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Congratulations to Justin N5BO, Gordon N6WK and Dana AD5VC for finishing in the top three of the October 2006 Straight Key Sprint. Thanks to all who participated. We had 20 members join in on the fun last week. The scoresheet and soapbox are below.
Some statistics for the October Sprint... Not everyone reported their power (not required). Of those that did report, only one ran at 100 watts, four at 5 watts and the rest scattered in between. Nine people tried the new form on the web and no problems were reported.
Most interestingly, positions 3 through 11 would have been quite different if we were under the November rules changes. Scores would have almost fallen in line with QSO points. SPC points made little difference in the standing as, for most, each QSO was with a unique SPC. Centurion bonus points would have very little affect on the final outcome. If anyone is interested, I will send (or post) the score sheet with all the details for your analysis.
I was real glad to see charter members 1, 2 & 3 join in on the fun.
Remember, there will be Rules changes for the November SKS. I will have them posted shortly and announced in the Forum and on Yahoo.
SKS Results - October 2006
N5BO Justin 600
N6WK Gordon 469
AD5VC Dana 436
WU7R Ci 388
AF2Z Drew 356
KE0QM Dennis 336
K4VD Kevin 236
KI4CIA Melinda 230
N3EF Eric 210
K4OSO Milt 164
KL7GLL Gene 149
KC9ECI Tom 125
AI4RE John 125
K5PAX Harvey 109
KS5V Ed 109
WB2UWU Finn 1
KD2MX Paul 1
NT9K Bill 1
AD5QB Ken 1
K8JD John 0
KC9ECI And now you know why they call me Hashafisti Scratchi! Seriously, it was fun. I finally broke and couldn't take it any more. My key sliding around the desk was making me mental. It won't slide any more, I screwed the thing right to the top of the desk! Next week I'm going to screw it to the underside of the desk and try to work some VK's.
K4VD Thought I was bound to 20 but I coaxed the tuner to give me 80 meters. I only heard Drew calling SKS. He was strong, I wasn't. But hey, I'm a happy camper! 20 did fine for the first 30 minutes and then the bottom dropped out. I heard nothing band-edge to band-edge.
N3EF Not much activity here. No contacts on 20, two on 80 and nine on 40. Hope things will pick up as we move into late fall and winter.
KE0QM Busy band tonight. Most activity on 40 meters. Stopped and worked an FISTS call. May want to use name instead of report.
AI4RE This was my first SKCC sprint and the first time I gave out my new SKCC number on the air. I bought a used Bencher RJ-2 a couple weeks ago that had the original, notoriously heavy spring. Bencher sent me the new, lighter spring and I got it the evening of the sprint. I put it on the key before the sprint, and must have sounded like a drunken sailor, as I had already become accustomed to the old spring! Iíve only been on HF and CW for a month, and despite only working 5 stations, CA, AL and WA were worked and are all new states for me!
N5BO 20 was dead....40M had some good activity until 30 minutes left in Sprint and only one station worked on 80M. Overall I had a great time and I look forward to upcoming SKCC events.
K5PAX Good fun. Lots of non-combatants wanting extended chats. I was too polite to cut them off. My Mother would be proud.
KL7GLL First time in the sprint and enjoyed it thoroughly; I'll be back again next month!
N6WK This was my first Sprint. I had a blast. I hope conditions are a bit better next month. I did 13 Qso's and worked 13 states as well as 3 centurions. See you all next month.
KD2MX My first go at the Sprint. 20M was already out here and 40M was terrible. Was shaking down my new kx1 and "newer" J-38 but only managed 1 qso. Probably should've tried 80M but got involved in the NAQCC sprint. Will try again next month.
K8JD Sorry Kevin and all, no qsos, no points claimed this month. Made some skcc qsos before the start time but after 8PM local time the bands were not good at all. The 40 M SWBC and SSB stations dominated, 80 was down in the dumps, not too bad for QRN but the signals were down. I even ran out inthe woods and took my monster flashlight to see if my diople was still up in the trees. Will try again next month.....
AD5QB Got home in time to work the last 45 minutes of the sprint, but only made 1 contact (tnx Justin N5BO) before getting sidetracked with other stuff. Couldn't get back to the rig before the Sprint was over, but at least got to play a little. Will try again next month.
K4OSO The 40 meter band was extremely noisy, and, with the exception of couple of station, the signals were very weak. Tom's signal was booming here in Virginia.
KS5V I really didn't have any time to devote this, my first participation as a new club member. Look forward to more activity in the future.

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