December 2006 Straight Key Sprint

Sponsored by the Straight Key Century Club

Congratulations to Ed/KG4W SKCC 2416, John/K8JD SKCC 1395 and Justin/N5BO SKCC 57. Great job with stiff competition. I'd also like to congratulate our regular non-member Don/VE3HUR for again participating and taking top spot (again) in the non-member category. Always a pleasure to see Don joining in.
We broke our participation record again. Wonderful job! Lots of new calls joined in the Straight Key Sprnit this time. I hope you will continue to join us and enjoy the action.
Someone asked, why do all the top-scorers complain about poor propagation? I've got no clue. As bad as propagation might have been, the overall scores tell me solar flares can't touch us. The SKCC frequencies sounded like a major DX contest was going on. I was thrilled to hear so much activity and jockeying for position.
I worked KI4SLY during the Straight Key Sprint and as you can see, it attracted a lot of activity. I would like to offer KI4SLY to Ed/KG4W SKCC 2416 for the January 2007 Straight Key Sprint. KI4SLY (which may change by the time the next sprint comes along) is not eligible for ranking but it sure is a lot of fun to operate. I have plans for a special certificate for the Club Call operator during SKS.
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power QSO SPC Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416 VA 100 22 17 60 434
2 K8JD John 1395 MI 100 23 14 70 398
3 N5BO Justin 57 FL 100 21 13 40 352
4 N1AS Keith 344 VT 75 19 13 50 297
5 K9WZB Garry 1849 AZ 100 19 15 10 295
6 W0CI Jerry 2096 IA 100 16 10 40 200
7 N6WK Gordon 3 CA 400 14 10 50 190
8 KM6OR Doug 2075 CA 350 12 11 50 182
9 AI4RE John 2308 FL 100 14 10 40 180
10 AD5VC Dana 1555 LA 30 12 11 30 162
11 AF2Z Drew 2082 NJ 20 12 9 20 128
12 KL7GLL Gene 1098 VA 100 11 9 20 119
13 VE3HUR Don   ON 100 12 9 10 118
14 KU4GW Cliff 652 NC 100-500 12 8 20 116
15 N7EF Don 1829C WA   10 7 30 100
16 K0LUW Russ 1702 NE 100 11 9 0 99
17 W4FOA Tony 641 GA 75 9 8 20 92
18 WU7R Ci 22C MT 100 8 6 40 88
19 NT9K Bill 1926 FL 100 8 7 30 86
20 W6UT Dennis 2417 CA 100 8 5 30 70
21 KE0QM Dennis 2166 KS 50 5 4 20 40
22 KA2KGP Tom 1494 NY 5 6 4 0 24
23 KC2EGL Michael 553 PA 100 1 1 10 11
23 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 100 1 1 10 11
24 N1VWD Brad 2143 VT 100 3 3 0 9
24 NN8B Don 36 OH 40 3 3 0 9
25 N2COD Mike 1495 NY 5 4 2 0 8
26 WB2UWU Finn 1708 NY 100 1 1 0 1
26 KF4JG Grif 101 VA 10 1 1 0 1
* KI4SLY/K4VD Kevin 00 VA 300 31 18 40 598
AI4RE Whoa! That sounded like a serious contest tonight! Pile-ups on CQing stations; stations packed too close together for my measly 500 Hz filter; I'm going to have to get a super contesting rig to work sprints! I appreciate the patience and many repeats of Drew AF2Z who was fading into oblivion in the closing minutes. I know I didn't work everybody - I heard Russ K0LUW all over the place but could never work him - and I could have used the NE multiplier. Last I heard, he was in a ragchew with Phil K4DPK who was asking Russ to QRQ! That's the first time I've ever heard that Q-signal used on the air.
K0LUW This was my first try. I didn't know about it until about 23 minutes into the contest when I worked NN8B who told me about the sprint. I'll give it a better shot next time..
KG4W Much fun, bands didnt seem in good shape. Will be in next sprint.
NT9K I started calling CQ on 20 meters with no luck, band was dead. Moved to 40 meters and stayed there the rest of the sprint. I worked a few new members and Kevin with the new club callsign KI4SLY.
N6WK What a Blast except I had to stop in the middle for dinner and a 10 minute phone call. I was going after the CD hi hi.. I only worked 40 meters this time.
KL7GLL Fair activity esp. on 40 M, but band up and down in VA; QRN made 80 M less productive
AD5VC Ran 30W to a 400ft loop up 10ft. Heard nothing on 20m or 80m. Worked around 7055 with much better success than last month, adding 5 new SKCC #'s. Looking forward to SKN.
K9WZB Group of hams went out to dinner so got off to a slow start. Lots of stations with high SKCC numbers.
KM6OR Nice contest, good Sprint. Had a lot of fun and decent conditions. Worked several new SKCC numbers for me. 73's, Doug, KM6OR.
