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as of 17-Aug-2018

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


Fairly new to ham radio. Recently upgraded to General and want to explore all that ham radio has to offer. Looked around the site and am impressed with the amount of information available. Already made contacts in Europe on phone, can't wait to learn CW and make more QSOs. 73

19036 - W5THJ - Tom - Little Rock - AR
I enjoy CW. SSB is necessary, but not particularly enjoyable.

19037 - KB1LSM - Ric - Yarmouth - ME
Learn CW

19038 - N4NOT - Gary - New Market - AL
Have two bugs, two straight keys and two iambic paddles. Need to put them to use and I like the SKCC contests. Also want to up my speed to conversational only dependent on notes.

19039 - DF7XR - Fritz - Preussisch Oldendorf - GER
Licensed in 1977 I came back to ham-radio in 2016 after 30 years pause after building a "Pixie"-kit and having great fun with it and my old Junker-straight-key. Now I'm on the air again with my 5-W-FT817 - mostly CW.

19040 - K4MUS - Manny - Pembroke Pines - FL
New CW fan. Would like to be part of a CW community to learn more.

19041 - W2AHC - Ray - Tyler - TX
I passed my Technician and General tests in Oct 2017 and started to learn morse code to fulfill a dream from junior high school to become a ham and use CW.I am now 71 years old and an "old dog trying to learn new tricks". I am on a fixed income and can't afford expensive radios and antennas. I built a uBitx that an Elmer friend of mine is helping to work out the bugs. I want to use cw at qrp levels rather than blasting out on phone. If I wanted to use vox, I would just use the free long distance on my telephone to talk to someone.I want to help preserve the true origin of ham radio.

19042 - W9SAU - Dan - Chicago - IL
New to CW. Self-taught using SKCC Beginners Corner as a guide. Many contests and QSO's include SKCC numbers, and I want to complete the exchange, as a SKCC Member.

19043 - KF5YUB - Mike - Zephyr - TX
This was suggested by K5KV when he heard I was interested in straight key CW. I just began CW, still learning. I purchased a straight key to begin sending my own CW. I have a desire to operate CW, and the only way is to practice slowly yet consistently. I believe CW is a skill that may continue to be useful. I've been told it would be a good club for a beginner to join. There are regular straight key events.

19044 - PY2OSD - LANDO - Sao Paulo - BRA
No comment provided by member

19045 - KZ4IG - Kons - Cumming - GA
Suggestion by W4QO.

19046 - DK5SF - Klaus - Birenbach - GER
a QSO with a member of SKCC is a real good CW QSO.
I am mostly QRV in CW, and I enjoy QSOs with a mechanical bug.

19047 - W3DNQ - Harry - Logan Township - NJ
To have fun on the air and advertise our hobby

19048 - WA4KIT - Allen - Rentz - GA
SW interest since 1960's. Licensed 8/2017 and first CW contact 8/2018. Using straight key only.

19049 - K8PJK - Peter - Milford - OH
Recommendation from a current skcc member.

19050 - AA3EH - Al - Pittsburgh - PA
Licensed at age 11, now 67. Setting up my first CW station, i.e., Globe Chief transmitter and NC-173 receiver. Just got Globe Chief and working on getting the NC-173. Will be back on air ASAP.

19051 - W0ODS - JEFF - Coggon - IA
Seems handy to have an SKCC number for the on-air contests :-) I am a former merchant marine radio officer and used an old Hi-Mound bug to key the 110 vdc key lines on some of the ships.

19052 - WP4KMB - Nelson - Bayamon - PR

19053 - K0APT - Robert - Lincoln - NE
Licensed as Tech in 69 (5 wpm). Never used. Now an Extra. Half the band is digital. WHy waste it?

19054 - JH1RFM - Masayuki - Tochigi - JPN
No comment provided by member

19055 - WQ6B - Howard - Seatte - WA
Motivated to quit being a no-code extra by a couple of my friends, I hope to find a group of people with whom I can practice my sending and copying.

19056 - N4CLY - Cly - Ellenboro - NC
I got back into CW again after 20 years absent. I am going to try and get my Triple play and it seems everyone ask me for an skcc number. I figure I can help them out because they are helping me. Im not to fast never got past 13 WPM and now I am about 10 WPM.

19057 - K7DRQ - Q - Seattle - WA
The information on getting into CW looks very pedagogical and well laid out. I'd love to join and start learning in earnest.

19058 - WO9LF - Brian - Lockport - IL
Proficient in CW for contests, but want to be better at CW for general rag chewing

19059 - CO9BIA - CO9BIA - La Habana - CUB
No comment provided by member

19060 - N9VJ - Chuck - Wauwatosa - WI
I finally own a straight key and need practice using it. My sending speed with a straight key seems to match my ability to copy. I think working with the SKCC this will help me become more fluent in CW. When using an Iambic paddle, I need to be careful not to send faster than I can copy. 73 Chuck Koehler N9VJ

19061 - KC3LKG - Jim - Blakeslee - PA
Because of my interest and love for CW along with the great satisfaction I get when sending CW with a straight key. I hope to learn as much as I can from the club, to make friends, and to share this information to encourage others to enter the hobby.

19062 - VE2NGO - Nicholas - Montreal - QC
New CW operator using a straight key.