February 2007 Straight Key Sprint


Congratulations to John W0JFR, Tom K4ZGB and John K8JD for taking the top three spots in the February 2007 Straight Key Sprint. I believe the top two are first-time Straight Key Sprinters. Beginner's luck? Tune in next month and we'll see. John K8JD is a regular in the top three.
Ed KG4W operated the K9SKC Club Call during the Sprint. Not eligible for ranking, he submitted the type of score we've come to expect from one of our pro sprinters. Ed was the first to operate our new club call since it was issued by the FCC earlier in February. John W0JFR will be offered the club call for the March 2007 Straight Key Sprint.
Dave KB3MQN gets Honorable Mention as the operator under the most stress during the contest. Read his soapbox and you'll understand.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the February 2007 Straight Key Sprint and for making the sprint such a success. See you next month!
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power QSO SPC Bonus Score
1 W0JFR John 2826 CO 100 29 17 75 568
Ed 00C
VA 100 26 16 130 546
2 K4ZGB Tom 796 AL 100 26 18 30 498
3 K8JD John 1395C MI 100/75 23 13 125 424
4 N5BO Justin 57 FL 100 24 11 115 379
5 KA4JQZ Frank 333C CO 100 17 13 150 371
6 K4VD Kevin 605C VA 100 22 13 65 351
7 NE7D Rocky 665C OR 100 21 12 55 307
8 AF2Z Drew 2082 NJ 20 17 11 85 272
9 AI4RE John 2308 FL 100 17 13 50 271
10 W5PEH Pete 2398 TX 300 15 12 60 240
11 W2USF Steve 2571 NJ 100 13 10 80 210
12 K0LUW Russ 1702 NE 100 13 9 55 172
13 W6UT Dennis 2417C CA 100 14 10 30 170
14 AG8A Randy 2532 MI 75 11 9 7 169
15 NN8B Don 36C OH 25 10 6 95 155
16 KI4CIA Melinda 2 AL 100 13 8 45 149
17 K8KFJ Garie 2444 WV 80 11 6 75 141
18 NT9K Bill 1926 FL 100 10 10 40 140
19 WB0QQT Steve 183 NE 50 10 7 40 110
20 KB8KIK Chuck 1363 OH 50 7 4 75 103
21 NY6P Lee 292 CA 200 7 6 50 92
22 KC9HGW Bob 281C IL 50 6 4 65 89
23 AA2XB Frank 1681 NY 100 7 4 55 83
24 WB8LSV Barry 2795 FL 90 8 7 20 76
25 KA2KGP Tom 1494 NY 5 10 6 0 60
26 W6SQQ Roger 1283 CA 75 5 5 30 55
27 AD5VC Dana 1555 LA 35 6 5 20 50
28 WU7R Ci 22C MT 100 2 2 35 39
29 WA5HDL Steve 21 TX 100 5 5 10 35
30 KB3MQN Dave 236 PA 200 3 3 20 29
31 KC2EGL Michael 553 PA 100 3 2 20 26
32 KC5AML Wade 2754 LA 100 2 2 10 14
32 VE3LXL Greg 1657 ONT 80 2 2 10 14
33 N2COD Mike 1594 NY 5 6 2 0 12
34 KC0RSX Len 14 MN 10 2 2 0 4
34 W1FWB Kevin 51 CT 100 2 2 0 4
35 AD5QB Ken 9 TX 50 1 1 0 1
36 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 0 0 0 0 0
AF2Z 40 meters sounded good but I just didn't get many calls for some reason; wasted a half hour there for only 3 QSOs. 80 was real noisy but that's where all the action was. Didn't even try 20 or 160.

Got the K9SKC station, thanks Ed. Is this the first night out for the new club call? Sorry to the AI4 station calling me; just couldn't get it. It wasn't John AI4RE, I don't think.

Well, that was fun. A nice mix of old and new members; maybe a little busier than the last sprint. Haven't missed a sprint yet. I should get some kind of "perfect attendance" bonus, I think. Heh,heh.
KC5AML Was my very first sprint. Had a blast with my only 2 contacts. :)
WU7R I couldn't participate this month for very long, but enjoyed the few QSO's I had. Maybe I will have more time next month. This was my first Sprint using a bug, so I am improving!
AA2XB Hi Kev, first sprint and had a great time but need a program to keep the xyl from calling me during Sprint time.  Hi Hi Lets keep the momentum going with planned events.
WB0QQT My first SKCC Sprint! I was expecting the usual contest frenzy but found others working my speed so I decided to give it a go. Glad I did. Will be back next time. Icom 718, 50 watts to inverted vee or trap vertical.
W2USF Heard some weak station answering my CQ but unable to copy through the QRN generated from the storm. Ran 100W as not favorable conditions for QRP my preferred operating power. Thanks to K8JD for the sole 160M QSO.
KA4JQZ My first SKCC Sprint. Reminded me of the Novice Roundup I participated in years ago. It was a lot of fun too. I don't think the bands were in that good of condition but still had a blast!

I was lucky I got K9SKC on two bands, great signal into CO Ed.
K8JD 40 M seemed to have worse QRN than 80 or 160 tonight, both antennas were getting it (snowstorm tonight). Only managed to work a few QSOs on 40 and 160 tonight. Again 80 M produced the most contacts.

Was nice to catch the new club call, thanks to op Ed and Kevin for telling me where he was operating.

