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Founded, January 2006
22,043 members strong
as of 1-Apr-2020

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


21987 - KA7PNH - Bill - Glenrock - WY
Getting back in to CW and enjoy using straight key and need practice with some of the same kind.

Bill ka7pnh

21988 - AB9NE - Drew - La Crosse - WI
I enjoy cw, want to develop my skills and socialize with others who have the same interest.

21989 - AC9TR - Howard - Columbus - IN
Was recommended by KA9OPL. Am still learning CW, if that's a problem, I understand. Thanks.

21990 - KC3KUO - Garry - Russell - PA
Involvement in this group will give me the extra motivation I need to better learn Morse code. Since my involvement in a radio club as a child, I've been interested in Morse code. Now as a ham, I need and wantto develop the skill of communicating with Morse code.

21991 - KE1AK - Corry - Portsmouth - RI
Interested in portable QRP CW is the choice mode for QRP.

21992 - KX2W - Sam - Southampton - NJ
Sam joined via Snail Mail and wants to be a member of the SKCC Community.

21993 - AC9MF - Marty - Lafayette - IN
Just getting started with CW. Had my first QSO today. He told me to join SKCC. :-)

21994 - KE0E - Dave - Cheyenne - WY
I'm an Elmer for several "old" hams that are "new" to CW. This sounds like a good place to hang out.

21995 - KJ7GVY - Diana - Carson City - NV
Taking CW Academy Course as I wanted to learn for a year now...enjoy HF and usually run portable and shack in Clinic...ARES member and enjoy contesting and activations and emergency ops as needed.

21996 - KC2BE - Randy - Bellmawr - NJ
I have been a ham for 50 yrs but have not operated cw for many years and am trying to get into the mode

21997 - IU6MQO - Claudio - Roccaspinalveti Ch - ITA
Tutte le iniziative ed il grande sforzo tesi alla salvaguardia del cw!

21998 - WB7P - Dave - Star - ID
I am returning to amateur radio after many years and would like to focus on CW.

21999 - W8LVN - Bill - Winthrop Harbor - IL
Long time CW guy

22000 - KD9PBS - Al - Fort Wayne - IN
Getting our club signed up.

22001 - SP3TUD - Jarek - Niemczyn - POL
Hello, I am an avid supporter of telegraph communications on amateur bands I just love telegraphs and besides, I want to join you and want to be one of you and promote telegraphs

22002 - KJ7JPX - Ken - Fruitland - ID
Been working on the code for some time now and it's time for some action.

22003 - PU3MPB - Marcelão - Rio Grande - BRA
Gosto de somar,e tudo que se envolve rádio,quero fazer parte,por isso peço esta oportunidade de participar deste grupo.
"A vida não vêm com manual de instrução"
73/51 Marcelão

22004 - K8WOM - Bill - SAGINAW - MI
I have been fascinated by Morse Code since 6th grade (back in the 50's).

22005 - W0NZZ - Denny - Austin - TX
Getting back into CW after 30 years without a rig.

22006 - KB0WAB - John - Kansas City - MO
To relearn Morse and get active again.

22007 - AC7GL - Rod - NAMPA - ID
No comment provided by member

22008 - KD9MKH - Ben - Manteno - IL
I want to learn CW

22009 - KE8MCR - Dennis - Bay City - MI
I'm new. Paddling, but LICW has encouraged me to join you. They say you're a wonderful group.

22010 - WB4HNL - Rick - TAMPA - FL
No comment provided by member

22011 - K6HN - Gary - Pacifica - CA
Getting back to my roots of CW operating. I have been listening to other members and enjoy the qso's.

22012 - N4LDF - Bill - Miami - FL
No comment provided by member

22013 - AE4RF - Rick - St Paul - MN
Just got a new straight-key! Ready to bumble my way on air.

22014 - KC3AM - Dave - Claymont - DE
Now in retirement I am planning on getting back into the HF side of the hobby. I enjoyed CW as a novice and am interested in trying it again.

22015 - KA8GDO - Dennis - Howell - MI
Promote basic CW.

22016 - K7HYM - Joe - Greeley - CO
I've been off the air for many years but I have enjoyed listening to the straight key folks out there and I'm brushing up on my code and hope to be on the air very soon again. It's been about 30 years! This is a great movement!

22017 - KC3MZI - Dane - Coal Center - PA
I am learning Morse Code and want to practice with others.

22018 - VE3PQ - 'PQ - Georgian Bluffs - ON
Ive been a CW user for over 50 years. Growing tired of the computer/keyboard rat-race so common today. Looking for a more relaxing experience in my senior years...

22019 - W2SKY - Peter - Penfield - NY
SKCC seems like a fun way to get back on the air. My fist with a straight key remains comfortable since the early days in 1958. Lets give it a try!

22020 - N7MCB - Matt - Spokane - WA
Been learning CW for a while and was recommended to join by the Long Island CW Club.