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LTA Paddle Cootie Conversion

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:21 pm
I had an LTA spring operated iambic paddle that I was never able to get adjusted in a manner to enjoy using, so it sat on the shelf for many years. Reading about the SKCC sideswiper "Cootie" activity this weekend I decided to take this paddle apart and re-use some of its very nice looking gold-plated brass parts, do some re-drilling of the mahogany base for the parts, and fabricate a sideswiper lever arm from some thin flexible hobby brass. Here's how it ended up:

ImageLTA reworked Cootie by Ski Freak, on Flickr

So now I need to try it out and make some contacts! Please bear in mind that this project has just been finished, so when I get QRV later on today it will be my first try at even operating a Cootie…73, Chris WB2VVV