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Founded, January 2006
19,541 members strong
as of 18-Dec-2018

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


19513 - M6NFQ - Gordon - Witney - ENG
No comment provided by member

19514 - K1TQ - Sharie - Ossipee - NH
I am a "codeless" Extra and want to change that. I don't quite feel "legit" yet. I am a little better than 3WPM but not comfortable yet at 5. I've used your site many times already and I think your Elmer program might be just the thing when I'm ready to transmit.

19515 - KF5VM - Kermit - San Antonio - TX
A ham since 1979, I am now retired and a long term goal has been to brush up my code get and back into CW, I enjoy the straight key QSOs I have copied and would like to join in now that I have the time.

19516 - OZ1BYR - Jeppe - Vadum - DEN
Startet to learn CW 3 months ago and its going great. SK is my passion :)

19517 - YB8OUN - YUDIN - Luwuk - INA
Thanks I like for member SKCC

de YB8OUN ' YUdin

19518 - NU1N - BRYAN BERGERON - Brookline - MA
I love straight key

19519 - KC4TVN - George - Irvington - VA
I hear a lot of SKCC activity and would like to join in on the fun!

19520 - K2ZUU - Dan - Rochester - NY
Test new member request - when all done use Manual Edit to delete all records for this number.

19520 - K5SAN - Ray - Cortez - CO
Improve my cw skills

19521 - W0JCB - Jim - West Plains - MO
Hopefully to help me learn more.

19522 - DM1VA - Gernot - Dortmund - GER
Interested in CW in general and a hoarder of old straight keys.

19523 - KC2CFJ - Brian - Schenectady - NY
SKCC was recommended to me by a fellow amateur operator and member of SKCC to help me begin to learn CW now that I have obtained my General License.

19524 - KL7JGJ - Terry - Steelville - MO
Haven't used CW since I passed general test in 1977 just want to see if I can do it again.

19525 - KN4RDF - Brian - Union - KY
As a new ham, I have decided to learn morse code and operate via QRP CW only for a while. I am intrigued with the efficiency of this communication medium!

19526 - M0SUY - Demetre - Gateshead - ENG
Hi this is M0SUY when I am in England and SV1UY when I am in Greece. I would like to join your group because I am interested in CW operating only with a straight key.

19527 - J72KW - Kelvin - Delices - DMA
New to morse code. Found this group to be interesting.

19528 - VE3RFD - Ed - Bowmanville - ON
I would like to get back into cw.

tnx ed

19529 - K5WTG - Bill - Aurora - CO
Incentive to be active in Morse Code.

19530 - N0TLW - Tom - Des Moines - IA
I enjoy CW and SKCC was recommended to me by Larry KA8HFN.

19531 - KC1KNS - Geoff - Lowell - MA
Just got Amateur Extra. Next step is CW.

19532 - N9HKG - Len - Belleville - IL
No comment provided by member

19533 - KG5VTE - Charlie - Baton Rouge - LA
I am a new ham and have been told by a lot of members in BRARC, my ham radio club that I should join. I used Morse Code in the Army a half century ago and want to work CW on the HF bands.

19534 - K2DEG - Don - Cedar Grove - NJ
After 65 years in ham radio, decided to reactivate my original interest in cw. I figure a good incentive is to reach the various levels SKCC offers.

19535 - WA3IGU - Dennis - Lancaster - PA
As a child, my father had a Ham radio license.   Back then, my attempts to pass the radio test failed with the Morse Code. Dad went on to get his General.

I can remember sitting next to Dad, taking down the incoming code while he replied.  We worked the 40 meter band.  It was a of lot fun.  Now at the age of sixty-five, I just recently obtained my Technician and General license; along with Dad’s old call sign. Most recently my interest has turned to the CW mode.

I am again, studying Morse Code, I have learned the alphabet, numbers and a few CW pro signs. I am not too bad at sending. I am struggling with the receiving side; 5 WPM with minor mistakes. I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough.

I learned about your web site from a few operators in our local 2-meter repeater club. I am hoping that this might be a good starting place.

Dennis DiAugustine

19536 - W6DIZ - Paul - Boulder Creek - CA
love CW.... and have met Randy N8KQ on the air, nice guy

19537 - KJ6JPN - Eddie - Oakland - CA
Learn code.