my shack

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my shack

Post by wd9dwe » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:50 pm

my shack is an old ts440 an old ten tec tuner and BIG 50 amp supply
soon to have 2 meters back up.. an azden 5k i think i bought it from a local but i never hooked it up i only operate 146.52 simplex no tones to fool with there ;0 OR offsets.
however we can go to the repeaters depending on where you are if your passing through the area.
put my address in your gps and tell when to expect a visit
my keys are j38, speedx staight key, skcc pro pump by nt9ki, champion bug from 1962. 1958? ef johnson bug (for sale or trade btw)
i want a bencher straight key
Plus my mfj422 pacesetter keyer/bencher paddles piggy back.. i bought when i turned 21 a few years ago.. same you guys ok:)
i have a ten tec 580 delta needs work and a mfj9040 for/9
hope to see you on 40 with it this summer..
also might get the 30 one if things work out.
Deniss wd9dwe 1564T
will post pictures as i learn how.
dennis wd9dwe

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