January 2008
It was a fantastic turnout and another participation record this month. Congratulations to Bert W5ZR for taking first place, and to Tom K4ZGB and K8MP for taking second and third, respectively. Ed KG4W and Jack W7QQQ were not far behind.
Note the number of first-timers in the Soapbox comments! We hope you keep coming back. Don't be intimidated. Jump in. SKCC members will gladly slow down for you if you need them to.
A correction to last month's (December's) results: It was John K4BAI who won. Somehow, the submission showed K4RUM. Maybe the server was enjoying a little too much eggnog Christmas night! My apologies! It is corrected in the December results.

Number Call Name SKCC # Own
Power # QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 W5ZR Bert 2931T LA 500 40 24 190 1150
2 K4ZGB Tom 796T AL 100 37 22 180 994
3 K8MP Joe 3339 OH 400 39 20 155 935
4 KG4W Ed 2416T VA 200 35 23 85 890
5 W7QQQ Jack 1961C AZ 800 34 21 140 854
6 K2A/0 (W0JFR) John 00T (2826T) CO 100 28 18 135 639
7 K4BAI John 3280 GA 1000 25 15 180 555
8 K1NV Jon 2609C NV 100 24 17 135 543
9 K8QI Barry 2795T FL 80 23 17 110 501
10 KB4QQJ Randy 3508C NC 5 19 12 125 353
11 W4KLY Paul 4019 GA 500 18 15 80 350
12 KC9HGW Bob 281T IL 50 15 11 125 290
13 AA4HT Rip 3352C FL 100 14 11 115 269
14 NT9K Bill 1926T FL 100 13 11 85 228
15 W7DAX Richard 2429C UT 100 12 11 85 217
16 AF2Z Drew 2082T NJ 15 12 11 80 212
17 N2BE John 1373 NJ 25 13 7 105 196
18 K8JD John 1395T MI 100 13 8 80 184
19 W6UT Dennis 2417T CA 100 12 8 60 156
20 W9CC Larry 469T IN 100 9 8 80 152
21 WB8ENE Art 3773 OH 100 10 8 70 150
22 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 100 9 8 70 142
23 K1DVA Roland 4054 NM 100 9 7 55 118
24 K1NNJ Tom 2937 MA 100 8 7 60 116
25 K0QH John 2694 MO 100 5 4 70 90
26 KD5RSS Butch 1910C OK 85 6 5 60 90
27 AA5CH Brad 861 AR 100 6 6 50 86
28 N8XE Jason 3806 OH 100 8 7 30 86
29 K2A/3 (KC2EGL) Michael 00T (553T) PA 100 8 7 25 81
30 K4PBY Chuck 3263 FL 5 7 6 35 77
31 K4LNN Duane 3984 FL 100 5 5 30 55
32 KK9U Mark 3818 IN 100 2 2 45 49
33 N2QFD Malachi 4045 NY 100 4 4 30 46
34 AD5QB Ken 9C TX 20 2 1 40 42
35 KD5ZKU Ron 3745 TX 5 3 2 30 36
36 W5TB Doc 4085 TX 50 3 2 30 36
37 KB1NFW Adrian 4089 MA 150 2 2 10 14
38 KJ8TQ Charlie/Chas 2128 FL 100 2 2 10 14
39 KC8HKI Nick 338 GA 100 1 1 10 11

KD5KZU The SKCC has become my favorite outfit!
W5TB Used my trusty Nye Viking Master and enjoyed the slow pace despite some pretty wicked QSB on 80. I'll be retiring in a few weeks and look forward to more time in SKCC activities.
W7QQQ Another enjoyable sprint... thanks.
W6UT Conditions not the greatest for me. Couldn't even get K9SKC. Worked 40/80M
AA4HT Had a great time even though I tried to start an hour early before remembering the correct starting time. The condx were not great but had fun with my 100 Watts and Dipole.
N8XE First SKS and had fun! Thanks all!
W9CC Only got into the fray for the last 43 minutes, but it was fun as usual. 80 meters seemed in good shape.
W4KLY First Sprint and it was fun. Was able to participate only during the 1st hour but plan to return for two hours of fun next month.
K4BAI Was able to operate only the first 55 minutes this month since I had previously committed to be a QRP Fox in the 80M QRP Fox Hunt that starts at 0200 UTC. Sorry to turn down the opportunity offered to used the club call K9SKC, but I wanted someone who could operate the whole period to use it. Maybe there will be another chance. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
KA3CTQ 80M was running long, AND IT WAS GREAT! Got many states I usually don't hear during the sprints. A ton of Cs and Ts out for this SKS. Helps the score. One great QSO with Adrian, KB1NFW, #4089. I think it was his first SKS or at least with his new number.
W5ZR Seemed to be more members on the bands this time. Both 40m and 80m were productive. Great time!
WB8ENE This was my first SKCC sprint. Had a great time. Most contacts were on 80, but managed to get a few on 40, including K9SKC/7 (thanks Mark). Had a lot of QRN at my QTH. Hope to do this again in February. 73, Art
K1NV 40M went out within the first 30 minutes of the sprint, so 80M was the mainstay again. Signals from the East finally started to come up in the last 20 minutes. My most interesting QSO was with non-member N0TU/P, Steve, running 5 watts from a tent on 9000 ft.Mt. Herman in Colorado. He said that the outside temperature was 20 degrees with a balmy 30 degrees inside the tent. Brrrr! That takes some dedication this time of year.
