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Founded, January 2006
26,381 members strong
as of 15-Aug-2022

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Les WB5JWI SKCC #5013S


26345 - WB4ABY - Carl - Milton - GA
Ham since 1972. I work a lot of CW with keyer, but just bought a new Vibroplex straight key and am having a blast with it. I feel like a new novice again....

26346 - KI5PED - Andy - Houston - TX
New to straight key since June 2022. More fun than expected! Want to build skill sending/receiving.

26347 - N9MRP - Monica - Fishers - IN

26348 - AG9GG - Gary - New Albany - IN
I want to get better using the straight key.

26349 - GI4ZAH - Freddie - Castlerock, Coleraine - NIR
In the 1960s I was a radio officer with the P&0-Orient line,serving on passenger ships, cargo ships and oil tankers.I have about 30 morse keys in my collection.At one time I was a morse examiner for the RSGB.Do I qualify for membership? Warmest regards and 73s

26350 - WB4IZC - Steve - Olive Branch - MS
I am an hf cw guy.

26351 - WX4P - Danny - Huntsville - AL
To support Morse Code operation in amateur radio

26352 - KL4YP - Braden - Wasilla - AK
I have been using my iambic paddle for a year now. I have a straight key that I would like to use and become more proficient in. I hear the straight key guys on the bands and would like to join them.

26353 - CN8ZY - JALIL - AGADIR - MAR
I am new to morse code and will have the chance to be part of your large group to improve my skills.

26354 - 6K2HJI - Kook - Korea - KOR
Want to work with other CW HAMs, loving CW rag-chew in slow speed with manual key.

26355 - W3GYV - John - Tomball - TX
Morse code for me.

26356 - KK7HLE - Mark - Mcminnville - OR
I’m a brand new ham interested in learning cw. Seems like a great organization!

26357 - WA5LB - Larry - Jackson - LA
Improve CW skills

26358 - N2OG - Scott - Greenville - SC
I am a new CW OP and need a way to make beginner contacts

26359 - EB5AG - MANOLO - Novelda - ESP

26360 - VK4GAV - Gav - TIARO - AUS
Have been licenced for years and dabbled in cw. Recently, over the past 6 months have been using cw on a weekly basis. I've started using the skcc learner training and when proficient enough would like to participate in awards and gain certificates awarded by the group. Currently using a himound straight key but also Would like to purchase a bug in the future. Some advice on bugs would be appreciated.

26361 - LU6EDG - Murdock - Banfield - ARG
i whant to join this group be cause love the morse code and united states its a country love's too! tnx for join me! 73

26362 - WB0ZRD - Paul - Sun CIty West - AZ
I am getting back into using CW again after being away not using the mode for several years.

26363 - KD9TUL - Justin - Frankfort - IL
I'm just finishing with learning all letters and numbers and would like practice getting on the air

26364 - G3WGE - Keith - Chelmsford - ENG
To participate in sprint events.

26365 - KD2TAR - Ron - Binghamton - NY
I'm learning CW and need the encouragement to improve.

26366 - LU1QDQ - Gus - San Luis - ARG

26367 - K3OVJ - Jay - Frackville - PA
Enjoy using straight key at reasonable speeds.

26368 - W1BTR - Lucas - Leominster - MA
For the cw contests!

26369 - VA7AGH - Adrian - Fruitvale - BC
I started to learn and practice Morse Code a few months ago, I need more 'on air' practice. An Elmer of mine shared with me a video about SKCC and I have decided after reviewing the video, and the website, that it will likely be of good help for me towards getting more 'on air' practice.

26370 - KF0DST - Adan - Broomfield - CO
Improve my Straight Key and Contests

26371 - AA5AR - Tom - Heber Springs - AR
Old ham just getting familure with cw again. Wonderful opportunity to meet and converse with new generation of operators.

26372 - KO4FRR - Joe - Sorrento - FL
Learning CW, Joined Long Island CW Club, They mentioned to join this group as well.

26373 - KK7ETF - Steve - South Jordan - UT
Recently interested in using a straight key and want to connect with others for events, practice, and exchange of information.

26374 - KA5UYF - Jerry - Corpus Christi - TX
I like cw. I live in apt so contacts are rare. I hear the skcc sprints and I would like to participate.

26375 - N3IPO - Dan - LEONARDTOWN - MD

26376 - W1HSB - Howard - South Kingstown - RI
I am a new Amateur Extra class operator and I am at 10wpm. I just got a straight key and I want to keep tradition by becoming proficient.