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Founded, January 2006
21,671 members strong
as of 19-Jan-2020

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


21579 - WJ0YFL - Joe - Aurora - MO
New CW operator, and would like to learn, share, and promote the art of CW as much as possible. Thanks!

21580 - BG6GQE - Liu - Bengbu - CHN
My friends bh6kok and bg8div have joined in succession. I also want to join in QSO and learning

21581 - KA0ABE - Mike - De Soto - KS
To become part of the SKCC group.

21582 - W7OWF - Rick - Arizona City - AZ
I love cw I want to participate in this club

21583 - OE4KSF - Knut - Güssing - AUT
Just makes fun, so why not :-)

21584 - WB5NCB - Craig - Fort Wayne - IN
Use SKED page and Check on Other Members. I like the feeling of control that a Straight Key has.

21585 - KC9VPP - Josh - Litchfield - IL
I love the idea of old tech, I always wanted to learn morse code, I have learned it but im slow and im looking for other people that would be willing to go slow for a bit to help me get faster. Made my own strait key because im poor.

21586 - VY2DP - Dave - Hamilton - PE
To learn and use cw

21587 - KJ1V - Ruth - South Hero - VT
I'm trying to get back into CW after several years away. Recently, I have made "on air" contact with other CW operators asking for my SKCC number, so, why not? Thanks. Ruth

21588 - KA1YB - Tom - Southington - CT
It looks like a lot of fun

21589 - KN4ULF - Nancy - The Villages - FL
No comment provided by member

21590 - KD5ZWC - Shawna - Fort Worth - TX
I hope to overcome my intimidation of cw. In my opinion it’s the best part of amateur radio but I have great difficulty learning it. However, I am determined to do so. Using a straight key is the essence of purity in the hobby.

21591 - K7CLR - Cindy - Corona De Tucson - AZ
I’ve been using a paddle since last spring. I’m ready to add a bug to the fun. Already have one picked out. VIZ KEY vertical.

21592 - KD4UWF - Ray - Leeds - AL
Find slow code to eventually get proficient at cw.

21593 - M0OMO - Stephen - Leyland - ENG
In Oct 2018 I retired and decided to follow a childhood dream of becoming an Amateur radio operator using QRP CW. I sat and passed all three levels to full UK licence in seven months and am now learning CW with a goal to be fast/good enough to hold on air QSO's using homebrew radio and equipment, which is now under construction. There are no CW guys in my area so I'm on my own on this quest but the target is to be up to speed and working the world by June 2020.

Many thanks

21594 - N3DRL - Dave - Riverdale - MD
I have heard your members on the air for years and I recently had a nice chat with a member with a very low membership number. I should have joined years ago.

21595 - W4VHH - Thomas - Gold Hill - NC
Old time ham who prefers cw operation, and enjoys an occasional qso using an old sk that used as novice in 1952.

21596 - DO6AN - Nils - Hamburg - GER
Since my childhood days when I was an SWL, I have always been a morse code fan. A couple of months ago, I decided to obtain a ham license and to become a CW op. I passed the exam two months ago, and last weekend I had my first CW QSO on 80 m. I consider CW to be the best you can get in amateur radio. It is a noble art an I want to help preserve it and engage in that together with others who think likewise.

21597 - KA2TVX - Matt - West Monroe - NY
Improve my cw skills,participate in group events and sprints!

21598 - AA0BV - Joe - Rohnert Park - CA
Practice CW

21599 - KV4FR - B - Homosassa - FL
Basic HAM

21600 - W2IIT - Bill - Stony Brook - NY
Expand my CW experience.

21601 - PC1C - Walter - Tilburg - NED
No comment provided by member

21602 - KN4YOH - Tom - Casselberry - FL
No comment provided by member

21603 - VA3GSE - Flo - Windsor - ON
- SKCC seems interesting for me and I would like to use SK
- it's free, for life
- can hear you right now 'ON AIR' as of Jan 8,2020-16:00pm
- could reach you from Canada
Thank you and 73

21604 - W5TN - David - Dripping Springs - TX
Looking to do some of the contests this year and also the next one in Feb with my Collins S-Line and bug!

21605 - K8EG - Joel - Greenville - OH
After more than 55 years I still work 80 and 40 with my original novice transmitter and E. F. Johnson straight key. TX was built by my Elmer W8CSV, who was my XYL's grandfather. She now holds the call.

21606 - DJ2SX - Daniel - Teterow - GER
CWFE 72/73

21607 - F8BKQ - Jean - Cormeray - FRA
Hamradio qso in CW only since 1967

21608 - LB6GG - Hans - Sandnes - NOR
From time to time it's very relaxing to make a few QSO's with the old "hand pump". So why not join the fellowship with other straight key lovers?

21609 - VE7NYC - Fred - Vancouver - BC
New ham. CW only. Have Hi-Mound straight key and Dow bug.

21610 - WF1W - Chris - Wanatah - IN
Learning CW and just picked up a straight key to learn with

21611 - VE3EKA - Ed - LaSalle - ON
CW enthusiast, learned CW in 1973 and since then operate 95% of the time in CW.

21612 - F1CEP - Pierrick - GARDANNE - FRA
To get in touch with OM on CW.

21613 - ON4ON - Dan - Dadizele - BEL
CW my favorite mode

21614 - AD0SN - Rich - Lake Elmo - MN
I'm joining on the suggestion from a fellow club member who is a member of SKCC. I'm trying to increase my use of CW and enhance my speed and accuracy.

21615 - W7JMM - Jim - Portland - OR
I want to get back into CW.

21616 - K3TUE - David - Silver Spring - MD
Approachability of group members

21617 - VU3YWK - Ajay - Pune - IND
I want to improve on my CW, connect with CW operators and encourage more Hams to use CW

21618 - R2ATO - Alex - Zelenograd, Moscow - ERS
I want and will try to promote SKCC in Russia.

21619 - K6ZMF - Jack - PETALUMA - CA
Contests. QSOs with other straight keyers

21620 - W9KH - Kevin - Joliet - IL
No comment provided by member

21621 - F8FSC - Larry - BEAUFORT - FRA
Hello I just discovered your club with the activities of K3Y .. User of the cw since 2008. Can I join your group?
cordially F8FSC

21622 - KJ6GMA - Joe - Los Gatos - CA
Lots to learn

21623 - KE0HLC - Jackie - Wentzville - MO
I am just getting into CW and just got my first straight key for Christmas!

21624 - KG4NXT - John - Manassas - VA
No comment provided by member

21625 - KD7PVT - Mike - Seattle - WA
Trying to learn Morse code and get started in CW, as I am just completing an Elecraft K2 (this project had been on hold for a while due to circumstances beyond my control) and want to be able to make the best use of it. Been interested for a while, and now it's time to get out there and actually learn!