December 2007
Any worry that the Christmas night SKS would be poorly attended proved wrong. Turn-out was fantastic! I thought I would come back into town and have to process eight or so scores, but you folks kept me busy. I apologize for taking longer than usual this time to post scores. I was out of town visiting family the week of the sprint, and am still on vacation this week - which means I am busier than usual trying to get things done at home that I put off until the holidays!
Congratulations to John K4RUM for taking first place, and to Bert W5ZR and Jack W7QQQ for taking second and third place, respectively.

Number Call Name SKCC # Own
Power # QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 K4BAI John 3280 GA 1000 37 26 80 1042
2 W5ZR Bert 2931 LA 500 36 25 50 950
3 W7QQQ Jack 1961 AZ 500 36 22 135 927
4 W0JFR John 2826T CA 100 25 22 80 630
5 K0LUW Russ 1702T   100 28 20 65 625
6 K4ZGB Tom 796T AL 100 30 18 85 625
7 W6ZO Phil 3752 AR 150 20 17 45 385
8 K0IVK Joe 1436 MO 100 18 16 75 363
9 N1LU Don 2252C NH 100 18 15 65 335
10 K8KFJ Gary 2444 WV 100 17 15 60 315
11 W9CC Larry 469T IN 100 16 14 25 249
12 N5PU Leon 427 MS 50 14 14 50 246
13 NT9K Bill 1926T FL 100 11 11 90 211
14 W6UT Dennis 2417T CA 100 13 9 50 167
15 AC2C Ron 2748T MD 50 10 10 30 130
16 AD5VC Dana 1555T LA 50 9 8 40 112
17 K4NVJ Joe 393 AL 80 8 8 30 94
18 N2BE John 1373 NJ 70 9 7 30 93
19 W3RT Red 3237 PA 75 6 6 45 81
20 KK6AW Kelsey 2806T CA 100 7 7 30 79
21 N5BA Brian 2568 TX 80 5 5 20 45
22 KC2EGL Michael 553C PA 100 5 5 15 40
23 KC2SKI Bob 3733 NY 150 4 4 20 36
24 KC9HGW Bob 281T IL 50 4 4 20 36
25 KA2KGP Tom 1494 NY 5 8 4 0 32
26 K8JD John 1395T MI 100 4 4 15 31
27 WB4BB Nick 2478 KY 100 3 3 20 29
28 N1IIX Chris 3388 NH 20 4 4 10 26
29 N9QU Leo 3464 WI 60 4 4 10 26
30 WB8OGK Bruce 3029 MA 1 4 4 10 26
31 KD7ZVI Brad 167 OR 20 1 1 10 11
32 W6SQQ Al 1283 CA 50 1 1 10 11
33 W1EJ Ed 1594 CA 75 3 2 0 6
34 KC2MHU Bob 3174 PA 5 2 2 0 4
35 K3OXG Lou 3272 PA 40 1 1 0 1

K8JD All contacts in the last 20 minutes of the sprint All contacts on 160 M Thanks for the points !
NT9K 40 meters was just ok here in Florida. Heard a few on 80, but only one person could hear me. Decent turnout for Christmas night. I had fun. 73, Bill NT9K..
N5PU 1st time in sprint, really enjoyed! Submitted before, but didn't show up!
K4NVJ Good amount of activity on 80m. Conditions were good. I did not get to any of the other bands. Had a good time.
W6SQQ Only heard 3 sigs, could only work 1. Thanks to Dennis, W6UT, I wasn't skunked. Quit at 02:00 for dinner. By 05:00 80M was much better, and I had a couple of nice ragchews. Pray for better conditions next month. Thanks to all who were out there trying on Christmas day. CU on SKN. Al, W6SQQ
KC2MHU Lousy condx, but still fun.
W1EJ Christmas Day and I only had a 15 minute window to operate and conditons were so-so but a few brave souls were on for me to contact. Thanks.
W7QQQ Wheeew, weak signal conditions at start. Forty meters began to improve around 0200, but then it was time to go to 80m. I logged only one Centurion, but logged 13 Trubunes. Didn't hear K9SKC... shucks.
KD7ZVI Got lucky and worked Tom K4ZGB SKCC 796T in Al. I don't have an 80m antenna yet so though I could hear a couple more stations on 80 (including K4ZGB) I couldn't get them to hear me. It was fun though, and great to hear that there is enough interest in SKS that even on X-mas day a few of us got into the sprint. Can't wait till the next one! Brad KD7ZVI SKCC #167
W9CC This was my first sprint with the new T. I enjoyed it as I always do. Happy holidays to all.
WB4BB Managed 3 QSO's on 160. Only worked the last half hour. Checked the first hour, on and off, and didn't hear anyone in northern KY. Since I recently returned to 160, it was fun as usual. 73, Nick, WB4BB.
