January 2007 Straight Key Sprint


Congratulations to Ed KG4W, Kevin K4VD and Justin N5BO for taking the top three places in the January 2007 Straight Key Sprint. Nice job if I do say so myself! 722 is a new record since the Centurion bonus point change. Very nice job Ed!
The SKCC Club Call KI4SLY was run by John K8JD. Thank you John for handing out the extra bonus points. Ed KG4W will be running the Club Call for the February 2007 Straight Key Sprint. He just received Centurion #45 so he'll be worth the 25 point Club bonus and 10 point Centurion bonus!
A special thanks to Max KH6ZM for lighting up K1Y/KH6 during the Sprint. That certainly added some excitement. I think you have made a lot of people happy getting KH6 on the air for SKCC members. Us guys on the right-coast certainly appreciate it. Hawaii on 40 meters, never thought I'd see it.
The Straight Key Sprint continues to gain popularity. We broke a record again. I would like to welcome and thank all the new SKS participants. You made this a sprint to remember. I hope you will continue to join in on the fun every month.
Some people join in on SKS for the competition, others for the fun of the contact and still others to help towards their Centurion or endorsements. Everyone is necessary to make SKS the success it has been.
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power QSO SPC Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416 VA 100 33 19 95 722
2 K4VD Kevin 605C VA 100 31 19 60 649
3 N5BO Justin 57C FL 100 28 16 150 598
4 K1Y/KH6 KH6ZM Max 00/727 HI   28 17 85 561
5 NN8B Don 36 OH 70 23 16 80 448
6 WD5ABC Kerry 12 TX 90 19 15 115 400
7 KJ7BS Mark 2240 AZ 100 22 12 50 314
* KI4SLY/K8JD John 00C/1395 MI   20 12 90 310
8 N3EF Eric 1345C MD 50 18 13 50 284
9 N1RX Bruce 698C NH 100 17 11 85 272
10 K1Y/2/W1DV Dave 00C/1433C NY 100 16 13 60 268
11 N4RAY Rodney 285C AL 100 16 12 40 232
12 AF2Z Drew 2082 NJ 20 14 10 60 200
12 KE5AQD Roger 2470 TX 100 15 10 50 200
13 K1Y/4/K4OSO Milt 00C/180C VA   14 12 3 198
14 NT9K Bill 1926 FL   12 11 40 172
15 W0CH David 634 MO 5 11 9 50 149
16 K8KFJ Garie 2444 WV 90 11 8 60 148
17 W6UT Dennis 2417 CA 70 12 8 40 136
18 KC9HGW Bob 281 IL 50 9 7 65 128
19 AG8A Randy 2532 MI 90 9 8 55 127
20 WU7R Ci 22C MT 100 9 8 35 107
21 W4FOA Tony 641 GA 75 9 8 30 102
22 KD2MX Paul 1398 NJ 4 8 7 40 96
23 KA3CTQ Daniel 2338 MD   4 4 55 71
24 AB8KS Lloyd 672 WV 100 7 5 35 70
25 K1Y/3/KC2EGL Michael 00/553 PA 100 3 3 55 64
26 KC9GMN Bob 2297 IL 50 6 6 20 56
27 K2SQS Frank 2535 NJ 100 9 5 10 55
27 KA2KGP Tom 1494 NY 5 9 5 10 55
28 N2BE John 1373 NJ 25 7 6 10 52
29 AI4RE John 2308 FL 100 5 5 20 45
29 N6WK Gordon 3 CA 400 5 5 20 45
30 KF4JG Grif 101 VA 10 3 2 35 41
31 K1NV Jon 2609 NV 100 5 4 10 30
32 N1VWD Bradford 2143 VT 100 2 2 10 14
33 AA7DX Dick 45 NV 5 or less 4 2 0 8
34 VE1DS Ken 1348 NS 90 2 2 0 4
35 K6FFY Nick 1221 WA   1 1 0 1
35 N7EF Don 1829C WA 100 1 1 0 1
36 KC0RSX Len 14 MN 5 0 0 0 0
AI4RE I am still reeling from the holidays and working SKN and fully intended NOT to work the sprint this month, but I was sitting at the radio and computer waiting for a program to download, so thought I'd make one contact.

Zowie! My 500 Hz filter wasn't narrow enough on 40m. Sounded like a major contest. Or Straight Key Night from last week! I think SKN really pumped up the interest in SKCC.

So I stuck it out for five QSOs. And what was really great was that except for the obligatory QSO with Kevin K4VD, the other four were new SKCC numbers to me and ones I haven't seen in the sprints before. Three of them had newer SKCC numbers than I, and I welcomed them to SKCC. I can't seem to get four new SKCC numbers in a normal week of operating!

