MCW tone generator?

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MCW tone generator?

Post by KF7ATL » Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:02 pm

A friend and I have a cw sked every Sunday evening on 40 meters to practice our code. I found an article in the QST archive (July 1997) about an MCW tone generator. We are thinking of starting a 2 meter cw net, since more people in our area might be able to participate that way. Has anyone made one of these or have experience with a 2 meter cw net?


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Post by k8jd » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:12 pm

A club I used to belong to had a MCW code practice net on a 220 mHz repeater.
I modified an old Motorola "PL"board with a reed for 700 Hz paging tone (all olde tech) wired to a microphone cord plugged into the FM rig.
I keyed a transistor that was originally part of the "reverse burst" switching that originally eliminated the squelch burst heard in other recievers in the system..This made a clean make/break of the tone.
Setting the output level trimpot on the board for about 2/3 deviation of the transmitter made a nice clean sounding tone on the air.
The final touch was a toggle switch to key the rig when code was to be sent and unkey at the end of the MCW transmission and a socket to plug in the mic for voice transmissions during the session.
No modifications to the 220 rig were necessary.
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