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Founded, January 2006
24,727 members strong
as of 31-Jul-2021

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


24696 - KO4RHD - Tom - Portland - TN
I want to improve my cw with the equipment that I first had exposure to in the BSA

24697 - VK4GF - Bryn - Victoria Point - AUS
Starting out learning cw with LICW Club.

24698 - MW7SRA - Sara - Newcastle Emlyn - WAL
I am currently learning Morse code with the aim to use CW on air, especially for SOTA, and have started to look at organisations to help me take the next step to start keying and doing QSOs. I didn't fancy iambic double paddles and in my wanderings on the internet, I came across sidesweepers which seems like the perfect thing for me. Hopefully that will work out for me, but I've also got a ordinary straigh key as a backup. SKCC seems like a nice bunch of people that offer plenty of activities for beginners as well as seasoned CW operators.

24699 - N2YR - Joe - Endicott - NY
Regain comfortable 10-15 wpm rag chew ability lost after long lay off. Also must improve "head copy", my copy writing is limited by arthritis to specifics only above 7 wpm.

24700 - N6QDO - Jim - Blacksburg - VA
Want to use the straight key more often.
Your organization was recommended by my friend N3AO, SKCC 1073.

24701 - WO9G - Alan - West Lafayette - IN
I got tech plus and general learning the code and have since fallen out of using it. I’d like to re learn it and I have an older Vibroplex that I’d like to become proficient at. This seems like the best place to learn.

24702 - N0RNM - Anne - Nederland - CO
Belonging to the SKCC is a perfect “excuse” to keep the dust off the old bug!

24703 - AI7IV - Nick - Yelm - WA
I want to adventure more into the CW world.

24704 - N9UNX - Chad - Indianapolis - IN
I started learning CW last October, and have been doing QSOs since March. I'm still improving for sure, but some fellow hams have convinced me to give the straight key a try, and said I should really try to participate in an SKCC sprint once I get better with the straight key.

I love CW!

24705 - N4RRW - Mitch - Puryear - TN
I enjoy CW and am looking forward to improving my skills.

24706 - JP7XDO - Yume - Yonezawa - JPN
No comment provided by member

24707 - F4IUJ - Yannig - Rennes - FRA
I am a newly licensed ham who is learning to conduct CW QSOs with a straight key!

24708 - KA3GMZ - Joe - Ridley Park - PA
Improve cw skills in a contest format.

24709 - KI5QXP - Steph - Moriarty - NM
Want to understand and be able to communicate comfortably in CW

24710 - VE3JLO - Jay - London - ON
Learning cw thru Long Island. I see a number of teachers long island are members skcc. Interested in pota. FT8 is pretty boring. Cw is hard. I need all the help I can get. I’m learning on a new vibroplex straight key. Thankfully my radio has a trainer. Just bought Morseino. Thank you for considering my membership. J

24711 - KW4JM - Scott - Asheville - NC
I hear folks calling CQ SKCC and I want to participate

24712 - KC9POS - Timothy - Hickory Hills - IL
To contribute to the use of CW mode in ham radio.

24713 - VO1OV - Terry - St. Philips - NL
I’d like to return to CW, but sometimes it seems intimidating with some operators as they transmit beyond my current speed. I understand this group has the patience to allow me to progress at my pace.

24714 - N2EGA - MIKE - JACKSON - NJ
I am an avid cw operator for many years!

24715 - N4EGG - David - The Villages - FL
To advance my morse code speed

24716 - VK1KVS - Kees - Canberra - AUS
Former Dutch Army Signal Corps CW telegraphist 1973-1975. Now starting up as an amateur operator CW only.

24717 - VU2CWO - Clement - Chennai - IND
I am new to CW. I learnt morse sending using a straight key. I am looking to have slow QSOs and improve accuracy.

24718 - W0DG - Don - Overland Park - KS
Improve my very rusty CW skills.

24719 - W9CWC - Bob - Wales - WI
Learn CW