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Founded, January 2006
27,880 members strong
as of 4-Oct-2023

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Les WB5JWI SKCC #5013S


27854 - G0OKN - Russ - BUDE, CORNWALL. - ENG
I really enjoy Morse,and the straight key is really the only way to go, and to be member of the SKCC and with all the other like minded hams would be great.

27855 - SV9CVJ - Nikos - IRAKLIO CRETE Isl. - GRE

27856 - AB5EX - Randy - Batesville - AR
Getting back on the air after a couple of decades of inactivity. Love CW and straight keys.

27857 - KY4UH - Charlie - Atlanta - GA
I'm new to CW, and SKCC seems like a supportive and helpful place to meet folks, participate in events, and grow my skills!

27858 - UB3AYQ - Musa - Moscow - ERS

27859 - PY4LS - Lucio - Goncalves - BRA
100% of my QSOs are CW.
And I would like to help promote e support CW.

27860 - AE7NN - Bill - Salt Lake City - UT
I want to learn Morse Code better.

27861 - VE7AXI - Antonio - Vancouver - BC
I'm new to HF and CW and I look forward to making contacts with my fellow operators. I love this mode!

27862 - K4EVT - Jeff - Mint Hill - NC
I just stumbled through my first SKS tonight looking for contacts on 20m and realized what a generous, friendly, and storied bunch of folks are both on CW and use straight keys! I connected my GHD straight key which has been collecting dust for years and wired it up. It's so PERSONAL and fun to send with a straight ey!!!
--73, Jeff, K4EVT

27863 - AD5HC - Brian - Wylie - TX
Interested in becoming proficient in morse code, relearning with a straight key.

27864 - N4DXS - Shawn - Decatur - GA
Starting my CW journey with LICW and SKCC is mentioned a lot. Interested in joining the fun.

27865 - W9AC - Paul - Jacksonville - FL
CW Operator

27866 - K3VT - Nick - Fallston - MD

27867 - N2QXF - Nick - Glenwood - NJ
Someone mentioned it to me and it seems like fun..... and I enjoy cw and straight keying

Morse code is my reason for getting a ham licence, voice holds no interest.

27869 - W4LJH - Jake - Fort Payne - AL
I would like to do more to learn CW. Currently in LICW and looking for additional ways to expand knowledge and practice.

27870 - KA0VEL - Jerry - Saint Charles - MO
I love CW, and have drifted back to straight key brass pounding. I want to keep the tradition alive and recover my CW skills while meeting and assisting other like minded hems.

27871 - N0ASL - Nick - Ord - NE
Wanting to hone my CW skills and get on the air more.

27872 - KQ4DUX - Jay - Andalusia - AL
Having fun and learning a lot

27872 - KQ4DUX - Jay - Andalusia - AL
Having fun and learning a lot