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K3Y special event QSL

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:05 pm
by aa9kh
I am posting this message here because (apparently) some ops are still confused or simply do not understand. I will attempt to minimize some of that. Please, understand ... this message is not an attmpt to "slam" (degrade) anyone nor an attempt to deliver information for some other type of malignant purpose. One SKCC member to another ... that is all.

Several ops who had verified contacts with me during my tenure as K3Y/9 have sent me QSL cards directly. As a professional tradesman printer, I very much appreciate them. Thank you. To date, all who have sent me a direct QSL have also received one from AA9KH in return. Notice, I typed "... from AA9KH ...". I was the control operator of the special event callsign K3Y/9 at the time of our QSO so I believe a card from AA9KH was/is approriate. A suspicion later confirmed by various postings to the SKCC Yahoo! reflector.

To the point. So, how do I get a K3Y special event QSL card for my QSO with K3Y/(whatever)? Simple. The exact instructions are available from the opening page of the website <> by way of a link to the <K3Y> page. I will simply paraphrase those exact instructions as I understand them.

Complete one of your QSL cards as you normally would for any QSO. For the callsign K3Y/9 during a time you worked ME, AA9KH, operating as <K3Y/9>, complete the <callsign of station worked> information on your QSL card as follows: <AA9KH/K3Y/9>. With your QSL card, please enclose one dollar (U.S.) or an International Reply Coupon to help the club defray the costs of printing, mailing, et cetera. Enclose a business-sized, self-addressed stamped envelope with your QSL and whatever payment form you choose. Seal the envelope and address it to:

Dan Rhodes
PO Box 3092
Erie, PA 16508-0092

Mail it (HEE, HEE, hi).

Hope this helps any who still have questions. Again, from the opening page of <> click the link for the <> page and then click the link for <K3Y QSL INFORMATION>. Please be advised: As with ALL special event QSL cards, the K3Y cards may be slow in coming. This is unavoidable. As always, the best procedure is patience.

For my part, I had a bunch o' fun operating as K3Y/9. Thanks to all who chose to participate in the club's third anniversary celebration by having a QSO with me. Your patience and effort is not lost on this ham and it is thus noted here. Further, I offer a tip of the key to: Jeff K9JP who acted as 9th region co-ordinator; Randy KB4QQJ who acted as co-coordinator for the 9th district; Dan KA3CTQ who has the unenviable task of verifying and mailing all those K3Y cards and many, many others who were hard at work "behind the scenes" to make the whole event come off so well. Your efforts harken to the best and oldest of ham radio's many traditions ... VOLUNTEERISM. THANK YOU.

Best regards,
Jay AA9KH #219C

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:46 pm
This year, please send your QSL requests to the new address.

c/o KA3CTQ
618 Seminole Drive
Erie, PA 16505

Thanks and hope to see your cards soon,


Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:55 pm
by kb4qqj
Retired from 35 years in the printing industry. Still got ink and etching solution and hypo in my blood hi hi.
rotogravure, letter press, offset pre press.


Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:07 am
kb4qqj wrote:Jay,
Retired from 35 years in the printing industry. Still got ink and etching solution and hypo in my blood hi hi.
rotogravure, letter press, offset pre press.

So you used to be a stripper too?? Ha ha
9 yrs is all I could take of that.Bindery,pressman and pre-press.Too stressful for me!


Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:21 am
by kb4qqj
LOL, I stripped in all four colors and PMS colors too!!! Must be a Randy thing.

dit dit