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Help keep SKCC free:

Welcome to Straight Key Month 2023!

Starting on January 2nd SKCC members around the world will be operating special event CW stations using only straight key, bug and cootie keys. These three key types are the original instruments of early radiotelegraphy, which this event celebrates. This is our 16th Straight Key Month event and the 16th anniversary of SKCC.

Official event stations in US jurisdictions will operate from 13 regional call areas using call signs K3Y/0 through K3Y/9, plus K3Y/KH6, K3Y/KL7 and K3Y/KP4. Additionally, SKCC members from various countries in six IARU continental regions will participate as special event stations using their own call signs and sending "CQ SKM". All event stations are listed on the Operator Map and in the Op Schedules (see Index links).

Callers (members and non-members) can try to complete the following goals:

- BASIC SWEEP. Contacts with K3Y/0 through K3Y/9 stations.
- FULL SWEEP. The above plus KH6, KL7 and KP4.
- GRAND SWEEP. The above plus the six IARU Continent regions: AF, AS, EU, NA, OC and SA.

Our special event QSL "sweep" card will list one contact from each region, up to 19 QSOs total for the "Grand Sweep" (see QSL info link).

For additional fun try working as many stations as you can in each of the following categories:

- US States
- DX entities
- Canadian Provinces & Territories
- Band-area Combinations (more than 100)
- Event Station Operators (more than 200)

Your progress toward all of these goals is automatically recorded in the Sweeps & Stats section (see Index link).

This is not a contest so you can enjoy working our event operators all month long in easy-paced exchanges. You don't need to be an SKCC member or use a straight key.

For SKCC Members only... you can join our team of event operators! Please refer to the Operator Guide PDF's (US and Non-US) in the Index column at left. Contact the area Coordinator in your region for more info.

We hope you'll help us celebrate the original instruments & art of radiotelegraphy in this historical special event. Have fun!