September 2007
Congratulations to Ed KG4W for winning the September Straight Key Sprint, and to Ted K8AQM and Tom K4ZGB for taking second and third, respectively. Note that Ted had the most QSO's with a remarkable 43! I thank all the participants in this, the first SKS with me as manager. I tried hard to get the word out and generate excitement. I am quite pleased with the 34 submissions, and look forward to more next month.
I must admit that the submission form caused some confusion. The intent is for the participant to enter the total of his bonus points in the bonus field. However, the field label only indicates Centurion and Tribune bonuses, so many participants excluded their Club bonus. I will fix this for the next sprint, and I appreciate the patience as I take over this role and work out the kinks. Please review your score carefully and ensure that I included all of your bonus points.
Wow! What a response! I get up early the morning after the sprint and I already have 20 submissions, and some participants had nearly 40 QSO's!
Now, Kevin was really good about updating partial scores throughout the week, so I don't want to get people's hopes up. My goal is to process all of the submissions over the weekend after the sprint. Anyway, I was able to post the first set of submissions.
I thank Joe K8JP who took the club call at the last minute when family duties called me away from the sprint this time.
If there is anything wrong with your posted score, please send the correction to me at or resubmit them using the web form.

No. Call Name SKCC # Own
Power QSO's S/P/C's
Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416T VA 100 36 26 145 1081
2 K8AQM Ted 1629C MI 300 43 20 125 985
3 K4ZGB Tom 796C AL 100 34 23 140 922
4 W0JFR John 2826 CO 100 32 22 160 864
5 K4CNW Jack 2961T SC 100 30 19 180 750
6 WU8V Kurt 3044T MI 100 27 19 110 623
7 K0LUW Russ 1702T NE 100 32 16 110 622
8 K4JPN Steve 2402 GA 100 26 19 85 579
9 KL7GLL Gene 1098T VA 100 23 15 180 525
10 AF2Z Drew 2082T NJ 15 23 13 200 499
11 KA8HFN Larry 2046T OH 100 19 16 90 394
12 N4RE Rick 942 NC 100 19 15 95 380
13 N1LU Don 2252 NH   15 14 100 310
14 AA0NI Daniel 1124 OK 15 15 14 90 300
15 W9TFC John 1391C WI 100 17 13 75 296
16 KC9HGW Bob 281T IL 50 16 10 100 260
17 W9CC Larry 469C IN 80 14 11 35 189
18 AA4HT Rip 3352 FL 100 12 9 65 173
19 NT9K Bill 1926T FL 100 11 8 75 163
20 W3RT Red 3237 PA 85 10 7 85 155
21 NQ3D Mike 2758 PA 100 12 9 45 153
22 AA2XB Frank 1681T NY 100 9 6 85 139
23 KJ7BS Mark 2240T AZ 100 9 9 50 131
24 K1NV Jon 2609 NV 100 10 9 35 125
25 AD5QB Ken 9 TX 50 7 6 70 112
26 N0UMP Bill 659C MO 100 8 7 55 111
27 WB8OGK Bruce 3029 MA 1 7 6 45 87
28 KD5RSS Butch 1910C OK 85 7 5 50 85
29 N3JJT Scott 255 OH 100 7 7 25 74
30 NJ1W Dave 1945 NJ 5 6 6 30 66
31 AB8FJ Ted 62 OH 5-20 5 5 25 50
32 KA2KGP Tom 9 4 0 36
33 WB5ABC Kerry 12 TX 100 3 3 20 29
34 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 100 3 2 5 11

N3JJT This was my first sprint, and I had a really good time. I only worked a little over an hour total. I am looking forward to doing more sprints in the future..I would have before, but the second Wednesday,(Tuesday), gets by sooner than I want..also..this is not like a contest to me, which I do not do, but rather a casual way of getting involved with SKCC and getting some more new numbers..Thanks to all, and thanks for those who monitor the scores.
KJ7BS I was only able to work the last 45 minutes of the sprint adn mostly worked S&P, but managed to call CQ SKS the last 10 minutes on 7.052. Equipment: Kenwood TS-850S/AT @ 100w, Navy Flameproof key, Cushcraft R-7000 vertical @ 8 ft, Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control and logging, Logitec GameCom 1 headphones.
NT9K Only worked a few on 20 meters this time. Switched to 40 and saw a bit more action. A few new members this time, mostly old friends. 73 Bill NT9K.
K0LUW Had a good time - lots of activity on 40 meters but very little on 20 meters.
