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Founded, January 2006
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as of 22-Aug-2018

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New SKCC Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the SKCC family.
Watch for them on the air and help them get started on their first SKCC QSO’s!
Here are some of their reasons for joining the SKCC.

73 de Randy N8KQ SKCC #8934S


19063 - WA2OXZ - Dave - East Amherst - NY
I would like to participate in contests and CW activities

19064 - KJ6PEH - Brent - Sacramento - CA
request slow qsos

19065 - AD4WL - Gaylon - Paducah - KY
When I first became licensed over 20 years ago, I loved cw ragchews. I have been inactive for many years now and my cw is more than a bit rusty. I look forward to getting back in and enjoying it again.

19066 - VK1FDHA - Dermy - Canberra - AUS
I am learning Morse Code for a couple of months now and have progressed quite well so far. I have had a couple of QSOs with a fellow member of my local club "CRARC" but they were quite forgiving. I am a member of Fists down under which helps me understand the customs and I believe that SKCC may help as well.

19067 - KV7Z - Michael - Troutdale - OR
No comment provided by member

19068 - K9WM - GRVARS - East Moline - IL
some of our members belong to SKCC and we would like to expand our on the air activities.

19069 - KM5TX - Jerry Garcia - SAN ANTONIO - TX
I would like too learn CW, and this is the place to start...

19070 - KG3FOX - Jose - San Antonio - TX
Getting started with Morse. Manual keying is the only real Morse. Using Automatic keys is cheating lol.

19071 - K5EX - Ben - Vicksburg - MS
I hear a lot of nice QSO's among the SKCC members, and would like to extend my base of ham friendships to include the large cadre of SKCC operators.

19072 - NG2G - Mark - Bellingham - WA
No code extra learned CW in April, practicing, practicing, listening to ARRL code practice files and getting ready for regular on-air CW.

19073 - W3AKD - Bill - Lamoine - ME
Would like to get back to strt keying and ragchewing . SKCC provides way to meet hams with similar interest beyond dxing and contesting qsos. Have a J38 that needs some on air time. Would like WAS; SKCC proves an added challenge.

19074 - KI7FUO - Tyler - Lehi - UT
I am 13 years old and just got my general. I have been learning CW for over a year. I would love to get on the air and work SKCC stations.

19075 - KN4FFK - Mike - Williston - FL
I learned morse code in the Army in the 70's. I've only been a ham for about a year, and I want to get started with cw.

19076 - W6RMC - Tim - Petaluma - CA
I enjoy using manual/semi-auto keys (Bug) to conduct my CW QSO's and want to meet others of the same interest.

19077 - KB4GEY - Dick - Fredericksburg - VA
Getting back inti code after 25 year hiatus. Need to learn code agn.

19078 - WB5HLZ - Burns - Wimberley - TX
Improve cw skills

19079 - K5RQI - Mike - Chesterfield - VA
I would love to improve my code skills with others. There is nothing quite like using a straight key without a computer to control the spacing. i have a few keys from WWII and i would love to use them with others on the air.

19080 - KC3FFX - Jim - Warrington - PA
Working on my keying skills with a CQ group who's members all belong to SKCC. So I'm hoping to join to get my own SKCC number. 73, Jim

19081 - F4GOP - F4GOP - La Lande Patry - FRA
je suis beaucoup en cw avec une pioche J-37 sur les fréquence qrs

19082 - EI5AL - Paul - Cork - IRL
only ever used straight key

19083 - KG7YTS - Tony - Tucson - AZ
I am learning CW (for the fifth time) and I realized that in order to succeed in CW, I need to get some real use out of it. I knew that SKCC would help motivate me to get on their air more to chase contacts.

19084 - W8WO - Bob - Middleville - MI
I am renewing my interest in CW and keys. Thank you, Bob

19085 - KA2QOD - Bill - Newton - NJ
I have met a lot of skcc members on the air and sounds very worthwhile to belong

19086 - N9XCK - Dan - Kenosha - WI
I was a big time CW guy but broke my neck in 2008. I have been unable to send code until now. I am starting over trying to teach my hands to send and my brain to copy. I have some brain damage from the accident. CW was a way of life for me and was never into paper chasing, just loved CW. I miss sending with both my straight key and paddle.

19087 - G1YWY - Mark - Castle Cary - ENG
I love Morse Code, and think it should always be sent with a straight key.

19088 - EA5IUY - GARY - Muro De Alcoy, - ESP
In another life (some 40 so years ago) I was an RAF Telegraphist using Straight keys. Although I do use modern paddle keys in my amateur radio QSO´s of today I much prefer the idea of transmitting using traditional keys and can´t wait to get on air with my Vibroplex Bug. (just waiting for my skills set to catch up with me!)

19089 - VK4LL - Finn - Brisbane - AUS
Licensed as an amateur while attending the Maritime College in Copenhagen where I finished as a pro telegraph op back in 1979. Have always valued the hand key above all others.