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K3Y Sweep QSL Card

When Straight Key Month concludes you can obtain a QSL card confirming contacts with SKM event stations. The card will confirm one contact per each US call area, including KH6/KL7/KP4, plus six ITU continental regions (19 QSOs for a complete sweep). We will automatically select the earliest contact you have made in each call area.

A card will be sent to anyone who is "good" in the SKCC QSL Bureau who has been logged by event operators. There is no need for Bureau participants to request a card.

If you are not a member of the SKCC QSL Bureau you can request a card by sending a SASE to the Bureau (see link below). Be sure to write your call sign and "SKM/K3Y" clearly on the envelope!

If you live outside of the USA you can receive a QSL card by making a payment to the SKCC QSL Bureau via PayPal. See the Bureau link below for details.

Specific QSOs can be QSL'd by special request. Those who have worked K3Y stations in all 50 US States can request a WAS three-card set confirming all 50 QSOs.

In some cases you may be able to exchange QSL cards with our event operators individually. This will depend on their own personal QSL preference. Note- the SKCC QSL Bureau can forward your QSL cards to individual operators *only* if they are members of the Bureau. Otherwise, see QRZ.COM for specific operators' QSL preferences and addresses.

The Straight Key Month event does not participate in LOTW.

Visit the SKCC QSL Bureau at: www.skccgroup.com/member_services/qsl_buro.

What the Format of Your K3Y QSL Card Will Look Like