I also worked WV for the first time ever with Lloyd AB8KS.

I felt guilty for running my bug during SKN last week - it's my regular key, so I wasn't handicapped by it as many SKN participants were - so I plugged in the Bencher RJ-2 and went at it even though I hadn't really touched it in months.

I think the number of participants in this sprint is going to be way up (although my score will be much lower this time.)
WD5ABC I wish I started sooner, I didn't start until 0123. I never budged off 7057 except for my first 2 QSOs and never had to call CQ more than twice. I wasn't trying for speed, just taking it easy, it was fun! My key must have bad contacts, I cleaned it 4 times during the sprint and one time, while in QSO with K4SAF, I switched to the bug because I was having so much trouble with the J-37.
N3EF All contacts made on 40 and 80. Lots of activity and QRN. Lot's of fun, getting late, gotta get up at 4:30 so I'm not always up for these sprints but do enjoy them.
KJ7BS This was my first SKS. I worked only 40m.
N4RAY had a ball had a few who were not members and do not know if they count but loved my first sprint N4RAY only made 16 member qsos and 2 non members only was on air one hour and 45 minutes,
KC9GMN Had a great time last night making my few contacts,  Thanks to all the stations I had contacts with, especially KJ7BS, Mark.  who really had to work to pull me out, Thanks.  It's funny Mark, just a few minutes after our contact I could hear you 57 here in Illinois.
K8KFJ Took a quick listen on 40m and didn't hear much going on so I QSY'ed to 80m where I found some giant static crashes. I decided to work through them until these old ears couldn't take it any more. HI I was using my Nye Viking Master Key for the event. This is my very first SKCC operating event and I was happy to give out my new number.  My thanks to all those who pulled me through all that QRN.  I'm ready to do it again but without the QRN, OK?  SKS is loads of fun.
KG4W Great fun, started on 40 but couldn't get much going & qsy'ed to 80 after 4 qsos at 0119z. Made rest of my qsos on 80 after taking a quick listen on 160 and not hearing any action. Had to explain what "sks" is several times, but thats ok, may get some new skcc'ers. Guess TX, NEB & CO were my long distance contacts. Had 1 qso with Canada (VE1DS in NS) this sprint is loads of fun & 2 hours is a good length for an old cogger. dit-dit
KC9HGW This was my first SKCC sprint. I made a few contacts and had a good time. Every night in January has been like SKN. Thanks, everyone.
W4FOA It was great to hear all of the straight key activity.  Tried 160 for a few minutes but couldn't raise anyone on 1820 kHz.
W6UT Another enjoyable Sprint. Worked mostly 40. Did make two contacts on 80. Thought I might get some on 20, but it was closed by 5 PM on West
Coast. Already looking forward to next month.
WU7R I've decided I'm not much good at this, but I did have fun. I am looking forward to better conditions. thanks for having it, and I look forward to next month.
K4VD Picking up KI4SLY/8 on 80 and 160 meters was a real treat. Only my third 160 meter QSO in 30 years. Thanks to Michael KC2EGL for dragging me down there to try the band out.

I also worked K1Y/KH6, K1Y/2 and K1Y/4. Nice to hear the Special Event stations participating in the Straight Key Sprint. Also, I picked up a lot of newer members and first-timers to SKS. Welcome! Hope to see you every month.

The bands sounded lively last night. A very satisfying experience. In CW, if they are more than 100 Hz away they are not QRM, they are your next QSO! Over time, I'll narrow that number down. Good IF filters really come in handy for CW, especially when the bands are crowded.
KD2MX Made a few qsos on 40m but condx weren't great. After a phone call interruption I moved to 80m which was very noisy. It sounded like summer thunderstorms in the distance. Made a few more Qs in between hunting the qrp foxes. Thanks for the sprint. It's becoming a very nice event.
AG8A Lots of fun and a great bunch of guys that redefine the meaning of patience.
K2SQS Quite a trip down memory lane.  First contest I remember (FD 1959) I sent CW using same J38 as last night.  What a blast.  SKCC looks like a lot of FUN.  CW rules!
K1Y/3 KC2EGL I operated K1Y/3 for SKS.

A little disapointed with the conditions here in WPA. I started out on 160 hearing very faint signals after I called CQ. I worked 3 stations, all centurians and one was the club call KI4SLY. I thought I would be able to make a few more contacts operating as K1Y/3. Maybe year I will be able to get more contacts for our special event. That is if the conditions improve. Hi-Hi!!

