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AA9KH to be QRV as K2A/9 Friday and Saturday, Jan 11 and 12

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:01 am
by aa9kh
[color=black] Greetings all and best wishes to you and your kin for a healthy, blessed New Year.

I am excited and proud to announce that beginning Friday, January 11, between 1300 and 1859z, I will begin operating using the special anniversary event callsign of K2A/9. I intend to operate on 80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 meters. Sorry, I have no suitable aerial for the 160, 17 or 12 meter bands.

As long as there are folks calling me on whichever band I am on at the time, I will not change bands. This will afford as many as possible the opportunity to QSO me. I intend to use 80M during the daytime as some of you are so near the Chicago Metro area that it will be impossible for us to have a QSO on any other band.

Based on current propagation conditions, I will begin on 40M, continue on 30M, then 20, 15 and finally 80, before returning to 40M to finish up. 40M daytime provides nearly coast to coast to coast coverage from my QTH. 30M generally has provided better coverage into western Europe than 20M. 20 and 80 meters will be the most difficult bands to reach me on I suspect. I will make use of self-spotting via the K3UK skeds page, <>

I have additional blocks of operating time scheduled for (UTC DAYS and times): Saturday, Jan 12 from 03:30 until 80M closes down or no later than 07:00; and Saturday, Jan 12 from 2200 until Jan 13 at 0259. This will put me at odds with a VERY popular CW contest, the North America QSO party. Will make for tough QRM conditions on both ends of the circuit I'm sure. I am also sure that most of you are aware of the expresssion: The more difficult the task, the sweeter the victory.

One more thought to my fellow SKCC members: Consider signing up to operate as K2A. Having been DX from Bermuda I can tell you, it's a very eye-opening experience to be the hunted instead of the hunter. 4000+ members makes for a wide audience. Think we can get "clean sweeps" for ALL within 30 days? That's 40,000+ QSOs. A difficult goal perhaps, but "The difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude".


Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:54 pm
by aa9kh
My thanks to the 42 hams that made it into my logs as K2A/9. Takes two to tango. Some truely marvelous fists and operators out there and I am truely proud to be associated with you all.

Hopefully at least some of my 9th district brethren will seek to participate as K2A/9 before January and the special event comes to an all-too-soon end. Not in the 9th district? Take a peek at the SKCC Activities page to find out who the co-ordinator for your district is. Check the calendar page to see if there is an opening available near your routine (?) operating time. HAVE FUN. I sure did.

My ground mounted, trapped vertical will soon be joined by another milestone antenna: A modified double bazooka at a dizzying altitude of about 25 feet (hi). Not going to set any DX nor QRP records I suspect but this IS a hobby, not work. My municipality states: no amateur antennas more than 35 feet above average terrain, including antenna support structures. Guess that means buildings taller than 35 feet are not included. