November (1 of 2) 2007
Here are final results for the November (1 of 2) Straight Key Sprint. Congratulations to Frank KB4T for taking first place, and to Russ K0LUW, and Mark KJ7BS, for taking second and third, respectively.
Despite the bottom of the sunspot cycle and the sprint moving back an hour (UTC-wise), activity was up a bit this month after a slow October.
Do not forget that the SKS is switching to the fourth Wednesday UTC, and the first fourth Wednesday event will be this month (November.) Yes. We are going to have two SKS's in November rather than have a nearly two-month break during the transition.

Number Call Name SKCC # Own
Power # QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 KB4T Frank 981T FL 100 37 23 165 1016
2 K0LUW Russ 1702T NE 100 35 24 110 950
3 KJ7BS Mark 2240T AZ 500 37 21 130 907
4 K5IZO John 1507 TX 100 34 19 100 746
5 W0JFR John 2826T CO 100 32 19 135 743
6 K8JD John 1395T MI 100 26 17 110 552
7 AJ1M James 3348 WV 500 22 17 170 544
8 W6UT Dennis 2417T CA 100 21 21 95 536
9 KB4QQJ Randy 3508 NC 5 21 16 135 471
10 AF2Z Drew 2082T NJ 15 20 14 105 385
11 KL7GLL Gene 1098T VA 100 19 15 95 380
12 W5PEH Pete 2398C TX 300 16 14 95 319
13 WA1LWS Hans 1933 MD 100 19 11 110 319
14 AC2C Ron 2748C MD 50 17 14 75 313
15 KC9HGW Bob 281T IL 50 16 15 70 310
16 NT9K Bill 1926T FL 100 15 15 80 305
17 K1NV Jon 2609 NV 100 16 12 45 237
18 W3RT Red 3237 PA 100 11 10 75 185
19 K8KFJ Gary 2444 WV 90 10 10 70 170
20 W7IEX Van 3015 NV 100 11 10 45 155
21 AB8KS Lloyd 672T WV 100 10 8 50 130
22 WB4BB Nick 2478 KY 60 6 6 60 96
23 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 1000 5 5 40 65
24 WB8LSV Barry 2795T FL 80 6 6 20 56
25 AA2XB Frank 1681T NY 100 5 5 30 55
26 KM6BX Leo 3464 WI 60 5 5 30 55
27 KJ4TQ Chas 2128 FL 199 5 5 25 50
28 N7EF Don 1829T WA 80 6 6 10 46
29 W1PID Jim 676 NH 5 4 4 10 26

K8JD Got about half my QSOs on 80 M and half on 40 M but one on 160M. Used my new (to me) vibroplex with a clothespin clipped on as an "extend-a-dit" for some QRS and my old J-38 key for the rest. Had fun, See you all next month.
K5IZO Once again, the band was pretty hot here in TX. I stayed on 40 for the duration, though I did try 80 at the end to no avail. I hope to have a Q with more of you on the 28th. Good luck in the CQWWDX-CW and Happy Thanksgiving. Tnx es 73, de John
AB8KS Been off air for summer, time for fun now. Had a great time
KL7GLL Lots of activity and bands in good shape; nice to wrk new (to me) members. Both 40 and 80 seemed to hold up the entire 2 hrs. Another fun time.
KM6BX Conditions not great, but better than last month. QSO rate and Fun Quotient both went up.
NT9K All qso's were on 40 meters. All other bands were quiet. Bert W5ZR was 30 over here in FL. I was snacking on candy and my fingers kept slipping off the key. I used Anniebug for a few contacts, but mostly used my homebrew amplidan. My antenna was an inverted vee, up 40 ft at the apex. Got to work a couple new numbers too. 73, Bill NT9K..