KB4QQJ Hey..! I got off to an early start this time...unfortunately, it was too early as John W0JFR was kind enough to point out...glad you can't see people blush over the radio..hi hi. So I had to toss my first 4 contacts and wait another hour. Bummer! But I picked up and took off at the correct time and of course, had a great time. I started on 40 thinking I would miss the Net traffic on 80. Didn't work, 40 was dead for me. I could hear K8QI just below me knocking them out!! Not a peep for me. Later in the Sprint things picked up and I got a few new ones plus the club station. Loudest was Bob, KC9HGW in IL, 5 over S-9. Thanks to all and now it's back to K2A/4. 73 de Randy KB4QQJ SKCC# 3508C
K8JD Only had 47 minutes to operate but did snag 5 calls on 160 M, two counted toward my 100 SKCC members worked on Top Band ! 73 K8JD
KJ4TQ Great condition tonight - best in a long time but could only work a few minutes. Heard lots of sigs on 40 with some long slow QSB but quiet. Also using backup rig - the FT-857D isn't the best CW rig right out of the box. Gotta learn the DSP menu setup. Didn't have time to re-plug the Flameproof for the 1/8" stereo plug so was using a backup key as well. Glad to see the bands improving.
KG4W Decided to do this SKS on 80 mtrs only & only make qsos by calling cq. Was supprised to work UT,NV,AZ,CO,OK,TX Other (sometimes rare ones) were MS,VT,ME,NH,AR & MO. No NC,TN,KY,SC,WV. Had fun, I forgot about event until abt 5 min b4 start time. Ed KG4W
KC9HGW Glad I didn't completely forget the Sprint. Met one new member and had a Q on 160. Not a bad evening.
K4PBY I only operated 80 mtrs for this sprint. Band was rather noisey here in Central Florida. My rig was a TenTec Argonaut running 5 wts QRP to an inv vee ant. I was hoping to break the 100 mark for a score but didn't make it. Best dx was W7QQQ in Arizona and that made me very happy. You must have very good ears Jack! 73 to all--Chuck K4PBY
N2BE I operated this event on 40 meters only and was pleased to see less noise and better conditions than the last 2 SKSs. One thing that I have been noticing is that the fists are getting better and better, over time. Also, the average op is now sounding more and more like a contester. Are we creating a "collective monster" here ?!? (HI) It's going to be fun seeing where all of this goes.
AF2Z Only two 40m QSOs; the rest on 80. For a half hour in the middle of the sprint heard nil except vy faint sigs & could get no response to my CQs; then it began to pick up toward the end. Sounded like some good action going on somewhere but I was a little out of the loop over here in NJ, I guess. Newest member worked: Paul W4KLY #4019. My rig: K2, endfed wire, Junker key.
K2A/0 W0JFR / 2826T Bands cooperated nicely. Really nice to work some of the newer members (and some of the older ones, too!).
KC8HKI Forgot that we changed SKS night. Usually I've got something going the second Tuesday, so I didn't bother remembering. Now I can participate. Unfortunately, I started with 15 minutes to go. Oh wells. Got one!
K8QI Spent most of my time on 40 meters which was good to the west. Tried 80 for a little while but the noise level was much higher. Also worked many new members and new numbers.
K1DVA All QSO's on 40mtrs. Band got very quiet after the first hour. Wish I had an 80mtr antenna. Lots of fun to hear and work so many straight keys. I'll there next month......73's Roland
NT9K I stayed mostly on 40 meters except for one QSO on 80 meters with KG4W. Had the pleasure of working a couple new members. Closed out the evening with a nice qso with Ken W9KMP that turned into a ragchew. I was using a Kenwood TS-870 with 100 watts into an inverted vee up 40 ft at the apex. Key for tonight was the home brew amplidan. Used the bug for one qso. Also tnx to Mark KJ7BS for putting K9SKC on the air. 73, Bill NT9K..
KB1NFW First Sprint. Only 2 contacts, but great fun, and lots of good practice just listening. Tks.
KD5RSS Band cndx on 40m was ruff, but 80m seemded to be the choice tonight. Only got to work the last 45 minutes but had fun even with the small numbers I got to post. Thanks to all who put in so much effort and work for a great club. 73's all... Butch
AA5CH This was my first SKS. Hope ot participate in many more in the future. 73 and thanks, Brad AA5CH
K2A/3 (KC2EGL) I started SKS a hour early than scheduled. For some reason I thought it was to start @ 0000Z. I could have had a extra 3 QSO's if it were not for my moron moment. I can hear Mr. Rogers in the backround saying... "can we say Michael is a MORON boy's and girl's?". I had a blast operating K2A/3 during January's SKS. I know there were some who tried to come back to my CQ that I could not hear. Maybe we can connect next time. This anniversary stuff can be addicting, especially during a sprint. Thanks to all I added to the K2A log. 73 Michael K2A/3 (KC2EGL) SKCC 00T
K0QH My first sprint as an SKCC member. Really enjoyed it. thanks to all who had to listen to my sloppy fist. It's been a long time since I worked any CW. Tnx es 73 John,k0qh SKCC 2694
N2QDF Ok so this is my first sprint ever. My thanks to all the stations I worked. I was a little flaky but again it was my first time and a lot of fun. 80m seemed to be fading in and out at the top of the hour 0200 for us in NY and I resorted to my filters K4ZGB sorry if any confusion! 73's and tnx
KK9U First timer here. Back to trying CW after a 35 year hiatus. Relearned code during the last 4 months and finally comfortable enough to try and QSO with it. Rusty but having a ball. Spend time just listening. Glad to be K9SKC's last contact. Thanks Mark!