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K3Y Regional Coordinators:

US Call Districts

0 - Tomas, NW7US
1 - Barry, NF1O
     Ed, K1EDG
2 - Drew, AF2Z
     Dave, W1DV
3 - Jim, AF3Z
     Ron, AC2C
4 - Karen, W4KRN
5 - Dana, AD5VC
6 - Tony, K6ELQ
7 - Brian, K7TKT
     Bob, AF9W
     Bill, WB9CAC
8 - Ted, K8AQM
     Don, W8MU
9 - Dan, W9DLN
KH6 - Tony, K6ELQ
KL7 - Brian, K7TKT
KP4 - Pablo, KP4SJ

DX Continents

AF - Pete, NM5PS
AS - Pete, NM5PS
EU - Bert, F6HKA
NA - Bernard, VE9BEL
OC - Steve, VK7CW
SA - Pete, NM5PS

Short Notice Schedulers

    Randy, KB4QQJ

    Ron, AC2C

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