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Just starting out or wanting to learn about something new. Need help setting up your first station. Want to meet others just starting out. This category is for you.

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New Guy Here

Post by KB0SNE » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:47 pm

My name is Mike and I"m new to CW. I have my Extra license and I've been on SSB for awhile, but I feel like I'm missing half the fun of Ham Radio by not doing CW. My rig is an ICOM 738 and an ICOM 735 and I have an ICOM 2200 2-meter rig. I'm running through an Astron 35 power supply with back-up being a deep-cycle marine battery with solar battery charger. I "shelved" my SM-8 desk mic in favor of a HEIL Proset Plus and I like it a lot. My antenna is a home-brew 6-band inverted V on a 48' Rohn tower and I've had great luck with it. Right now I have a Navy Flameproof key, a Speed-X key and a brass key I don't know the brand. I have a code practice oscillator coming and I'm going over and over the Gordon West tapes to build some speed, so I haven't been on the air with CW yet. I'm glad I finally decided to finally get into CW and Really glad I found SKCC. This looks like the place to be to learn a lot from all of you who are CW "PROS". Hope to learn a lot and make some friends here. Sorry, I didn't intend to write a book. Just wanted to say Hi.

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Post by KA7CTT » Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:18 pm

Hi Mike...
Welcome aboard. CW is great fun and you'll meet a lot of very nice ops.
You don't have to be fast at it, just willing to learn. Practice, practice and more practice and your speed will increase. Best practice is 'on the air'.
Been at it for a lil' over 30 yrs and every QSO is exhilerating.
Jump in and enjoy!...Hope to work you one day soon.
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Post by NT9K » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:27 am

Hi Mike, welcome to the SKCC and the forum. You mentioned listening to the Gordon West tapes. On the SKCC website there is a learning page with some books converted to CW in speeds from 5 to 40 wpm. Look here:

There are lots more resources for learning on the SKCC website too. You might want to check out the Elmer page. We have lots of Elmers in the club.
Good luck and I hope to get to work you on the air someday. I listen the the SKCC Elmer frequency a lot. 7.114 mHz and I like to go slow and don't care if you make mistakes. It's all fun! 73..
73, Bill - NT9K
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