Combo Keys

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Combo Keys

Post by WA0DOM » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:46 pm

Old topic from an old newbie. I used a cheap, straight key many, many years ago as a Novice and General, then had a 50 year hiatus from the ham world. I'm now newly re-licensed as a General and only just gotten my rig. I hope to do a lot of CW and took the CW Academy basic course. I grudgingly followed the mentor's advice and got a (cheap) iambic key. The hand motions seemed all wrong at first and I longed for the straight key. But with time, the iambic way came easier. Now, to comply with SKCC principles I am faced with re-re-learning the straight key. I see much old discussion of key recommendations from some years ago, and wondered if anyone had any opinions (Ha!) about any recent developments. In particular, I wonder if there is any consensus (Ha!) about the Vibroplex combination straight and iambic units? They are certainly pricey as are all Vibroplex products, but for SKCC purposes, would this be a reasonable choice. Of course then there is the problem of switching from straight to iambic, but surely there is a subset of SKCC members who do this?

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