KB4T Once again an entertaining event though somewhat perplexing to me was the variety of "attitudes" toward operating in the Sprint. Some folks gave RST which isn't in the exchange and others were chatty which slowed things down for folks who were searching and pouncing. 40 held up well with lots of strong signals from the Midwest and Northeast. W5ZR, W8FHF and K0LUW were consistently big signals for the entire event. KJ7BS held up very well also. I guess for some the Sprint is a competitive event and for others it's just another stroll down CW lane. 73, Frank KB4T
KJ4TQ Wretched conditions and taking son to Boy Scouts cut into this month's sprint. See y'all on the next one.
K1NV First opportunity to operate sprint from the beginning time. Things seemed to go dead on 40M after 0200Z. No apparent activity on 80M. Used Lafayette semi-auto key in dash mode only. K1NV
WB4BB First SKS. Loved it even though I didn't have much time to participate. 80 only with 60 w, NC300 and end fed half wave. Band was quiet in Ky.
KA3CTQ Had a great time just working 80M. Hope to be up and running on 40M for the next event.
AA2XB A minor distraction caused by the house filling up with smoke from a mal-functioning oil burner caused me to shut down after about 20 minutes of working the sprint. Stay tuned to find out what excuse I can come up with next week.
W7IEX After 1.5 hrs my brain zoned out and telling me it was time to quit. Spent all my time on 40 meters. Lots of SSB QRM on the band. Worked more stations out west than I expected. Even worked one non-member in KS running 5 watts. We had a nice chat from KS to VT. His 5 watts did just fine. My Rig K2 100 watts, 32' ground mounted vert on 16 radials. Key was the Junker with some time on the Speed-X bug as well.
W3RT Lot's of activity, but unable to get more than I did. Seems like "185" is my threshold! Tnx to all that wrkd a new 'bug' operator, and for sticking with me at times. Practice makes poifik! 73, Red.
KB4QQJ Tuff nite for 5 watts, but still had lots of fun. Seems like just when I get a gud system going, the sprint ends. hi hi tnx es 73 de KB4QQJ #3508
K8KFJ My thanks to KJ7BS, K1NV, W0JFR, N7EF, KB4T, K0LUW, and W5ZR for 40m QSOs where signals were extremely strong. I can't remember the last time I've heard 40 that hot. I probably QSYed too early in going to 80. HI AF2Z, AJ1M, and KL7GLL round out my 80m QSOs. Key was the Nye Viking Master Key. - - AJ1M who is 2 counties away owes me a S-meter needle. HI
AF2Z Got slow start again but still worked a fair number of QSOs, mostly on 80m (five QSOs on 40). It seemed more lively out there than recent sprints. Sorry to Dan KA3CTQ on 80m (I think that was you?); just too weak to copy. Trib's were out in force-- nine of 'em; only three Cent's though. Rig is a K2, Junker key, endfed wire antenna.
KC9HGW Band conditions didn't seem good, but I worked three "new" members, two non-members and 15 states. I hopped from 40 to 80 and back several times.
W6UT It was another fun 2 hrs. Didn't do as well as I had hoped on 80. Finished off on 40M since 80 was so slow.
KJ7BS What a sprint! Started at 0100z on 40m and right out of the gate the Qs were one after another, very steady until about 0150z when things tapered off. I worked 2 non-members. The furthest QSO was Don (SKCC 2252C), N1LU in NH. I worked several new members, a few shakey fists, and some very weak stations (239 and 229). I even was asked to QRS, imagine that. Poor operating habits continue to plague us. Please send a QRL and LISTEN before starting your call. I had a few ops jump on frequency and start calling CQ SKS without sending a QRL while I was copying a weak station. Thank you to those operators who did send QRL and left when I sent C. Until next sprint, Pease, Love, and Brotherhood. Simper CW Mark, KJ7BS Glendale, AZ
AC2C 40M was noisy throughout the sprint. 80M quieted down during the last hour. A lot of fun.
K0LUW Station this sprint was ICOM 756 Pro 3 at 100w into 2 modified Gap Titan verticals in a phased array aimed east and west. I could only work 40 meters tonite but it stayed up for almost all of the sprint. Lots of fun..
W0JFR 40m was the workhorse, but made some contacts on 80m. Didn't hear anyone on 160. SKCC members are some of the best weak signal ops I've encountered!