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Founded, January 2006
21,843 members strong
as of 20-Feb-2020

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


21793 - KK4ODK - Chuck - Gallatin - TN
Help with learning code

21794 - AB7RW - Phil - Vancouver - WA
To make CW contacts. Being a County Hunter, I often hear these stations calling on the CH frequency.

21795 - KD9FI - Dave - Round Rock - TX
After 49 years, I've rediscovered a love of CW.

21796 - KK5WCR - Billy - Pearl River - LA
Just getting into cw. Know several members.

21797 - KJ4GK - Thomas - Monroe - GA
My Elmer Frank Hobbs is a member and told me about it. I want to learn CW so bad and get into contesting with it.

21798 - IU0LSQ - STEFANO - Rome - ITA
I would share CW activities

21799 - K1PGS - Paul - Freetown - MA
Getting back into CW and would like to become a member. First licensed in 1967.

21800 - K5AJN - Win - Medina - TX
Just getting active in ham radio after more tan 35 yrs. SKCC sounds like a fun group

21801 - IK5OJB - Mario - Prato - ITA
No comment provided by member

21802 - K5WRL - Bill - Crowley - TX
My CWops Code Trainer Group Recommemded joining if I was serious about communicating in CW.

21803 - KM4MJB - Dennis - Stuart - FL
To improve my Morse Code

21804 - KN4VVS - Matt - Charlotte - NC
I am excited to continue learning cw and enjoy exploring every aspect of it

21805 - N2KDN - Codge - Locust Valley - NY
I joined the Long Island CW Club and they promote strait keys, I've been enjoying it and I'll like to keep it up

21806 - KR5TX - Kevin - Lubbock - TX
Want to start learning CW and eventually learn to use a bug. I'm fascinated by those things.

21807 - OZ4GA - Tim - Odense - DEN
I would like to relearn cw using my newly acquired Amplidan 713 straight key

21808 - N8WDG - Germaine - Lowell - MI
I am fairly new to CW. Just learning. I use a paddle now, but would like to try a straight key, and keep practicing. I am better at sending then hearing! I thought joining would help me build confidence! :)

21809 - VA3CP - Dave Burroughs - Hamilton - CAN
Work about 40% of my QSO on CW. Learned morse on a straight key, have not used it in 35 years very much. Instead, I made a TTL keyer and home-brew iambic key which I still use today when operating portable for POTA. Need to practice using the straight key again.

21810 - WD9HPQ - Wayne - Celina - OH
I used CW till I got my general license in 1984 then I picked up the mike. With the bands down I think I could get more contacts. I can only have indoor antennas I always liked CW but I was not real good at it.

21811 - K7AEM - Alex - Peoria - AZ
No comment provided by member

21812 - KK4JOW - Diane - Gastonia - NC
I haven't operated CW in over 40 years. I want to start doing it again

21813 - VE3SL - Lloyd - Alliston - ON
looks like fun

21814 - N9AMI - John - Weston - FL
Got back into cw mainly straight key.

21815 - KG2MD - Ed - Gurley - AL
Attempting to relearn CW after a 20+ year break. 73 Ed KG2MD

21816 - KB3WGT - David - Rockville - MD
Want to devote more time to CW operations.

21817 - K3GB - Gary - Carlisle - PA
I support the tenants of SKCC. Although I will not be super active on my straight key, I do enjoy using it from time to time. I am an old Army Vietnam CW radio operator.

21818 - W8APS - Aaron - Oxford - MI
I have a great interest in CW.

21819 - N4AAX - Chris - Ft Belvoir - VA
I've wanted to do Morse Code for a long time and now that I finally have equipment capable of it I'm ready to go for it.

21820 - M3HJG - Andy - Lancashire - CYP
To learn morse and to help in a few years when i get better

21821 - WB2BNB - Ike - Whiting - NJ
My main interest in ham radio is now QRP, so CW is the way to go. I am just getting started with the code {7wpm} and use a straight key. Your group is highly recommended.

21822 - KG7ZUM - Nate - Riverton - UT
Love CW and want to get better at it