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Founded, January 2006
26,100 members strong
as of 21-May-2022

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Les WB5JWI SKCC #5013S


25059 - WA8FHI - Boyd - Lansing - MI
Friend recommended

26060 - WX8NN - Andy - Shelby Township - MI
Love CW and have a sincere interest in joining SKCC

26061 - HA5BMS - Sandor - Budapest - HUN

26061 - HA5BMS - Sandor - Budapest - HUN

26062 - KO4WTM - Randy - Lake Worth - FL

26063 - 9K2TE - Hashem - AlZahra - KUW
The only thing drew me into amateur radio is CW operation. I am newly licensed and in the process of learning morse code, I am practicing daily!
I would love to join such a big community as SKCC to perfect my CW skills and eventually participate in international level contests.

26064 - N1ET - Bob - Johnston - RI
Improve on my CW capabilities while promoting CW straight key use.

26065 - N8CBF - Dan - Marysville - OH
For CW operation fellowship

26066 - AG5ZN - Bill - Dallas - TX
I enjoy cw using both a keyer and a straight key. I strive for improvement while having fun.

26067 - AI4RA - Raf - Madison - AL
I'd like to improve my CW and QSO with any who are willing to put up with a shaky fist!

26068 - G7LAS - Rob - Swadlincote - ENG
Starting to experiment with 3d printed side swiper keys

26069 - F4JBC - Phil - Nice - FRA

26070 - AD8Q - Cal - Peck - ID
As a new ham, CW is one of my main interests so I am seeking technical and operation knowledge as well as opportunities that facilitate making QSOs.

26071 - W3HLS - John - Wilbraham - MA
New member to LICW and instructors tell students to join to help and re-enforce learning and Fist

26072 - SP9MCZ - Ryszard - Oswiecim - POL
I want to join SKCC, because I like CW radio operating especially using straight key most often.

26073 - KI5NVM - Chuck - Stillwater - OK
I am in Long Island CW club (LICW) and practice using a straight key. I am still a beginner, but want to get on the air soon.

26074 - WA6WRA - Tom - Felton - CA
Been a Ham for 50 years .. Out of it for awhile. I want to be *comfortable* doing CW. I've always been frightened and stressed. I love my J38 and hope that joining SKCC can help me to my goal. I can (when not under stress) copy 13 WPM, and head copy 20% at 25 WPM.

26075 - KF0DX - Phil - Fountain - CO
I am very interested in learning CW I received my Novice in '86

26076 - VE2GCU - Denis - Saint-Simon-de-Rimouski - QC
I like the challenge of learning morse code and getting better at it. And QSOs are probably more fun in cw.

26077 - VE6BSQ - Rolland - Bonnyville - AB
Just starting in CW...folks at LICW strongly recommend membership here to encourage/facilitate learning straight key use.

26078 - W2MJT - Mike - DAPHNE - AL
It was recommended to help bot reading and sending

26079 - K4SP - Steve - Midlothian - VA
Promote CW using a straight key and improve operating skills.

26080 - K4BHF - Stu - Stuart - VA
I just got my license and am more interested in learning to send code than voice.

26081 - K1WOR - Rick - Worcester - MA
I used a straight key as a teenager, and now coming back to ham radio after a long break, I still love the straight key.

26082 - KG7DZQ - Rich - Ocean Shores - WA
To get proficent at CW operations. To be a better CW operator. I am bored with JT8 and BPSK transmissions.

26083 - OE3ANC - ANDI - Traisen - AUT
I am licensed for about a year now. I am also new to CW and want to gain experience with my straight key. 73 de Andreas, OE3ANC

26084 - N0QLR - Shane - Peyton - CO
I've been learning cw for about 5 months and really need to start making contacts to keep it interesting. :)

26085 - AK4FA - Andrew - Nolensville - TN

26086 - K2BOB - Bob - Little Falls - NJ
It will motivate me to get more seriously focused on CW. Brings back memories of when I was a novice, 58 years ago.

26087 - AD8HM - Carl - Cincinnati - OH
I am a new CW operator looking to have fun making straight key contacts.