K5TSK shack stuff

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K5TSK shack stuff

Post by K5TSK » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:53 pm

Not sure, but don't think I have posted here.
Shack is a FTdx3000, AL-80B, MFJ998RT, Palstar AT2K, smaller MFJ tuner, and modest antennas.
Keys used are Vibroplex SK; Vibroplex Original Deluxe; Begali Blade; and a Vizkey vertical bug. All were bought new.
First 30 QSOs when relicensed were done with a new Bencher BY-1 on CW. Only later did I plug in a mike. Did a little SKCC in 2016, but didn't get too interested until early 2017, when I started keeping SKCC logs and thinking about hopefully getting a Senator "S".
Have about 250 qualifying numbers as "T" so 150 to go before I make the T8.
If you hear me on, give a shout.
73, Jim

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