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SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon (WES)

Rules | Scoring

The SKCC WES aims to bring together operators with different skill levels in a regularly scheduled, informal operating event lasting 36 hours. The event starts at 1200 UTC on the Saturday following the 6th of each month and ends at 2359 UTC on Sunday. Participants can operate for a total of no more than 24 hours.

Some events focus on a theme or activity. Three popular themes that repeat each year are Homebrew Keys, QRP, and Boat Anchors. Themes tend to have special rules and scoring.

SKCC members who participate in the WES must use straight keys, sideswipers (cooties), or bugs. Waivers from this policy are possible. For details, see the club's policy on approved keying devices. Because this event aims to include newcomers to CW as well as experience brass-pounders, operating speed should be adjusted accordingly.

Please address any questions or ideas for improvement to the WES Manager,

For April
Happy Spring!
Spring has sprung and Fall has fell. Old mother nature can go to… well, wherever the old gal goes in the Spring. HA! You thought I would say Bell didn’t ya.

The April Weekend Sprintathon runs from 12:00 UTC April 13th to 23:59 UTC April 14th - a total of 36 hours.

I know that Easter is still a week away but we’re going to have a little Easter fun. It brings out the kid in all of us. This month we will have a good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. We had one last year but this one is a little different. There will be a bunch of Easter Eggs hidden around the countryside. The Easter Bunny has hidden more eggs this year but has made them harder to find. The eggs may be hidden on any band or frequency. You may find two very close together or way at each end of the field. That Easter Bunny is a sneaky little thing. So, here's the way it goes. There will be several stations designated as Easter Eggs (EE). When they call CQ they may call CQ WES/EE or something similar…or they may not. You will know for sure that they are an EE when they send their exchange. They will send /EE after their SKCC number (ex: 599, IL, Dave, 15315S/EE). They can operate whenever they want on any band they want. There are no rules about where or when they operate. The only rule is that they can’t tell anyone where they are OR who they are until AFTER 20:00 UTC on Sunday. If you hear someone work an EE or you work an EE, you are free to spot them on the sked page for your fellow hunters. Remember though, the Bunny can re-hide them if he feels like it, but he does not have to. So, if you see one of them spotted by a fellow hunter, you might want to try to get to them just in case they get moved. If you work an EE, you get 100 bonus points for that QSO. You may only work each one of them one time per band for bonus points. Work them on multiple bands and you can count each QSO (once per band per EE) for bonus points. Scoring example: You work 8 of them on 40m = 800 points - You work 6 of them on 20m = 600 points - you work 3 of the on 80m = 300 points - Your total bonus is 800+600+300 or 1700 points. So, good luck and happy hunting! Here is a hint. If you work (and hunt) hard and get all of them on five bands, your bonus score will be 10,000 points.

The following stations will be our Easter Eggs this month…oh wait, I’m not going to tell you! Why you say? Well, have you ever been to an Easter Egg hunt where they told you where to find the eggs? I’ll bet not. I am pretty sure that the news about who the eggs are will spread quickly. It’s OK to help each other out but the EEs cannot tell you themselves. Remember, you will know for sure that they are an EE when they send their exchange. I will tell you how many there are though… about twice as many as last year. Please notice I said “about”. Sometimes an egg gets broken and can’t be used.

One last thing… No skeds are allowed but it is OK to put band (not frequency) requests on the sked page. If the Easter Bunny sees your band request, he may move some eggs to that band for you. An example would be, “Hey Mr. Bunny, how about a few eggs on 15M”. If he sees it, he will probably help you out.

One more last thing… The list of EEs will be posted here and/or on the email group reflector an hour or two before the WES ends so you can verify the ones you found. Also, the EEs will be allowed to spot themselves on the sked page AFTER 20:00 UTC on Sunday (four hours before the WES ends).

Finally, one more final last thing (a helpful hint)… Watch the sked page Sunday afternoon after 20:00 UTC if you need help finding EEs.

