SKCC Sprint Results-September 2006

Call Score Notes
KE5C 1544 Top Score - Member
KB4T 1189  
K8JD 852  
N3EF 840  
VE3HUR 677 Top Score - Non-Member
AA1SB 521  
WU7R 490  
AF2Z 424  
NN4W 328  
KM6OR 328  
WB2UWU 320  
AB8FJ 320  
KD1E 236  
K4OSO 216  
K4VD 216  
AD5QB 104  
K4OSO The xyl went shopping and I caught toddler bed-time duty. Managed to work a few stations (4) on my basement rig (ts-430) and 20 mtr dipole. Not very good for 40 meters, but I had fun, anyway. The "Big Guns" up this way were K5EC, KB4T and AA1SB. Worked 4 states, and a whopping 50% of my contacts were Centurions!:-^)
WB2UWU I was trying to contact Tom, KC9HEM SCCC#1599 in IN, but he was in a longwinded ragchew QSO with Sam, W2SNX and I did not get him. I also heard and tried to get: Neil AA1SB SKCC#2261 in NH, Doug KM6OR SKCC#2075 in CA, Ed KD5ZLB SKCC#1367 in LA, Chuck K2CG SKCC#28 in TN, AB8EL Not in roster.
AB8FJ 40 Meters seemed to be the best band for the Sprint this time. Only a couple of stations heard on 20 meters.
WU7R Conditions were not as good as last time, but it was a lot of fun.

I thought the sprint was "tomorrow" night. Oh well, I got 30 minutes in anyway. Made 6 QSOs and had fun.

AF2Z I managed to work the entire sprint but only got one more qso than my first half-hour outing. Herd no one on 20m; called a few times there, but nothing. I hope for rain next time: my ant seem to work better when wet!
K8JD Did worse than last time even at the home station with decent antennas and persisting for the whole 120 minutes. etc.... I am partly blaming poor conditions with lots of storm QRN blocking signals on 80 and making 40 more difficult to hear all but the stronger stations. Only made 6 contacts on 80. Also, about the time Sprint started there was the Ontario Kilowatt SSB net starting near 7055. I had the narrowest filter plus the outboard Auteck audio filter and turned down the rf gain and one of those SSBers still splattered away some of the stations I was trying to contact! Hoping to do better next month. Even with all those difficulties it still was fun and I ain't quittin!
VE3HUR This was my first SKCC sprint. Sorry to torture everyone with my sending. I now have a sore arm, but it was fun. Thanks to W6VFA for the nice chat.
KE5C You need to fix the scoring system if you want this event to survive and grow. You have to reward entrants for effort (qsos and/or multipliers) not luck (how many centurions they stumble across). If you insist on retaining a centurion bonus, make it reasonable, like 2 QSO points for a centurion and 1 for everyone else.
AD5QB Only got to work the last few minutes of the Sprint, but fun anyway. Hope to get to spend more time next month.
K4VD I want my antenna back! I was stuck on 20 meters and the QRN was terrible. I heard K3UK in there but was not able to contact him. This was a struggle but really enjoyed it.

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