuck - Mesa - AZ
I want to improve my cw skills (I'm just starting to learn CW) and my CW Elmer recommended that I join

19937 - W7SKH - Susan - Mesa - AZ
I'm new in CW. Wish to become more efficient at sending and receiving CW. I enjoy CW. My husband (W7CBR) and I are taking a CW online Class, and our instructor, ART (WA7NB) suggested for his students to join your site. So... here we are!!

19938 - KN4SGY - CJ - Callahan - FL
To learn everything I am able to about CW and the radio art surrounding it.

19939 - KD9LFW - Stuart - Fort Wayne - IN
Suggested by an elmer as a fun help for learning code.

19940 - N5RKO - Kimball - Saratoga Springs - UT
No comment provided by member

19941 - N4KBM - Tommy Cheshire - Charlotte - NC
I want to be a better code operator.

19942 - PY1ZB - Roney - Rio De Janeiro - BRA
Because it's the tradicional Morse way of keying.

19943 - GI0GGY - Jim - Londonderry - NIR
I enjoy using cw.

19944 - KG8HZ - Gerry - New Boston - MI
enncourged by Tom N9YO and his "AnythingWithWheels"youtube channel to get back into CW I had accomplished WAS on 40 with cw in the mid 90' but fell of the horse. but parks on the air, Tom's channel and a recent purchase of a clansman 320 back pack (uk) radio that can only operate phone or straight key cw on HF.

19945 - 2M0EZA - Ronan - Musselburgh - SCO
I'm a relatively new licensee, having gained my foundation and then intermediate licenses last year. I'm about to sit the advanced/full license test in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to focus my efforts on CW and would love to join SKCC.

19946 - KN4OAK - Mike - Johns Creek - GA
Received my General ticket in 2018. Want to promote the use of the SKCC recognized key devices and explore the world of CW.

19947 - KC1DPJ - Pat - Haverhill - MA
Fascinated with the ability of CW to reach others around the world.

19948 - K2RME - BOB - Ravena - NY
Want to learn all I can about CW and Ham Radio!

19949 - N8DUS - John - Rochester - MI
Enjoy operating CW Mode.

19950 - KJ7CQM - Steven - Hooper - UT
I am a new Ham and has always wanted to learn CW, which I am doing and having a lot of fun with it. Thanks!

19951 - AF5AT - Mike - Edmond - OK
I've let my CW skills lapse after upgrading from Novice and I'd like to re-hone my skills. Paul, N5PT, who is an SKCC member is an avid member and coworker, recommended that I join.

19952 - KD2RAE - Jackie - Ontario - NY
I started CW 2 months ago with a group through my radio club and recently heard this is a great website to practice. I would like to join SKCC to become good at CW.

19953 - W4LN - Dick - Concord - NC
I am back on CW with a strait key after many years absent. First licensed in 1955. Would like to have a SKCC number to exchange with stations I am meeting.

19954 - N1LJQ - Bill - Storrs - CT
To support the tradition of using CW.

19955 - K7UW - Mike - Mesa - AZ
Returning to ham radio. Started as WN2CHH in 1971!

19956 - W5USJ - Chuck - Point, TX 75472 - TX
I often monitor 7057, the frequency used by the Water Way CW net. Many times there are stations there exchanging information. The exchanges often include SKCC or WES associated with the exchange. Seemed like something this 84-yr old retired guy might like to do. Been licensed since 1955. Thanks for considering my request to join.

19957 - KG5YXA - Rufus - Richardson - TX
New to CW

19958 - NE8H - Dave - Greensburg - PA
To help the preservation of Morse Code.