SKCC Weekend Sprint Results

March 11, 2007

Congratulations to Justin - N5BO, Ed - KG4W and Mark - KJ7BS for taking the top three spots.
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power 24hr. Total QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 N5BO Justin 57C FL 100 45 27 19 90 603
2 KG4W Ed 2416C  VA 200 43 23 15 100 445
3 KJ7BS Mark 2240C AZ 50 20 19 14 60 326
4 W6UT Dennis 2417C CA 100 12 11 10 40 150
5 NT9K Bill 1927C FL 100 15 10 8 70 150
6 AA2XB Frank 1681C NY n/a 14 12 8 50 146
7 N9AS Art 1184 IN 4 8 8 8 50 114
8 KC2EGL Michael 553 PA 100 8 8 4 50 86
9 AF2Z Drew 2082 NJ 20 6 6 5 40 70
10 N2JNZ George 2836 NY 25 5 5 4 40 60
11 N8UO Ken 2642 MI 50 5 5 5 10 35
12 N2BE John 1373 NJ 70 5 5 5 0 25
13 WB1EDI Barry 164C NH n/a 2 2 2 20 24
14 NN8B Don 36C OH 5 2 2 2 20 24
15 KC2JKU Terry 1788 NY 100 4 n/a n/a n/a 4
16 KC5GXL Dan 647 TX 50 1 1 1 0 1

KG4W Submitted score = 2.5 hrs operated Sat night. Made another 20 qso's in 3.5 hrs Sun am but Sat night was my best.

N5BO Activity level was decent at the start, but fell off after a few hours. Alot of time was spent CQ'ing with no answers after the first few hours, and the same throughout Sunday during the daylight hours. The highlight of the sprint was working 10 Centurions towards the Tribune award :)

KJ7BS Band conditions were very poor and the RTTY contest and teh OK QSO party were definately challenging to work around. I had hope of working more after the RTTY contest ended at 0300z, but my calls went unanswered.

AA2XB I feel the use of four of the twenty four period a novel and fair method of obtaining a score. In my case I was only available to operate the first three hours of the event, but puts the scoring on an equal basis with an operator that was only able to operate a few hours later in the event, or in the case of those lucky few, who were able to operate all day. This method would seem to fit into anyone,s schedule.

KC2EGL Had plenty of fun when I had time to sit at the radio. Gave out the SKCC website info to the only non SKCC Op I worked. Will definately do this again and again. Thanks Bill for running the show.

NN8B I guess 40 meters at 1600Z is not the time or place to start running QRP in a contest. Next time will be better. 73, Don, NN8B

W6UT Was only able to work time slot and one earlier Q. Kind of slow on 20 meters for 4 hours.

KC5GXL This was fun, butthe bands really stunk here this weekend. Maybe next time will be better. Only worked one station and lots of qsb then. 73, Dan

AF2Z Managed to work six stations on 80 & 40 for a short time during Saturday evening; just called the strong ones that I heard. Will do more next time.

N4ARO I was busy with the Oklahoma QSO party, Idaho QSO party, a construction job in the shack, and various other things. It also was too pretty a day to be by the radio very much. I didn't hear anyone on any band over about a 7 hour period of time other than the 4 I worked. All were Centurions!

N2BE I just found out about this contest an hour-and-a-half before it ended. It was fun, anyway. This contest was a great idea ! Is anyone intending to do some international frequency coordination for 40 meters ?!? Between foreign AM-BC and foreign Ham-SSB, the band is a mess. I hate to see that happen to some of the best frequency "real estate" that we have.

N8UO This was a fun event, even though I had a limited time for operating and band conditions being pretty lousy here in the Detroit area. I'm looking forward to the next one. Everybody that is running the SKCC and the sprint events etc are doing a fantastic job! 73 Ken N8UO

W2JNZ Had fun !! Only about my 10th SK contacts. Used a Ten Tec Century 21 to a half G5RV up 40 ft using a Llaves mini key. Thanks Bill for the weekend fun !!!!

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