Good luck everyone! Have fun and as always, please post your score. HAPPY EASTER!


The May WES will be a QRP themed WES.

The June WES will be The Boat Anchor Regatta. I want you to have plenty of time to fire them up, test them and fix them if needed.

One last thing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your score. It is important because everyone likes to see how you did and some may use the information to verify QSO information. Even if you only have one QSO, you participated, and you should be recognized. I am always available if you need help calculating your score. Please feel free to email me with any questions related to the monthly WES. If you prefer to talk, please email me and I will send you my phone number.

Good luck and Have Fun!


Dave Belville
WES Manager
NI9M, SKCC 15315S



The SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon is open to all licensed amateurs, as well as shortwave listeners. All participants must use a straight key, sideswiper, or bug unless you qualify for an exemption, as stated in the SKCC Key Policy..


Participants may sprint on 160-6 meters, excluding the WARC bands (60, 30, 17, and 12 meters). Suggested frequencies are on or around the SKCC calling frequencies: 1.813.5, 3.550, 7.055 and 7.120, 14.050, 21.050 and 21.114, 28.050 and 28.114, and 50.090 Mhz. The club's sked page or other spotting tools are permitted for this event. Where two frequencies are listed for the same band, score as one band. That is, if you contact W8BALL on 7.050 and on 7.120, you can count only one of those contacts.


The minimum exchange must include RST, QTH, operator name, and SKCC number. If you are not a club member, please send "none" for SKCC number. Please give a realistic RST, not a perfunctory 599 or 559. If you don't get a signal report, please ask for it. For QTH, US and Canadian stations should use their two-letter state or province abbreviation. US and Canadian stations, send your two-character state or province code. All other countries send your 3-alpha SPC code found here.

This is an informal event, so if you are not an SKCC member, take a moment to visit our home page and apply for a number. It's free! And if you are a member and have completed the required exchange, hang around and chat for a bit with non-members. It's good PR!


For amateur-radio operators

-- Each unique QSO counts as one point. You may count contacts with the same station on multiple bands, but only once per band. You earn one multiplier point for each state, province, or country worked, but you can count a state, province, or country only once per WES.

-- You earn bonus points for working Centurions and Tribunes. You can work the same C, T, or S on multiple bands for QSO points, but his or her C, T or S counts once per WES for bonus points. Each C is worth 5 points, each T is worth 10 points, and each S is worth 15 points.

-- You receive an additional 25 bonus points for each band on which you contact the special sprint station, K9SKC, when it is active. Extra bonus points may be offered as part of a given sprint's theme. If none is offered, enter 0 in the appropriate box on the submissions page.

For shortwave listeners:

You must copy at least one side of a WES QSO for a QSO point. If you copy both sides of a WES exchanges, that counts as 2 QSO points. You can count the same station more than once only if you copy that station's QSO on a different band -- one QSO per band. Note that some WES themes may not allow SWL entrants to claim the theme-related bonus.


Please use the submissions page, reached by clicking on the "Submit Your Score" link at the top of this page. The link will appear when the submissions page is activated for each event. Between events, the link will not appear on the page.

As you enter your contact information on the submissions page, the page calculates your score automatically by multiplying the total number of QSOs by the total number of multipliers, then adds the total C, T, and S bonus points. If the event has a theme-related bonus scheme as well, you will need to calculate the theme-related bonus yourself and enter the total in the appropriate field on the submissions page.

Your Total = (QSO x Multipliers) + C, T, and S bonus points + theme-related bonus, if any

Logs are not required unless the WES manager requests them. The deadline for submitting or correcting your entry is 2359 UTC on the Sunday following the event. If you are correcting your entry, you must resubmit all your information, not just the item that needed the correction. If you are not a member of the SKCC, use "none" in place of SKCC number on the submissions page. If you are an SWL and have a unique SWL club ID, use that in place of a call sign. If you don't have a club ID, make up a unique, one-word ID to use.