My last sprint contact was with Rodney, N4RAY, 2 minutes before end of the 2 hours. We went on chatting for about another 20 minutes for the FISTS 20/20 rag chewers award points.
My first SKS and my first day with the new callsign, NE7D. I stayed on 40M and worked SKCCers scattered all over the country. Spent a lot of time explaining SKCC to non-members, but I guess that's part of why we have these events. Hope I can be available for the next one.
W5PEH TS-830S, 5BTV and dipole. 7052 - 7056 KHz seemed to be the most active.
W6UT Another fun evening. Unable to work 80. Had a noise level of S8
K8KFJ A rather large weather front moving through the region caused some rather major QRN on 80m. I operated for about an hour and had to pull the plug to save these old ears. A couple of checks of 40m indicated it probably wouldn't be worth the QSY. Still, it was fun working fellow members using the ole straight key (mine of which was a Nye Viking Master Key). Many thanks to SKCC for the sponsorship of this event and those who volunteer their time and energy who make it tick.
Was tough going this time as conditions were down & had rain/sleet here. Kevin was my 10th qso after 53 min into the event. Ended with 26 qsos. Started on 20 & quickly moved to 40 & quickly moved to 80 & stayed there till last 20 min & ended up on 40. Last qso was ZS2R near Port Elizabeth South Africa.
KB8KIK This was my first monthly sprint. Between the shoveling of snow and the poor band conditions, this was the best I could do, but rest assured, "I'll be back!" Here it is the middle of winter and the low bands sound like mid summer with all the qrm/n.
KC0RSX Thanks for the nice data entry form! :-)

HOLY COW! In looking over my (scribbly) notes, I see an entry for K9SKC--but the QSO faded into oblivion before we could complete the exchange. :-(
KC2EGL I worked both the SKCC and NAQCC sprints tonight. I had a blast working both sprints. Can not wait for the next sprint. See you all next month.
W6SQQ I am entering just to indicate participation. I have NEVER been a contester, but since it was an SK CW sprint, I had to give it a shot. My operating time was only an hour due to the dinner rules here at the SQQ Home For Broken Down Old Hams. Maybe next month I will do better, now that I have got my feet wet. Why does everybody sit on 7055 KHz (+-2), when 7120 KHz is clear. Several CQ SKS on 7120 produced nada. Sigs were generally good on 40 but weak on 80.
NT9K The QRN was real bad in FL. I still had fun, and worked a few new members too.
AD5QB Didn't get to the radio until the last few minutes of the Sprint, but at least managed one contact. Heard quite a bit of activity, wish I could have given it more time. Hope to try again next month.
K0LUW Great sprint except the bands were a little QRN'y tonight. People not in the sprint kept answering my CQ's and a wasted a lot of time explaining the sprint and how they could join the skcc.
NN8B Bands not so good for me tonight. Heard lots of weak stations but could not get to them.

Needed Oregon for WAS-SKCC, only 8 to go now, thanks Rock.
AI4RE That was by far my best run yet. I stayed on 40 except one QSL with K4VD on 80. I heard nothing else there and quickly returned to 40. I kept pretty busy with QSOs, especially in the first 40 minutes or so.

Forty meters seemed strangely quiet - in a good way. The usual QRM and QRN wasn't there so I could hear the weak SKCC'ers.

I DO need a rig with narrower filters and a sidetone volume independent of the AF gain control!
KC9HGW This was my second sprint. With our snowstorm, I nearly forgot about the Sprint, then I heard K4VD calling CQ SKS. Lousy band conditions with the QRN and a late start, but still made a few quick contacts. What a blast! I made a bold assumption K9SKC was worth 25 pts.
N2COD Rig: Kenwood TS-430S at 5 watts into 10-15-20 meter vertical. I need to get up an all band antenna to join in the fun on the low bands when this place thaws out!
KI4CIA It was fun being able to participate again.  The highlight was having the CQ answered by TG9AFX – DX!  I was in denial, of course, so had to ask him for his call twice, then had to get a confirmation that I actually copied it right!  QSB and QRN was horrible on 40 this afternoon, so had a hard time getting the exchange the first time around.  Thanks to all those who were patient with me!

I feel like a kid again … Looking forward to the March Sprint!
K4ZGB First time, but hope to be more active in SKCC. Used my old J-38 key which I haven't used since 1968.
KA2KGP Lots of sno-static here in WNY. Rig: TenTec Argosy II at 5 watts into 5-band vertical on ground, straight key. Can't wait 'till it warms up!
N5BO Activity seemed pretty good. 20M was shutdown at the start. I had a decent amount of callers on 40M, but for some reason I never heard anybody CQing when I tuned around. 80M was S9 QRN from the passing storms, so I kept bouncing from the rig to the TV during the second hour (hard to miss The Unit). Sorry to all I missed on 80M, but was rough listening to the band!
AD5VC Got home late from work, so only ran for the second hour. 40m was busy for most of the time, but some periods were rather dead. I am glad some people persisted under occasionally marginal conditions.
VE3LXL My first SKCC Sprint. Only worked two stations, but it was still fun.
NY6P It was fun. I should have moved around the band more. I just stayed on 7053 or thereabouts and called CQ SKS the whole time. NOT a good strategy as it turned out. <g>
K4VD As noisy as it was, I had most of my luck on 80 meters. Made one quick contact on 40 and nothing on 160. My final QSO with a non-member turned out to be a FISTS 20/20 entry.
KA3CTQ I could hear thru the noise on 80M, but didn't make a contact.
I was only on for 15 minutes due to the flu. Will have to stock up on vitamin C before the March SKS.
KB3MQN Colonoscopy prep night! Three contacts between trips to the bathroom. Had fun. Will do it again.
WA5HDL Lots of fun. Wish the bands would have been better!
WB8LSV Kevin - Since this was my first Sprint I was glad to see that you would calculate my score.
W1FWB I had a 1/2 hour and decided to try something new to me. I will make it a point to try another time with the full 2 hrs.