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New member and looking for on air practice

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:56 pm
Hello everybody,

My name is Jan, PA3GSV, just signed up to SKCC.
Trying to re-learn CW after 25 years, and having a hard time :-)
Back then CW was still necessary to get admitted to the HF bands, didn't pay much attention to it until a few years ago.
I am more a builder than a talker, never realized how much fun and rewarding CW can be, especially in combination with QRP.
This rekindled the hobby for me, as I am living in a densely populated area, 5 Watt wont hurt anybody.
But 100W and up won't make me popular in the neigbourhood 8)

Trying to switch from paper to headcopy, which sometimes works a little, mostly not.
Especially when in a QSO, nerves get to me.

I am looking for hams who are willing to take on the challenge to do some short practice QSO's a few times per week.
My station consists of a 53 feet/ 15m doublet about 26 feet / 8m above ground.
Antenna can be matched from 160m-10m, with acceptable efficiency from 40m and up.
I can do about 15-17 wpm on a straight key, and currently practicing headcopy up to about 20 wpm.
Lower speeds are of course very welcome as well.
According to RBN, a radius of about 300 miles / 500 km should be possible from my location most of the time.
More would depend greatly on propagation.

Looking forward to any replies.

73/72 de Jan PA3GSV