KA2KGP QSB on 40 m. was unbearable here in WNY, but 80 m. had stronger signals, I just couldn't work many with QRP tonite. Happy New Year to all SKCC'ers.
K3OXG Hello, Turned on the radio at 2:55 utc and worked W5ZR, Bert in La. This is my first submission so should be able to top this next month. Hi Hi.Conditions on 80 meters were good here in Pa. 73 lou k3oxg
KC2EGL Merry Christmas everyone! Due to Christmas I only had a hour to spare for tonights sprint. I can not wait to be able to give a full 2 hours for the sprint. I will be operating K2A/3 during next months sprint. Thanks to the 5 who worked me. It was a fruitful hour. I am now up to 30 QSO's for my Tribune and added a few more to the unique call list. I should hit the 200 QSO mark by the end of K2A. 73 Michael KC2EGL SKCC 553C
KK6AW My First attempt at this. Had fun but was very sparce pickings, got to use my new Annie BUG, but also had to employ my Junker a time or two. CW Rocks Kelsey
W6UT Very poor conditions tonight. Worked NT9K on 40 at start of Sprint. It just went down hill from there. 7 Qs on 40 and 6 Qs on 80. Even K0LUW on 80 was ruff copy. Normally, he puts a good signal in here. I did Q with K4BAI on 80M (one short opening). Worked W7QQQ and non-member W7OM on both bands.
AC2C A great ending to a great Christmas day.
K0IVK I put up a new 80M antenna the day of the sprint all but 2 160M QSOs were on 80M using that new antenna. As always lots of fun.
W5ZR Condx were noisy on 80 meters but managed to find 35 members and one non-member. Made all my qsos on 80m this time. I started a little late at 01:19Z but then kept busy till 01:59Z
N2BE I operated 40 meters only, and conditions were much better than those of last month. In true contest form, for me; I rag-chewed too much. However, we now have a new member, Bob-K5ZOL, who signed up on the internet during our hour-plus QSO. Look for Bob as he is looking for some good CW practice. WELCOME BOB !
K4BAI Missed the first 45 minutes due to a Christmas night visit with daughter, son-in-law, and 10-month old grandson. Band conditions on 40 and 80 seemed very good. Nice surprise to be called by Stan, K4UK/VP9, SKCC #1941 on vacation in Bermuda. Nice to work W6UT in Stockton, CA on 40. W7QQQ from AZ was unbelievably loud here. Skip was good for local stations too as I worked AL and hear W4UCZ in Atlanta, just 100 miles away. We had had long skip earlier on 80M, about 0000 UTC. Hope to see you all next time. Glad to QSL via the SKCC QSL Bureau. 73, John, K4BAI, #3280.
K8KFJ A good turnout I'd say given it's Christmas evening. All Qs were made on 80m which seemed in fairly good shape with some slow QSB. States worked were NE, MD, PA, LA, MI, MS, NH, MO, MA, DE, AR, CO, GA, OK and IA. Loudest signal at this location was W5ZR (Bert 2931 in LA). Many thanks for the contacts. 73, Gary in WV -K8KFJ- #2444
W3RT Limited time to operate- only 1 hour due to the Christmas Holiday. Had fun, and picked up a few more SKCC members for the "C" award. Thanks to all that completed QSO's with me. Looking forward to 1 Jan 08 SKN & the K2A operation. 73, Red in PA- SKCC # 3237
AD5VC Conditions were not the best on 80m, so I stayed on 40m, but even there signals were not strong. On the plus side, I had a very long chat with a fellow who is working to build his speed up from 5 wpm, and so I may have recruited a new SKCC member.
WB8OGK Well, it wasn't exactly a "Merry Xmas" on 80 meters tonight for me! Got in there and mixed it up hard, but 1 watt combined with odd conditions just wasn't going to make it a stellar night. Thanks to those who worked me, I appreciate your good ears.I was hearing a lot of stations, just not getting through. Had fun anyway! Hope others did too. BTW, I *like* the sprint on Xmas day; it puts a nice cap on it.
KC9HGW I was only able to work the last 35 minutes, but from the sounds of it, another hour and a half wouldn't have helped much. I added one new SKCC call to the log tonight.
W6ZO My first SKS. Sure is a change from the dx and sweepstakes contests. I used the bug. Us navy guys called them speedkeys. conditions were not good here in the Ozarks but it was fun.
K0LUW Lots of QRN at my QTH this time. Could not hear many weak stations. Maybe better next time.
W0JFR Tough night, 80m only - nothing on 40 or 160m. Had to dig a lot of folks out of the mud -- sorry if I missed you.
N1LU Certainly not the best condx. I thought I would wrap up my Tribune tonight, but it was not to be. Needed 4 going in and still need 4.
N9QU Late start and not many signals