NJ1W I used my Elecraft K2 running 5w to a G5RV up 35'. The 80m and 40m bands were a bit noisy but I was able to work a few stations. It was fun.
WU8V A really great way to spend a couple of hours on a nice cool evening. I finally got to use my old Vibroplex in a contest, boy does my arm feel so much better than after a sprint of pounding brass! Thanks a lot, and see you next time
W0JFR Great night on 40m -- low noise and clear/loud signals. Lots of Tribunes -- my first seven contacts were T's!
KG4W Lots of activity & conditions were good. All but 7 of my qsos were on 40. Had 5 on 80 & 2 on 20. Used the ole reliable paddle & pecked it to one side as usual. Lots of fun, glad to see everyone.
KA8HFN Nice Sprint. Tnx fer all the QSO's.It's Great to hear the bands filled with the music of CW again. Good Luck in the Sprint! 73, Larry KA8HFN
AA4HT Had a great time. Looking forward to the next sprint.
KC9HGW In spite of the noise at my QTH, I collected a couple new calls and 10 states. I'm hoping 80 meters will be really good in a few weeks. Hope everyone had a good time. 73 Bob KC9HGW SKCC #281T
WD5ABC I haven't participated in several months and only got a few minutes in this time but it was nice to hear so many people around the SKCC freq on 40m tonight!
AF2Z Wow! Haven't seen this much activity on 80m for awhile. It was a little noisy from passing tstms, but that's ok. Things really picked up at the end of the two hours. The Tribs far outnumbered the Cents here. Got the club call on 40 & 80, tnx Joe/K8JP!
K1NV I hurried home from work and was able to spend the last 35 minutes chasing SKCC members on a busy 40 meter band. Conditions were pretty good and I would liked to have been able to spend another hour pounding the key. 73 and GN !
NQ3D Had hoped to get the 19 numbers needed for my "C" but claimed only 8 new ones. I'm almost there! I'm not a contester so I really enjoy these short, 2-hour Sprints. It's a great opportunity to meet other members and exchange numbers.
K4JPN My first SKCC Sprint, a lot of fun, used the same two straight keys, I used 40 plus years ago as KN1VKW and K1VKW. Rig K2 100 W, as QRN was heavy. Ant 80 M cf Zepp and 40 M sloper. Did not hear anyone on 80M or 20M
KA2KGP A nasty T-storm forced me off the air mid-sprint. Hopefully, storms will subside thru the fall season. See you all next sprint!
K8AQM It was great to work all the new SKCC members. Great condx, great fun and great sprint!
AA2XB Lots of qrn here due to thunder and rain storm but first time working Joe K8JP, and got club call credit.
AA0NI My first SKS. Dug out the flameproof navy key and hooked up the appropriate cord for my Elecraft K2 (15W). Antenna is an 80 ft non-resonant dipole (doublet) fed with homemade ladder line. The antenna is 'bent' and an 'inverted-vee' with one end going south and the other end going northwest from the center support.
W9CC Had lots of fun working the SKCC Sprint. Getting to recognize some of the calls from past sprints. I find myself looking at the calendar for the next SKCC Sprint. My key was a just completed HB Brass ST Key. Seems to work just like the 7 or 8 other ST keys I have. Fist isnt better or worse. HI HI 73 and CU ON CW
N4RE Very enjoyable but I'd like to hear more C's and T's. Maybe in another month band conditions will improve. But it is always fun.
WB8OGK Well, there seemed to be a lot of noise on 40, but there was a lot of activity as well. Good sprint! Thanks to those who had to work hard to pull me out of the mud.
KL7GLL Great condx hr on 40 & 80 mtrs and lots of activity -- every SKS seems to gain momentum. Wrkd 4 new SKCC #. Esp. good to hear all the activity on 80 mtrs. Probably personal best for my 2 hr SKS participation. A lot of fun, as always.
N0UMP This was my first time on the weekday sprint and event though I didn't make that many contacts, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to future sprints...Bill N0UMP
KD5RSS Great fun, added some t's and c's to my tribune application and even got to share my c for some folks. What a great bunch of ops to work, 73's all.
W3RT Was able to get the vertical on the air, but had a lot of noise on 40m. Tried 80m, but unable to make any Q's. Enjoyed working those stations that I was able to contact. Good activity! Great Sprint! 73, Red, W3RT
AB8FJ Very enjoyable sprint. Used my Argonaut V and Bencher RJ-2 to the end-fed random wire.