LNR Straight Keys

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LNR Straight Keys

Post by KC6CNN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:29 am

When I joined SKCC, I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a new key. I decided to Purchase the LNR SKCC straight key.
It has the year I joined engraved in it. I have used this key on SKCC contest, I own a John Wellings Marconi PS213 key, and a Begali Blade key. They are super nice keys.
What I love about the LNR key is the durability of it. I take it out in the field, and on during SKCC sprints. It is a very well built key and works really well too.
I think I might order the Patriot key too so I can own one in blue and one in red. Very durable keys.
Gerald - KC6CNN

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