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Founded, January 2006
20,921 members strong
as of 18-Aug-2019

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


20856 - KC8DCO - Jeff - Ludington - MI
Learning CW, and want to use the sked

20857 - N6YWU - Ron - San Bruno - CA
(Re)Learning to use a straight key. I also develop Morse Code iPhone apps (as HotPaw).

20858 - N0ZF - John - Tomah - WI
As a Novice back in the day, cw was my world until upgrading. Even after upgrading to higher license class, the additional frequencies available in the cw portion of the bands opened up new cw operating space. On VHF, cw is a must if auroral propagation occurs. I also have noted that there are SK numbers that are exchanged. This is new to me, and I want to be ready to exchange my SK number when prompted. 73, John.

20859 - KC3LNB - Scott - Riegelsville - PA
Need help to learn Morse code.

20860 - ZL4KX - Bede - Dunedin - NZL
Licenced in 1976 at 15 years old. CW used since then!

20861 - YU1ZDM - Zoran - Belgrade - SER
Love CW. I didn't use it for 20 years and now I'm refreshing it.

20862 - HA5HU - Gyula - Budapest - HUN
1.) I think if my performance is 60-90 letters / min, this is not a problem here.
2.) I started with a normal single lever key, I don't want to change anymore.

20863 - KI5AL - Allen - SEGUIN - TX
To become proficient with CW

20864 - K7CMA - Carl - Beaverton - OR
To enhance my CW operating skills and network with other CW enthusiasts

20865 - K9MUF - Don - Lisle - IL
Someday I might want to get back on the air with a straight key

20866 - N0ZZZ - Wells - Denver - CO
Would like to make first CW contact this fall.

20867 - K6UJ - Bob - American Canyon - CA
Love using CW. Would enjoy contacting other SKCC members on CW and would particularly like to help new CW operators improve their skills.

20868 - K0ABI - Gary - Owasso - OK
Interested in learning cw and would like to follow others for information.

20869 - K0JD - John - South Milwaukee - WI
Activities, fellowship, promote an arcane skill!

20870 - W9GHX - Ray - St. Louis - MO
My grandfathers last callsign my club station, WB0PYF, skcc #5169S Ray

20871 - KD5KCV - Robert - Harlingen - TX
Heard others joining and seems fun and interesting

20872 - KC3LZI - Ken - Kersey - PA
enjoying learning cw and would like to join

20873 - N2FRB - Russ - FREEPORT - NY
I would like to be part of any group that helps promote CW and carry on the tradition of ham radio

20874 - OA4ASD - AL - LIMA - POR
I like CW and I really like the aesthetics and tradition of vertical keys. I have done my first QSO in CW and I want to continue with this.

20875 - KJ7DKW - Paul - Portland - OR
Try to learn more about HF QRP

20876 - K4NRB - Doug - Goldsboro - NC
I am a memeber 14166T N4RDL. I would like to request club call membership for my club K4NRB

20877 - KD2OWJ - John - Oswego - NY
I always wanted to improve my cw skills, and now is the best time

20878 - LX2GT - Luc - Moersdorf - LUX
No comment provided by member

20879 - ON4OS - Luc - Oostende - BEL
ON4OS is club callsign of the UBA club in Oostende, Belgium, also called "UBA section OST"

20880 - KB2FJH - Pat - Middletown - NY
to expand my cw activity and qso with like minded ops.

20881 - K4OTH - Over the hill gang contesters - Washington - NC
Club call for use as bonus station in WES.

20882 - WA5JRS - Dave - Mansfield - TX
This is the club call for Mansfield Johnson Radio Service. My own call is NE5DL nr 5081S

20883 - NO4GA - Noga - Atlanta - GA
Request member number for our QRP club. Hope to get it in time for at least part of the WES this weekend. Otherwise, no hurry. de jim/w4qo

20884 - K9DD - Jim - East Alton - IL
Just recreated my Novice station from the '60s including my J-38. The group seems like a great incentive to operate more CW.

20885 - KI4DCB - Brad - Edgewater - FL
I want to get back into CW after a long hiatus. I have always been fascinated by this mode and its equipment and traditions.

20886 - K8ES - Varies by operator - Delaware - OH
To participate in SKCC events as a club station.

20887 - K0XM - Chuck - Smithville - MO
After being a ham for 35+ years it is long overdue, as 99% of my operation is cw

20888 - WB5T - Cody - Henderson - NV
Trying to learn CW and want to get better

20889 - W8FO - Kurt - Toledo - OH
I am custodian for W8FO QCWA Chapter 142 and would like to run the Weekend sprintathon. Kurt W8IQ #7557


20891 - AJ6HO - Loretta - Lancaster - CA
I am learning CW via practice straight key and with a CD and booklet. Nothing beats actually listening on the radio, and I have even attempted to send cw. I believe joining a club and practicing with actual keyers will be the best way for me to become proficient.

20892 - W4OLB - Club - Maryville - TN
Radio Club desires to join SKCC

20893 - W9SW - Various operators - Oak Park - IL
Give club members a chance to particpate in SKCC activites using the club call sign

20894 - W4JF - Joe - Pawleys Island - SC
Been a ham for 45 years. Love CW. Enjoy using my bug and straight key when having casual qsos. Brings back a lot of good memories. I have a Begali Intrepid bug and an old Chinese Peoples Army straight key that is amazingly beautiful and functional. I will also enjoy participating in some of the SKCC upcoming contests. Thank you for considering my membership. 73, Joe

20895 - KA5WAJ - Wyatt - Marlow - OK
Always use a straight key.

20896 - KN4TBG - Ian - Shipman - VA
Working on getting general and also working on CW.