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What is K3Y?

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:51 am
by NT9K
What is K3Y?
K3Y is the SKCC special event held to celebrate the club's beginning.
For 2011 the event will run from Jan 1, 2011 at 0000 UTC to Jan 31,
2011 at 2359 UTC. SKCC members in the United States are invited to
operate their home station using the K3Y call in accordance with the
procedures established for the event.

How it works:
SKCC US members make arrangements to operate as K3Y with an area
coordinator and keep a log of their contacts. At the end of the
operating session the log is sent via email to the coordinator.
The area coordinators merge the logs they receive and pass the
results to the event coordinator. The event coordinator does further
merging to produce a master log to generate a stats page and to
send out QSL cards at the end of the event.

Start by getting a copy of the "Station Op's Guide". A link to the
guide is found on the K3Y homepage:

Find out who your area coordinator is, as shown on the K3Y homepage.

Communicate with your area coordinator via email about submitting a
practice log and to reserve an operating time slot when the event
gets underway. You may be asked by your coordinator to submit a log
from a recent sprint for practice.

Stay tuned for more K3Y information and get ready to have some fun!
73, Bill NT9K
K3Y Event Coordinator