my station wd9dwe

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my station wd9dwe

Post by wd9dwe » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:06 pm

i wish i had shared this long ago when i first strated..forget the skkcc number 1564T
name dennis in se indiana jennings county. city of north vernon, in

my station is an old but useable ts440s work horse of the 1990's late 80's... aj38 dad had in 1942 i believe.. a speedx square block straight key..the skcc nt9k key i won in the third running of the k3y/? ..i miss the days i lived in a house in seymour, in where i had antenna room. :cry: NOT the x wife..:) :evil: a vibrobroplex champion from 1962 with two weights.. might see about another champion.. and a dentron tuner the super tuner,,and an mfj apartment dwellers antenna on 3ft tripod inside the apartment.. with two radials..glad it's only me and the cat HI :)
plan to make two more for 20 and just roll up the radials and roll em out.
i also own a nifty little ten tec r4020 with go kit.. i use hiking the are wildlife areas and state parks..and county park...too many people in the city park..but i might try the mfj aprtment dwellers ther one day.. then ur qsl will have southern indianas biggest city park written on my hand.
north vernon and Hayden have rail roots.. home to muscattatuck urban training center .. for miliary and cicivilian training... also columbus has camp Atturbry... glad it was put to good use.
so thats the set up. pictures will follow eventually.
Dennis wd9dwe 1564T
dennis wd9dwe

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