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Founded, January 2006
25,024 members strong
as of 21-Oct-2021

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


24982 - KC0MQG - Gene - Taneyville - MO
Been a ham for 20 years but just now learning Morse code

24983 - RA3AL - Gene - Moscow - ERS
I'm a CW fan!!! I have a large collection of keys and an old military radio (CW only). Everything is in working order. My favorite keys are speedX Model 515 and CMI-26003A.
Radio at home: Elecraft K3 and KX3. Radio in the car: IC-7100 with Vibroplex Code Warrior and without microphone, Hi!

24984 - KB0REX - Doug - Grand Junction - CO
Only do cw. Only aT 18wpm need to speed up and head copy.

24985 - KM7O - John - Edmonds - WA
I have used only a straight key since I was first licensed as KN6LBG in 1956.

24986 - WA9ALW - Bob - Merrillville - IN
Improve cw skills

24987 - WD6FIE - Richard - Palm Desert - CA
Recommended by Dave Casler. Need practice and speed improvement

24988 - KE8SWB - Eric - Beaver - WV
Looking to practice and learn.

24989 - KO4KJX - Jamie - Bethpage - TN
I want to learn Morse code

24990 - VK2TKR - James - MALUA BAY (NSW) - AUS
I am a Lifetime member of the Long Island CW Club, in the process of learning to be a good CW operator. I think the SKCC will be a good place to progress in this goal, and to share in this great aspect of the amateur hobby.

24991 - KD2SRI - Doug - Rockaway - NJ
Licensed for a year but haven't gotten on the air yet. Trying to build up cw skills and get past the nervousness and get that first QSO!

24992 - KJ7YBK - Dan - Sun City - AZ
Learning opportunity

24993 - W8FXM - Frank - Cincinnati - OH
Learned the code in the 50's. Forgot most of it. Would like to get back into it.

24994 - K8EBR - Tom - Idyllwild - CA
Have been using my J-38 key for 65 years so why not belong to the club?

24995 - KD6MES - Tom - Rainsville - AL
I learned code to get my novice ticket in ‘92. I want to get “back in the program” again

24996 - KN4QNS - Karen - Collinsville - AL
To learn/improve CW

24997 - AB4QL - Barry - Fort Payne - AL
After working CW for over 40 years on a Iambic keyer I have started working with a HB Cootie. It is an interesting change over. I am looking forward to working more SKCC members.

24998 - K5KXJ - Charles - League City - TX
Steve, WJ0C, recommended I join. His keen interest in SKCC and SKCC activities prompted me to join.

24999 - NX2E - Jerry - Kendall - NY
Just had a QSO with an SK CC member and decided to join. I have two straight keys, one is a J37 from WWII vintage I understand. So thank you, and 73!
Jerry NX2E

25000 - W4USI - FIH - EDGEWATER - FL

25001 - N8JTV - Darrell - Kentwood - MI
I have finally gotten an HF Rig on the air. I currently only have a Straight Key for CW.

25002 - KB2MSN - Mark - Albion - NY
My Grandfather had old telegraph keys when i was a kid, and have been fascinated with morse code since that time

25003 - KD6XU - Barry - Imperial Beach - CA
I have been QRT for 22 years. CW was my favorite mode. I got active again this past April and am having a blast.

25004 - KF0BDW - Jake - Aurora - CO
I’m a new general and beginning to work on my extra. Just starting the journey of learning cw and I was told this was an awesome group to learn from.

25005 - WA2TAX - Taxman - Rochester - NY
I’ve returned to amateur radio after a 60 year absence. I used to love 40 meter CW and want to get back up to speed.

25006 - KE0MCM - Doug - Montrose - CO
Improve and practice CW skills.

25007 - W0GIB - Craig Martin - Mahtomedi - MN
New ham and love idea of CW, the simplicity, learning skills and constant improvement, ability to operate easier QRP and finnaly my fathers influence as a life long CE enthusiast.

25008 - W1OY - Kabir - Short Hills - NJ
I have recently learned cw and I would like go join a club and improve my skills.

25009 - AD6TW - Thomas - Newbury Park - CA
It’s a place to enjoy the art of CW.