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Bug for sale?

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:43 am
by wa1vil
OK, all the sweet music from the bug users in the sprints has gotten to me! I want to try a bug but it will probably take me forever to get good enough to go on the air with one. So, has anyone got a well worn but functional bug that they will part with for short money? That restoration that you never got around to? If you want to take this off line, please uses I posted here because it looks like nobody has been on the buy/sell forums for 6 months! Thanks and 73!

Greg SKCC#443T

February 12-Thanks to Les WB5JWI for parting with one of his bugs! It will take I while before I dare inflict it on other SKCC members but when I get the hang of it...errr...if I get the hang of it-watch out!

Moderator-you can delete the post when it is appropriate!

Greg SKCC#443T