KI4SLY/K4VD I had an absolutely wonderful time. This is the first time in three months I had my antenna working properly. I worked KI4SLY and it seemed to attract a lot of calls. I had some decent pileups and worked everyone I could hear. Finally, I heard a lot of calls in SKS that I haven't heard before. It is great to see so many new calls. In fact, Michael, KC2EGL made a contest contact with me. REALLY COOL STUFF!
KU4GW I had a ball tonight. My best Sprint so far. Only regrets are that the NAQCC Sprint was at the same time. I am NAQCC member 1491. You guys need to get together and som how get this coordinated so that we do not have sprints on the same night. NAQCC sprints are held once a month according to the following schedule: Odd numbered months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) The THIRD WEDNESDAY EVENING (USA time) Even numbered months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) The SECOND TUESDAY EVENING (USA time) Perhaps SKCC should do a staggered schedule exactly opposite to the NAQCC Schedule. This would eliminate a big problem. NAQCC Sprint Coordinator contact email is John Shannon, a fine fellow easy to get along with. 73 de Cliff KU4GW SKCC # 652
KC2EGL Had a blast trying to follow all the speed demons. Was able to copy some of what was transmitted. Thanks to Kevin, K4VD for my one and only QSO.
WB2UWU I was able to sneak away from the birthday party for a few minutes. I lost KF4JG, then K8WI before Drew, AF2Z came to my rescue and saved the day. Thank you, Drew. I now have a perfect attendance record in the SKS, although with bottom scores. No contacts on the HS (0430-0500z) after I got back home. Tried both 3720 and 7055, all was quiet. Maybe my top speed of about 15 wpm was not attractive enough. 73 Finn
VE3HUR Used a Wilson Speedkey this time. Signals were strong at first, then in the second hour signals were weak. Heard nothing on 80.
WU7R All of my contacts were on 40 meters--nothing on 80 meters tonight. I hope to do better as time goes on. It was a lot of fun for the hour I was able to work it. Thanks and 73, Ci
KA3CTQ One, Uno, Single QSO!!! Got a late start and early finish. Only 15 minutes on. Had KI4SLY all lined up and got called away from the rig. Maybe I'll have more time next month.
N1AS I started on 40 meters. Things were slow so I went to 80. Things were dead so back to 40. Propogation seemed odd as I was not hearing the close stations. From VT was able to work MT, CA, TX, IA - Nice. Spent the last part on 80 and picked up a few more stations. Overall it was quite fun. Rig, K2 at 75 watts, Junker straight key with occasional time on the Ligntning bug.
KE0QM 40 Meters was great. Lots of stations. Had to cut time short as I had to go to work.
N1VWD This was my second SKSprint and I had a great time but had to split my efforts between SKSprint and the NAQCC sprint and I didn't even try the 80M QrpFox hunt tonight.
AF2Z Very noisy on 80 meters here but that's where most of the contacts were. Next time please schedule the sprint for when the band is a little quieter, heh,heh. Really, this one was almost more work than fun. But I did QSO the big SKCC "double aught", so that was nice.
W0CI First time using a straight key in 40 years!
KA2KGP Yikes! Where was propagation during the sprint? Lousy band conditions here in WNY. Rig: TenTec Argosy at 5w. into all band vertical. Hope for better conditions next sprint.
N5BO As expected, 20M was pretty flat, but I managed a few QSOs at the start of the sprint.  40M and 80M were about the same, but condx weren't the best.  The start of every sprint seems slow, but picks up near the end month and this month was no different for me.  I had fun, but didn't spend enough time operating the sprint since I took a decent size break and also had a 20 minute QSO with a non member during the sprint....hard to pass up a good ragchew :)  I hope to find many of you in SKN, this will be my first one ever!
N2COD It was a rough nite as band conditions were poor at best here in WNY. I cut it short after frustration set in. Hope for better conditions next sprint.
NN8B Bands not good for me here this evening. I started on 40 meters and had 2 QSOs in an hour. Went to 80 meters and still no joy until 0218. Had 2 QSOs on 80 and my XYL said I was interfering with a TV show she was recording on DVD, so that ended the SKS for me. Had fun and learned a little about the rig and used a new 100th Anniversary Vibroplex my wife got me for Christmas and a 120 year old Bunnell straight key. 73 to all for a good Holiday Season. Don, NN8B, SKCC 36
KF4JG I have a modest key collection, but the Karma and skill of the previous owners has not worn off on me by osmosis. Back to the code practice programs.
W6UT This was my first Sprint. I enjoyed it very much even though I had only 8 Qs Looking forward to the January Sprint. Hopefully I will do better. Dennis W6UT SKCC 2417
K8JD Was this the night the solar flare particles hit our planet?