February 2008

Congratulations to Jack W7QQQ for winning the February sprint! His win was quite decisive. Second went to John N9OL and third to Jon K1NV, but second through seventh place was a close race!

There were a couple of first-timers again as usual. Welcome, and we hope you will continue to come back each month.

Quite notable was Randy KB4QQJ, who placed fourth running only five watts!

Thanks to everyone for participating. If you submitted a score and do not see it listed, or see any other mistakes, please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the page and let me know.

Number Call Name SKCC # Own
Power # QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 W7QQQ Jack 1961T AZ 800 38 22 150 986
2 N9OL John 4014 IN 100 23 18 90 504
3 K1NV Jon 2609C NV 100 23 14 135 457
4 KB4QQJ Randy 3508T NC 5 24 13 130 442
5 W0JFR John 2826T CO 100 23 14 105 427
6 N8XE Jason 3806 OH 100 19 16 90 394
7 KA8HFN Larry 2046T OH 100 19 14 65 331
8 K4CNW Jack 2961T SC 100 18 13 90 324
9 W7IEX Van 3015   90 19 12 85 313
10 K5EWJ Cookie 4077C TX 80 18 15 40 310
11 K4LNN Duane 3984C FL 100 14 13 70 252
12 AF2Z Drew 2082T NJ 15 16 11 75 251
13 N2BE John 1373 NJ 25 14 13 65 247
14 WA1LWS Hans 1933C MD 100 15 11 70 235
15 W6UT Dennis 2417T CA 100 15 11 45 210
16 N2UC John 1688C NY 100 16 10 45 205
17 W3RT Red 3237C PA 85 11 11 65 186
18 WA1AR Alan 4079   100 14 8 45 157
19 W7DAX Richard 2429C UT 100 10 9 55 145
20 K4ZGB Tom 796T AL 100 12 8 40 136
21 K2NPN Phil 1687C NY 100 8 8 50 114
22 AA4HT Rip 3352C FL 100 7 7 55 104
23 N3JJT Scott 255 OH 70 7 7 45 94
24 W6RA Randy 3720 OR 100 11 7 15 92
25 N1URA Cory 3452 ME 5 7 6 25 67
26 AA2XB Frank 1681T NY 100 5 5 30 55
27 N9QU Leo 3464 WI 100 4 4 35 51
28 AB7MP Mark 454 WA 75 3 3 30 39
29 KE5LYW Robert 3918 TX 100 1 1 10 11
30 N2QFD Malachi 4045 NY 100 3 2 5 11
31 N3RIK Bruce 4062 PA 100 1 1 0 1

