October 2007
These are the final results for the October Straight Key Sprint. Congratulations to Mike WR5U for taking first place with a booming signal from Louisiana
Attendance was off this month, but I guess we can't expect an increase every time, and most comments seem to indicate that conditions were lousy here at the bottom of the sunspot cycle as expected. However, it's great to see some new call signs and some high (new) SKCC numbers. I hope you will continue to participate in the future.

Number Call Name SKCC # Own
Power # QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 WR5U Mike 3241T LA 300 42 25 135 1185
2 W6UT Dennis 2417T CA 100 26 21 125 671
3 K5IZO John 1507 TX 100 26 21 95 641
4 K0LUW Russ 1702T NE 100 26 17 95 537
5 KB4T Frank 981T FL 100 24 15 85 445
6 N1AS Keith 344C VT 100 15 11 95 260
7 NQ3D Mike 2758C PA 100 16 11 70 246
8 N6CMF Phil 2740 CA 100 14 12 35 203
9 K4CNW Jack 2961T SC 100 11 10 55 165
10 AA4HT Rip 3352 FL 100 10 8 75 155
11 W3RT Red 3237 PA 85 10 7 85 155
12 N7EF Don 1829T WA 80 10 9 50 140
13 KF0XV Joe 3520 KS 5 7 6 35 77
14 AA2XB Frank 1681T NY 100 4 4 30 46
15 AD5QB Ken 9 TX 50 5 4 25 45
16 KA2KGP Tom 1494 NY 5 7 3 20 41
17 KJ4TQ Charles 2128 FL 100/400 4 4 25 41
18 XE1CHE Jaime 3504 MEXICO 40 6 5 10 40
19 KM6BX Leo 3464 WI 60 3 3 30 39
20 NT9K Bill 1926T FL 100 4 4 20 36
21 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 100 3 3 20 29
22 N1IIX Chris 3388 NH 20 4 3 15 27
23 AF2Z Drew 2082T NJ 15 4 4 10 26
24 K8KFJ Garie 2444 WV 90 5 5 0 25
25 KD9XV Pete 1423 IN 100 2 2 10 14

KJ4TQ Wretched conditions. Had to use the amp for a couple of the contacts. Glad to pick up a new state on 40 and some more numbers towards my own shiny C
NQ3D Condx were pretty bad with lots of QRN, making QSO's difficult.
W6UT Another enjoyable 2 hours. Worked 40M only. Heard nil on 20/80.
AF2Z T'storms put the kibosh on this Sprint; made a few QSOs just for the books. Elecraft K2 & 100' wire.
KA2KGP Lousy band conditions as 40 was long & weak, 80 was just plain weak here in WNY. Better luck next sprint. 73 to all.
N6CMF 14 Mc. open at 0UT and not many stations to take advantage.
WR5U Another terrific sprint. I am new to the club, but in the last several sprints that I have participated in seem to be enjoying more and more activity. Looking forward to the next one! A great way to spend 2 hours, with the SKCC gang. 73 -- Mike // WR5U
KD9XV First sprint, only had time to complete 2 qso's but had lots of fun. Want to say tnxs to k5izo, John, in Tx and K0luw, Russ in Ne for being able to copy my bad fist. K0LUW was 2nd qso and my 1st T, so tnxs guys, I appreciate the patients. See eveyone in next sprint.
N1IIX This was my first SKS and I didn't have a lot of time to operate, but loved it. The un-contest-like atmosphere is great. I'll be back next time!
KF0XV My first SKCC contest. Worked 40 only and it was up and down. Dipole @32ft. Thank to all who took the time to work me with my 5w.
KM6BX My first excursion into the wonderful world of CW in 25+ years. Un-nerving, full of mistakes; but oh so much fun.
K0LUW A tough sprint - band conditions were poor and lots of QRN but still a lot of fun and challenging. Rig on this end was an Icom 756pro 3, Gap Titan vertical, and a vibroplex bug.
N1AS After 1.5 hrs my brain zoned out and telling me it was time to quit. Spent all my time on 40 meters. Lots of SSB QRM on the band. Worked more stations out west than I expected. Even worked one non-member in KS running 5 watts. We had a nice chat from KS to VT. His 5 watts did just fine. My Rig K2 100 watts, 32' ground mounted vert on 16 radials. Key was the Junker with some time on the Speed-X bug as well.
NT9K Bands were lousy. Gave up half way through. 20 meters was flat, all my contacts were on 40. I heard a few calls on 80, but nobody could hear my Gap vertical. I never did hear the club call. WR5U and K5IZO both had great signals. 73, Bill NT9K..
K4CNW Weird conditions on 40 meters! Heard West Coast stations only for the 1st hour and then started hearing a few stations about 1000 miles out. Never heard a peep from the close in stations (FL, GA, OH, IL, IN, NC, etc.) that are normally active during the Sprint. 20 was dead and although I could hear WR5U with a BIG signal on 80 I couldn't raise him.
XE1CHE Espero que todo est่ correcto , reciban un fuerte abrazo 73 y dx
AA2XB I was only able to work the first half hour of the sprint. All contacts on 40 meters and conditions seemed pretty good here in upstate NY. As usual WR5W pinned my meter.
AA4HT Bands were not very good but sure enjoyed the Sprint. Worked The Club Call just before Sprint ended. Using Icom 746 Pro and Dipole up thirty feet. Looking forward to the next Sprint.
K5IZO This is my first SKCC Weekday Sprint. I stayed on 40M as, here in TX, it was wide open. For the last 30 minutes, it crashed and I only made 3 Qs, and heard very few ops, but no other band was open. I had a GREAT time! I am a beginning key collector, with about 70 keys. I want to make at least 1 Q on each key and I use these events to do so. If pics are posted, the one shown is the one I used for more than half of the Qs this time. It is a Bunnell, Circa 1890 - 1910. I'll probably work you on the upcoming weekend sprint. Tnx es 73, de John
K8KFJ My tks to WR5U (LA), W6UT (CA), K5IZO (TX), K0LUW (NE), and N7EF (WA) for the QSOs. For whatever reason, that is all I heard on 40m. Nada on 80m. Many thanks for the sponsorship of the SKS. 73, Garie -K8KFJ- West Virginia SKCC @2444
W3RT The storms in my area sounded like a war zone! Hvy noise levels. Glad to make the contacts that I did make.
KB4T Got off work early for a change so had a chance to participate in the Sprint. Enjoyed it. Noticed many different operating styles. Use 40M only mixing search & pounce with parking & calling CQ. About 50/50 results with this combo. The band started out good short with huge signals from WR5U in LA and N1AS in VT. About 1 hour in, the band started going long and the distant western states started coming in well. K0LUW was consistently strong throughout. Wonder what antenna he was using! Was surprised with only 24 total QSOs but more than 50 ere C's, T's & the club call. Total 445. Need better conditions! Hope to jump in again soon. 73, Frank KB4T