Restoring Keys

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Restoring Keys

Post by VK4GJW » Sun May 24, 2015 10:41 am

Hi Guys,

Not so much about making keys here, but restoring them. Couldnt find a topic that covered it so posted here. Just thought I would show you that I have just restored my second KEY WT 8AMP and now have two of these lovely keys. I am just taken by their looks and simplicity. The one on the left is a Creed & Co 1935 with no curly lead connecting the swing arm to the centre bridge. The one on the right is PMG 1942 EWT with the curly lead connecting the swing arm to the centre bridge. I have another one arriving soon and will start on that when it arrives. The Creed & Co model has a spring that has been overextended slightly, but still operates okay. But if anyone knows where I could get another one, please let me know. Took me a while to get the bakelite bases and knobs back to black, but well worth all the scrubbing and elbow grease when done. Enjoy! :D

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