N8XE It was great to hear all the SKS signals on 40M! There were some great fists out there. This time I mostly used my new Swedish Key which is a dream to use. Sometimes I switched over to the Lionel L36 bug.
K4CNW Worked W7QQQ on 20 right at the first of the sprint and then the band died. The rest of the QSO's were on 40. Very little heard from the East Coast states. Most of the propogation favored the West. QRN from passing front was pretty bad here in SC. Didn't hear anyone on 80 or 160. Still in all I had lots of fun and had first time QSO's with 8 members.
W7QQQ The bands seemed very good here in Arizona. Six qso's on twenty meters was a real surprise. I tip my hat to Bob, KE5LYW for giving me five or six repeats, but we finally made it. That was in the midst of heavy SSB QRM on 40 meters. There was lots of action for the entire two hours!
W3RT A welcome break from all the DX I've had to work! :) Nice to work some new members and even a few that weren't members. Several fone calls from work interrupted the flow, but had a great time! Tnx to all that worked me. 73, Red- W3RT in PA- SKCC #3237C
WA1AR First ever contest in 30 years of hamming. Actually made it thru the full 2 hours. Only worked 80M and band got a little noisy as time progressed. Used my recently acquired vintage 1920 Vibroplex bug. Only back on CW for a few weeks and SKCC is making it fun. Alan
KA8HFN This was a GREAT Sprint. Thanks fer the contacts. Good Luck and 73, Larry KA8HFN
N3JJT The band conditions were not the best...but it was still fun. Started out calling CQ on 7.062, only pulled down 2 in 15 minutes. Went to the H&P after that. Worked W7QQQ, it took a few times to get in, but managed to get thru. Thanks for pulling me out! Also, tnx to K5EWJ for pulling me out also! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks to all who manage the monthly and weekend sprints. Scott
K2NPN I enjoyed the SKCC Sprint. The contest was in the middle of a huge Central NY snow storm. Lots of QRN and weak signals on 80 & 40 meters. Canadian SSB was right on top of most of the SKCC ops and made it for very tough copy at my QTH. I look forward to the next Sprint. I wish the Canadians would follow a band plan like the rest of the world does. 73 Phil K2NPN
KB4QQJ Was a noisey cold and windy Sprint. Lot's of fun though. Strongest signal was KB3DZK at 20 over S9. Thanks go to AF4O Chuck for sticking with my QRP signal. Seemed like everybody was on the same freq at the same time. hi hi 73 de KB4QQJ BCNU Randy
N9OL This was my first SKS. I had a blast.
k1NV I listened on 20 meters at the beginning of the activity, but heard no SKCC traffic. The hot band was 40 meters this time. I heard lots of western US stations, but little from the east except for K4CNW in SC. Were they all buried in the snow? WL7WH boomed in from Alaska, however. The last 20 minutes were spent on 80 meters working the "local" SKCC folks ending with Nevada neighbor, W7IEX (Van) at 0259Z. The band was just starting to open up a bit when the sprint ended.
K5EWJ I was able to work 3 of my last 4 states. Now I only need NH. Plus, I worked WV less than an hour before the Sprint. I stayed on 40 meters and never ran out of people to work. I worked one member that was so new he didn't know his SKCC number and gave me his Fists number. I gave him his number from my data base that I updated just before the Sprint.
AA2XB Raging snow storm caused high qrn levels, over s9 on 160. 80 and 40 not much better but was just able to copy W7QQQ in AZ. Had 10 inches of snow on the ground and coax was snow and ice covered. It was a fun evening.
W6RA I didn't read the rules and was calling cq three minutes after the contest ended - sorry.
W6UT 40/80 were short tonite. AK & VE7 on 20M when Sprint started. It was slow out here.
AF2Z QSO count was split evenly between 80m & 40m. 80 was fairly noisy. Tried 160 for a bit, but nil there. This is the first sprint in a while that I've gotten more Cent's than Trib's. Also, aprox ten new (to me) stations. All QSOs were in the East, Maine to Florida, except John K5ENA in OK. Newest member worked: Alan WA1AR #4079. My rig: Elecraft K2; 100' endfed wire; Junker key.
K4LNN Band not real good tonight. Lot of noise and QSB.
N2BE Propagation conditions on 40 meters were fairly good, but there was definitely a QRN/storm-static problem here in NJ. The band sounded more like mid-July with all the lightning-crashes in the received audio. After 2 hours of that, I NEEDED a break. However, as always, I enjoyed the event and thank SKCC for sponsoring it.
KE5LYW Boy did I ever get skunked tonight. I have got to learn some better technique and better ways to use my equipment. I am the only retiree on the NA continent who never managed to contact VP6DX while they were swarming over the airwaves like ants for the past month. HI HI
N9QU Big signals: K0LUW, W7QQQ Unusually high noise level tonight.
N1URA My first time participating in SKS. Had a lot of fun. I ran a Ten Tec Argonaut V, 5 watts on battery power and a 75 meter dipole up 30 feet with a J-44 straight key.
W0JFR Was surprised there was so little activity on 80m. Actually started on 20m and there was zip! 40m was the workhorse for me. Strongest station: W7QQQ
AB7MP Fun Time!
N2QFD Another fun nite. Seems like the action died down at 02:00z but the way Alan WA1AR was running I bet he'll come out high on the leader board! 73
AA4HT Enjoyed the Sprint although had to pull the plug for awhile during a Thunderstorm. 80 Meters noisey but 40 okay. Icom 746 and dipole ant.