Thank You Elmers

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Thank You Elmers

Post by KF7KPL » Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:19 am

SKCC members and future members.

I started trying to learn CW for the exams before I found out it was no longer required. I stayed with learning code and purchased a paddle and keyer to use on the air. Internet searches brought me to the different CW clubs and organizations including this one. I purchased a straight key and joined up.
After getting my number I wanted to find an Elmer to help me. I was looking to be a better code operator and learn correct procedures. There are things that cannot be self taught.
I was fortunate enough to get Paul, N6EV in California as an Elmer. Thanks to his help and support I have become more confident in the art of CW. With his continued help and support I am sure to reach my goals. Paul is kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He has already invested several hours of his time, freely, into helping me succeed. I feel confident the other Elmers listed on this site are of a similar caliber! There is no way I can repay him for his time and effort.

I salute Paul and the other Elmers; past, present, and future! Thank you for the very valuable sacrifice of your time to the benifit of myself and others. On day, I hope to edify you by being an Elmer to another Ham.

73 de KF7KPL Gilbert SKCC 7226

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Post by N6EV » Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:13 am

My pleasure Gilbert. You've got a better fist than you think (or thought)! With the dedication and enthusiasm you've demonstrated, I'm sure you'll attain all of your goals and more. I think I can speak for the other club Elmers when I say that it's always a treat to work with someone as enthusiastic as we are about our collective passion. We get just as much satisfaction from helping a student attain a goal as the student does.

Keep up the good work.... see you on the air soon.

Paul N6EV #3358T
Paul N6EV
SKCC 3358T / FISTS 1407 / NAQCC 2247 / CWOps 380
Code Elmer

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