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Founded, January 2006
27,316 members strong
as of 21-Mar-2023

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Les WB5JWI SKCC #5013S


27278 - KC3SIX - Ron - Indiana - PA
Have worked straight key QRP for many years. Just now getting back into ham radioo.

27279 - N1IAH - Harry - South Windsor - CT
Continue learning/improving in CW and all aspects of Amateur Radio

27280 - WD9DFJ - Steve - Washington - DC
I am a Long Island CW (LICW) Club member taking LICW classes. I have had instructors encourage me to join SKCC because they consider it a good environment for those trying to improve their CW skills.

27281 - K7MG - Jeff - Bainbridge Island - WA
Meet other people interested on CW, hoot to find contacts for skis speed QSOs

27282 - PY6FX - Fabio - Caravelas - BRA
Greetings! I'm a big fan of the CW straight key. Since I got into amateur radio, all my CW QSOs have been exclusively with this type of key, even during contests. I humbly request my application.

27283 - SM2BLY - Mike - Lulea - SWE
Been qrv since 1971, 99% CW with mostly homebrew rigs and boatanchors.

27284 - NM1J - Jack - Malden - MA
I operate mostly cw both for enjoyment and contesting. I have been operating cw since the 70s.

27285 - VE7YIT - Yiting - Vancouver - BC
to learn straight key

27286 - BI1LWS - ZHAO - Beijing - CHN
I am an enthusiast of bug key.

27287 - BI1EKX - ZHANG - Beijing - CHN
Practise cootie es bug keys

27288 - JS2BGJ - MATT - GIFU - JPN
I have straight keyed right arm.

27289 - KK4CBC - Ron - Silver Spring - MD
A club of the Ham club was telling me about this club

27290 - KO4PXH - Ashton - Spartanburg - SC
I am a member of the LICW and I have already been asked for my SKCC number.

27291 - AI5KR - Andrew - Hot Springs - AR
Get on the air with new CW skills

27292 - WB5E - Joe - Brookland - AR
Its been over 43 years since I've been on the air making contacts on CW. I thought this would be a great opportunity to dust off the key and start again.

27293 - KD5KKI - Ross - Killeen - TX
I love CW

27294 - KC5SKY - SKY - Jay - OK
Beginning my journey to the CW world and trying to involve myself in groups and events to further my learning goals.

27295 - KI5NEO - Charles - Brookland - AR
To enjoy fellowship with other Hams and develop better CW skills.

27296 - KG4SGP - Jim - Garfield Heights - OH
I'm learning morse code and hear a lot of people on the air talking about skcc.

27297 - VK2ZRK - Andrew - Tarago - AUS
To improve my Morse code.

27298 - KO4IXU - Trevor - Elizabethtown - KY
I want to be part of a group of people who are more relaxed and forgiving operators in the CW space. As a CW newbie, I've found SKCC operators to be the most courteous and forgiving ops for people like me. I want to be that same person to other CW nebwies.

27299 - R2DZL - VALENTIN - Podolsk - ERS

27300 - KX4TZ - Kirby - Greenville - SC

27301 - K5BVM - Br Brendan - Silver City - NM
I'm a relatively new ham and even though I'm a beginner at CW, I love it! I want to improve more and I practice regularly. Even though I have a paddle key, I also have a Vibroplex straight key and want to be comfortable using it. 73, Br Brendan

27302 - K9ZIP - Joe - Janevsille - WI

27303 - YU4EWW - Luka - Belgrade - SER
I love cw

27304 - KD9VAY - Larry - Bremen - IN
Learning CW, and want to get more involved in practicing with like minded SLOW keys. :-)

27305 - WP4QHS - WP - PONCE - PR

27306 - DG8KBR - Rolf - Lohmar - GER
I recently learned Morse code and want to improve. Within a group it will be more fun for sure. And I got the idea from a member of Reddit.