Even though I only had the 3 contacts I had a blast. The 2 hours flew by as I tapped out CQ. I see my CW skills improving as I operate each day. I will continue to keep K1Y/3 on the air for those who would like to have it in the log.
AF2Z Wasted time on 160, and trying to get KI4SLY. And sorry to whoever was trying to call me there; it was a complete bust.
Also, no sign of KH6 here. Saint Marconi continues to frown upon me. In spite of that I pursue my relentless plodding advance toward SKCC Sprint domination!
Anyhow, seems like there were lots of new members out there this time, so I got a few more in my log.
KF4JG Centurion bonus was for KI4SLY/8.
Rig was ICOM 703 into EndFedZ up 20 ft.
Key was Kent-Two (see www.wsplc.com/acatalog/Special_Offers.html)
KA2KGP Hi Gang...Another nice SKCC Sprint with 80 m. being my best band here in WNY. Good to see 160m. added to the sprint, now I have to get up an antenna for the top band. Rig: TenTec Argosy II at 5w. into 5 band vert, straight key used of course. 73 to all.
N1RX Had great fun in my first sprint. Worked 160, 80 and 40M. Looking forward to next month. -Bruce.
KE5AQD Wow! That was quite a blast. I'm still new to the straight key so I appreciate all who were patient enough to parse out my call and exchange. I am very please to have collected 13 new numbers during the sprint. I will definitely be participating again next month and with some more practice under my belt, will hopefully be a little faster and easier to copy. Thanks everyone!
NN8B Conditions here were not great with an S5 power line noise. Had to dig and ask for fills a lot. I worked 80 meters the entire time. I took one break and checked other bands but heard nothing. Had a great time. Sorry to a few stations that I could just not pull out any info. Have a new antenna ready to install so I hope next time will be better.
N5BO Acitivty was great on 40M, I had to run at 200Hz at one point!  Signals were fairly good also, but I had static crashes during most of the night that drive me nuts.  80M was also in pretty good shape, but I was unable to produce the number of QSO's I made on 40M.  20M was shutdown from the start, I tried for 15 minutes with hopes of finding of few of the west coast stations, but had no luck.  No QSO's made on 160M, but kind of hard with no antenna for the band!  CU on the bands!
K1Y/KH6/KH6ZM Had lots of fun operating from Hawaii. Look for me on again.
K1NV I could only operate about 35 minutes of the activity due to getting home quite late from work.  However, it was fun to get on and make 5 contacts using my old Vibroplex Champion, TS-940S (100 W) and 135 ft. dipole. A couple of the QSO's lasted over 10 minutes each due to questions about SKCC.  I look forward to the next Sprint.
KA3CTQ Had a good time and made more contacts this time around. Hope that I didn't offend anyone with my bad sending or the problems with the homebrew key. I got to get a new key by the next sprint.
N1VWD Icom 736 @ 100W, Windom @ 30ft, Bencher RJ-1 key
N2BE I only had an hour for the contest, but it was an hour of fun. The highlight was working "K1Y/KH6" with great signals at both ends. Operating on just one band, 40 meters, was enough to keep me busy throughout; nice participation.
AA7DX Sprint was a blast ! Worked K1Y/KH6 Max in HI on 20 (at 5 watts) and 40 (at 1 watt) both – would like to have gotten him on 80 also. Also Worked W6UT Dennis in CA on 40 with 1 watt and later on 80 with 5 watts. Not exactly an award-winning performance from Southern Nevada this time around, but had several interruptions. Great fun !! Dick – NV
VE1DS Got to excited about working K1Y/KH6 on 40 meters and used up all my contest time Hi...
K6FFY Conditions here were poor and didn't have a lot of time. Only made one contact (K1Y/KH6)who was booming in here.
AB8KS Had qrm like SKN. High point was QSO with KI4SLY last 60 seconds.Even got the old Thermo Key out. See You next time.
KC0RSX Ugh... Was on business in Glencoe, MN this week. Finishd up a slinky antenna Monday night in gthe motel room and tried it on the sprint Tuesday (CST). Didn't take everything with me to find the resonant lengths, so TX was not good--no QSOs.

I was able to hear some of the activity, though.

Maybe next month....
Best 73 to all, Len KC0RSX
N6WK Another fun sprint but too many distractions kept me from working the whole time.
W0CH First SKS I've operated in. Enjoyed the relaxed pace and anticipate doing many more.
N7EF I made one SKS QSO on 40 meters, 100 watts. Got an important fone call, had to bag contest.
KI4SLY/8/K8JD Have to go back to check the rules, not sure if extra points would be given for K1Y stations. Lots of fun catching a few more stations on 160M this month! Would have made a few more QSOs but the club call takes so long to send!