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March 11, 2007
Congratulations to Russ - K0LUW, Tom - K4ZGB and Ed - KG4W for taking the top spots.
March 25th Sprint Theme was "JunkBox Warz".
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Weekend Sprint. Look towards summer for another variation of the "Junkbox Warz" theme with a month to build your key using anything you like. If you would like to help with the Weekend sprint or help plan the next sprint theme, visit the new projects thread in the SKCC Forum.
JunkBox Key Results
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power 24hr. Total QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 K0LUW Russ 1702cJB NE 100 64 36 19 70 754
2 AF2Z Drew 2082cJB NJ 20 23 23 14 110 432
3 KG4W Ed 2416cJB VA 5 54 22 15 90 420
4 NT9K Bill 1926cJB FL 100 22 10 7 40 110
5 NN8B Don 36cJB OH 5 11 8 8 40 104
6 K2RFP Dick 2099cJB NY 25 7 4 4 20 36
7 KA3CTQ Dan 2338JB MD 100 1 1 1 10 10

Standard Sprint Results
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power 24hr. Total QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 K4ZGB Tom 796 AL 100 60 33 19 130 757
2 W0JFR John 2826 CO 100 27 23 18 90 504
3 W6UT Dennis 2417c CA 100 19 19 14 70 336
4 N2BE John 1373 NJ 70 23 15 13 50 245
5 KC9HGW Bob 281c IL 50 9 9 7 40 103
6 N8UO Ken 2642 MI 50 6 6 6 50 86
7 WA9WNE Terry 2727 GA 50 10 8 8 20 84
8 AA2XB Frank 1681c NY 100 12 6 4 50 74
9 WB1EDI Barry 164c NH 100 5 5 5 40 65
10 WU7R Ci 22c MT 100 8 5 4 20 40
11 KC2EGL Michael 553 PA 100 1 1 1 0 1

QRP Results
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power 24hr. Total QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416cJB VA 5 54 22 15 90 420
2 NN8B Don 36cJB OH 5 11 8 8 40 104

K0LUW This was a fun event. It kept me busy for the weekend. With the sunspot cycle the way it is and summer coming and noise levels rising, it would be better to start it a few hours sooner.

One of the problems with the 4 hour window is if decide to use the window in the later part of the day, you can't work anyone before you start your window because they will not work you again during your 4 hour window because it is a duplicate for them and a waste of their time. If you try to work the first 4 hours as your scoring window, 20 meters is unusable, 40 meters will stay open for 2 hours and 80 meters will not have many participants on it after 0300z. Maybe two 4 hour fixed windows one on Saturday and one on Sunday would be better because it would concentrate the participants and save fruitless CQing when no one is on except a few diehards that you have already worked.

If you are going to judge on "junkbox fist", there should be a way for the "junkbox" folks to notify the other participants that they are using a "junkbox key".

I put together and used a "junkbox bug" for the entire sprint. The parts included: a scrap piece of wood a piece of steel banding rescued from the dumpster at work 2 junk relays that were taken out of their plastic cases and pruned down so the armatures would stick out and when pressed the contacts would close several small nails 4 dry wall screws screws and nuts from computer junk a short piece of copper tubing a dead battery some wire ties some pieces of sponge a test lead to hook it to the rig some solder

only electric tool used was a soldering gun.

NT9K I built my key from a ruler, USB backplane, drape bracket, wing nut, spring, penny, nickle and knob from bathroom closet mounted on blue corian with lots of shoe goo. I was suprised at the spacing adjustment range and the key performed much better than I expected. Now, I have to take it apart cause I need the parts back and have been saving the corian for my Navy Flameproof base.

I had 22 overall contacts using only S&P. The bands were tough with poor propagation to the southwestern states and deliberate QRM. Nothing heard on 10 or 15 meters with most contacts on 40 meters. I did work some new numbers and had a fine ragchew with AD5WI. My vote for best JunkBox fist goes to Don - NN8B. His JunkBox bug is awesome. Best fist not using a JB key goes to K4CNW. (Sorry about the JB voting confusion)
73, Bill - NT9K

KC2EGL Did not have much time this weekend to operate my new Kenwood TS 480SAT. The few times I sat down at the table I did not get any takers. I did hear Bob KC9HGW in a QSO. Bob was booming into WPA 10 over. My one QSO with Ron WA0WNV was QRM'ed deliberately. Both Bob and Ron have outstanding fist's.

NN8B I built a JunkBox Bug and finished it just 30 minutes before the start of the sprint. I had to learn to use it as I worked stations. I did have about 10 minutes before the spring started to set it up a little and see where to put the weights. It has a very light touch to it. Since it's mounted on a board I had to c-clamp it to my desk. I may be able to get away without the clamp now, since I'm kind of used to how it feels. I put a picture of it on the Yahoo Group site. The key has a very broad speed range. With the weight outside the damper it goes down to abt 10 wpm, and as they move back it will go super fast, much faster than I can key it. It' sugly but it works pretty good. I made a short video of it in operation making a SKS call. I don't know where to download it though, maybe in the files section if it's not too big.

