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Founded, January 2006
18,872 members strong
as of 18-Jun-2018

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S

As of Jun 17, 2018

18843 - JJ1KLU - KEN - Tokyo - JPN
I LOVE straight Keys!

18844 - DL1CLM - Dick - Herzlake - GER
I like to join, because I hope to get help from an Elmer to get my CW practice better and to increase my speed. Now I am afraid to make a CW QSO because I am 'too slow', hi.

18845 - NS0V - Bob - Hot Springs - SD
Getting into CW - QRP with SK.

18846 - EA4LE - Toni - Las Rozas De Madrid - ESP
CW op and use Straight Key ;)

18847 - W7KB - Dennis - Vail - AZ
To allow me to participate in SKCC Contests,to gain code proficiency,and to keep the CW mode and tradition alive.

18848 - K8MMB - Mike - Chagrin Falls - OH
No comment from member

18849 - K5HMG - Hayward - San Antonio - TX
I had a great QSO with Jim, ND9M during your event this past weekend and it sounded like a great organization.

18850 - VE3YT - Vic - Kitchener - ON
I worked several stations on Saturday night in the WES contest, very nice people, willing to answer my question about whether Qs with me would count in the WES. And they were friendly and not in a rush. I was mobile in the car using a paddle, but it made me want to dust off my straight key. I was very impressed at how accurate their cw was, especially if they were using hand keys, and pretty fast too! I think one guy may have been using a bug -- he had a little swing. Anyway, they were all great ambassadors for SKCC and made me want to get involved.

Best 73

18851 - AK3Y - Bob - Potomac - MD
Got my first call in 1965 and have ONLY used straight keys in my 53 years of ham radio. Would love to finally join! Thanks and 73!

18852 - EA6ACA - EA6ACA - Campos - ESP
Porque me gusta la telegrafía

18853 - KK4RT - Scott - Jacksonville - FL
Just completed my CWOPS class and want to get back on the air with CM after a 30+ year absence since my Novice days.

18854 - ON7AUR - Aurore - Tournai - BEL
To get my Nr, and trying to contact other members...

18855 - KF8WA - Cecil - Ashland - KY
I have been off the air for 15 years and just getting back on CW, CW has always been my favorite mode and SKCC looks to be a very good organization to belong to.

18856 - KN4MPR - Jay - Cummijng - GA
I have been away for some times and just now getting back into the hobby stateside.

18857 - LW2EJR - Marcelo - Tandil - AR
Soy ávido op de cw

18858 - W4IF - Carl - Nashville - TN
Enjoy CW using a paddle, but would like to improve my technique with straight key and bug.

18859 - EI2KN - Colm - Dublin - IRL
My interest in the hobby is CW and I have a straight key. SKCC is the home of the straight key.

18860 - AF4OI - Bob - Lexington - KY
I been a Ham for 20 yrs using iambic paddles and want to learn the straight key so I can join in on the SKCC contest activities.

18861 - CU2ZG - Pedro - Lagoa - AZO
Learning CW under my father's 1960 Portuguese Navy radio operators course. Completed last night my 3 first CW QSOs, though still aided on the receive side. Willing to learn more and explore the magic of CW and long distance QSO with such a hear and brain decoding techniques.

18862 - KD9IZY - Mike - Camby - IND
Back when I was a Novice (KB9FPB) my first contact was a CW contact out of Florida. And I believe that we should not let CW die out just like cursive handwriting is important. CW can be very useful during a Extreme emergency when nothing else is ailable.

18863 - PA5PEX - Pim - Volendam - NED
Because I like morse,. learned in the army in 1967

still novice in CW practice I want to acquire a good level and I like to practice this mode of transmission and more I start qrp what better than the CW .I want to enter this family around the world.
best 73's F4CJH CHRIS

18865 - OK1AUO - Tom - Praha - CZE
I have started with CW in 1962 and hope to continue, SKCC activities are sympathetic to me.
CW with straight key I see as a counterbalance to digital impersonal modes, which I am using too. I have to improve my practice with straight key and want to make QSOs with SKCC members. So far I have been using mostly paddle with electronic keyer in the Tx.

18866 - K6PVZ - Paul - Westlake Village - CA
New CW Operator just learning

18867 - WB2UPN - Peter - Cold Spring Harbor - NY
I greatly enjoy doing things that not everyone can and CW is just that. I am new to amateur radio, and only was only made aware of SKCC at our Club meeting last night. Of all the modes available CW is what I desire to pursue and become proficient in. The SKCC is just what I need to achieve that goal!

18868 - N6BTV - Nabil - Burlington - VT
I am fascinated by CW, and am slowly learning it.

18869 - NQ5D - Troy - Ogden - UT
Because Morse Code is becoming a lost art and I want to contribute to keeping it alive.

18870 - NP4CQ - Angel - Naranjito - PR
tnx 73!

18871 - K9KMD - Kent - Algonquin - IL
I can't send (or receive)40 wpm. As I think back some of my best times in amateur radio where on CW as a Novice. And besides I now have a reason to once again use my J-44 that I have had for over 60 years. KMD

18872 - WA8TJC - Cookie - Ashland - OH
I've been a Ham since I was 15 and I've a straight key all my life. I have a paddle key but never used it. My J-37 key I found in a lid of a old army transmitter! That guy said I could have it cause he was going to throw it away! I said I'll take that! 73 WA8TJC