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Founded, January 2006
28,429 members strong
as of 27-Feb-2024

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Les WB5JWI SKCC #5013S


28131 - K5WP - Glenn - Dothan - AL
To help friends with contacts for awards.

I started in straight key , and still love it most

28133 - HA3IE - HA3IE - Edelény - HUN
I'm a beginner radio amateur. I got my license because I want to learn Morse code and I want to communicate only in cw transmission mode and with manual key.

28134 - K4PVK - Paul - Mobile - AL
As a 20 wpm Amateur Extra Class licensee, I would like to get back into CW QSOs.

28135 - N6CBH - GI - LOS ANGELES - CA

28136 - N8OX - Hoppy - Shiloh - IL
I want to get back into CW and see this as an avenue to get back in the saddle. My brother (NO8X) and I (N8OX) have been a Ham since 1983. Both want to get back into CW. If accepted, I'll try to recruit him too.

28137 - NO8X - Jay - Cleveland - NC
My brother told me about this club. We both want to get back into CW and see this as something that will help.

28138 - DL1DHM - Hanns - St. Ingbett - GER
Loving cw

28139 - WB3CAI - Mark - Irwin - PA
Keeping the tradition of CW alive and keeping my 67 year old mind active.

28140 - N1TIM - Tim - Danvers - MA

28141 - N6KEN - Ken - Sacramento - CA
I have been licensed since I was 11 years old in 1986. I received my Novice and worked CW for many years before upgrading to Technician. I enlisted in the US Army as a Morse Code Intereptor (98H) and was able to increase my copy speed to 40 WPM. I have been away from HF for over 20 years due to not having a great location for a permanent antenna. Just recently put up a 71' non-resonant end-fed half wave and enjoyed getting back on the air using CW. Look forward to making many contacts with other SKCC members.

28142 - Jonathan - KD5GG - Jonathan - Iola - TX
I want improve my cw skills and work the world.

28143 - TA4JEO - TA4JEO - AYDIN - TUR
Since I'm interested in morse and CW, I'm researching Morse-CW groups.

28144 - N1LZF - Mike - Westfield - MA
To learn Morse code CW well
I'm a beginner

28145 - K4DZR - Jerry - HENDERSONVILLE - TN
To promote CW and keep it going!

28146 - KB1WID - Tim - DEERFIELD - NH
I hope it will help in learning cw, using my sk

28147 - DH2YBG - Mike - Hemmoor - GER
i am interested in...

28148 - K5PAR - Lanny - Stephenville - TX
I enjoy CW and learned on SK in 1963. I want to participate in the contests that are much shorter in length than the standard weekend contests.

28149 - WA3HVR - David - Allentown - PA
Getting back into CW and want to use my WW2 flameproof key

28150 - KF7OK - Doug - Lynnwood - WA
I operate CW.

28151 - K9EI - MATT - Ellettsville - IN
CW is fun and I need to practice/operate more with my straight key!

28152 - KJ5CPF - Jim - Albuquerque - NM
I’m learning Morse code.

28153 - K3HIP - Josh - HOME - PA
learn CW

28154 - N4UUJ - Randy - Gruetli - TN
To improve my CW skills.

28155 - F5NZY - Steph - Paris - FRA
I'm interested in 'traditional' radio. I've started using the right-hand key again, and I'm really enjoying making QSOs with it, and sharing with other OMs.
73 de Steph, F5NZY.

28156 - KC9MAQ - Ryan - BOLINGBROOK - IL
I would like to become proficient at using CW.

28157 - NE2B - Bri - GLEN AUBREY - NY
I love CW and at this time I primarily operate using a straight key. I would like to improve my skills.

28158 - PA1ALV - Hans - Hollandsche Rading - NED
I love cw, especially qrp in the field with home-brew antenna's
I want to go more on air and increase my head copy