Thanks to all the stations I worked for pulling my 5 watts out of the noise. I didn't think the conditions were all that good this weekend. I could not hear the big mega watt broadcast stations on 40 meters, so that usually means the band is not good. Then all the phone band contest stations didn't make things any better. I checked 160 meters but it was wall to wall SSB contesters. I guess I forgot to add JB after my SKCC number, I thought I read that somewhere but I couldn't find it in the rules and forgot to do it, sorry.

I nominate K0LUW for best fist. I don't know if he was using a JB key, but he sounded good to me.
73, Don, NN8B SKCC 36C

W6UT I was only able to work the 4 hour slot on 40/80 from 0100Z to 0500Z. Had hoped to be on 20 meters. Building fence and Sprint was over by time I got back into shack. Enjoyed my 4 hr slot. No one identified operating JunkBox Key. Did work 2 QRP stations.

WB1EDI Well I did better this time. I worked 5 stations in 5 states and 4 were centurions. I used 100 watts and a comercial key. (Vibroplex Champion 1964) I have an idea for a home brew key so next time you do the HB key thing i'll try to build it up.
73 Barry

AF2Z Could only be on for Saturday evening; that's the best time anyway, I imagine. Lots of contacts on 80m at the start but then tapered off after about an hour or so. Where was everybody? 40m was loaded with SSB QRM here. Managed to work the entire time with my junkbox key (two strips of brass shim stock sandwiched between index cards; photo uploaded to Yahoo). But I'll be glad to go from junkbox back to Junker.

KC9HGW Due to a promise I made to show my shack to some new hams, I didn't operate very much. The bands were lousy, but improved some at the end. This was my first event with the Navy key. I hope my Army J-37 wasn't jealous. Met a few SKCC members I hadn't crossed dits with before.

WU7R Thanks for the nice and leisurely Sprint. I had forgotten about the four hour deal until I submitted my score. I will plan better next time.

KA3CTQ Had a great time putting this together with my 5 yr old twins. Used a couple old PC boards a drawer knob and some brass bolts. Unfortunately, I had more time to build the key than use it. I'll be testing it out more this week. Great fist from AF2Z. Was suprised to find out he was JB.

WA9WNE I enjoyed trying! I got started late because of other obligations. I worked contacts on 80 and 40. I only heard one other station call CQ and that was a CW SKCC. I got 9 of my 10 QSOs by calling CQ SKS. I heard no SKCC calls on 20 or 15 and no one responded to my calls on those bands. I'm going to trya again some week-end soon; but, where and when do I find the pile-ups? Next time I'll try QRP 5 watts.

AA2XB Although the radio was operative for the 24 hours---I wasn't. I was only able to get in an hour or so several times during the sprint. I did pick up three centurions towards the Tribune award and had fun operating.

N8UO Well, I managed to add one to my QSO total from last sprint, Hi! Did work more Centurions, but again missed out on working Sat night because of family commitments and attending a Red Wings game. Hope to make more QSO's next time. Its been fun, 73 and see ya on the air.
Ken N8UO

K2RFP After the SKCC First Anniversary Special Event I needed a little rest. It was the first time I participated in any kind of contesting and I really enjoyed it. By the time the Junkbox Sprint came along I was ready to try again. At 0000 UTC I started building my key. It took about ten minutes to slap it together and about half an hour of fiddling to get it right for my fist. It works pretty good.

Thanks for another fun event. I'll be back for more.

KG4W Game plan this time was to operate the 1st 4hrs QRP 5w on 40 & 80 Sun night & go to bed & do anouther 4hrs Sun am QRO on 20 & 40. I thought I would give QRP a shot, figured the Carolina Windom (inv vee) at 120ft wouldn't hurt. The results for the QRP & QRO segments are -
         QSO pts     SPC      Bonus      Score
QRP         22         15        90         420
QRO (200w)  32         20        70         710
I'm submitting the QRP score. Sun am I was hopeing to get on 20 & run some Europe but it didn't happen, worked 4 I stns & 1 OZ stn. Guess the dx was on ssb in the WPX test. Vote for best JB fist goes to NN8B. Made my JB key Sat am. Took a whole 20min. Flattened a beer can (Miller Lite) & attached a wire to it & attached 2nd wire to a bolt & used the bottom of the can as my "pecking target". Held can in place with carpet tape. This is a beer can pecker. Worked great & felt sorta normal as this is how I send normally ie - pecking a vibroplex bug to one side. My KENT, SKCC, Western Electric keys set idle !

N2BE 40 meter condx were horrific at times; the FONE-DX contest QRM was especially bad. Activity in the "SKS" seemed to come-and-go in waves. Overall though, I was quite pleased with the turn-out.

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