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Frankenstein another Navy Flameproof

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:18 pm
by NT9K
I can't get this project out of my head. I want to make a home brew blast cabinet and get some old beat up flameproof keys and sand blast them down to the bare cast aluminum.

Then I want to get some epoxy putty for aluminum from Caswell and plug up the holes where the binding posts come out. Loose the black plastic square cover. That epoxy stuff is supposed to dry a close match to aluminum, so it could be taken down and the 2 holes wouldn't show. I could run the cord out the back of the square part of the frame. Here is the link to the aluminum epoxy putty:

Next, I want to try some simulated aluminum anodizing. Caswell sells several different products that look like anodized aluminum. They even have an inexpensive spray paint that really looks nice. See here: ... l_blue.jpg
Wouldn't that look nice on a Navy Flameproof?

I would also like to try extending the lever on a flameproof. Bill W2BLC tried this, but I think I would try inserting more metal and welding the pieces back together. I was a welder years ago and this would be easy and I think it could be done to look seamless?

I have been wanting to try these ideas for years. Maybe I will give it a try?
Start looking for junky NFP's I guess. Get yourself a printed Caswell catalog. They have lots of cool stuff that can be used for keys.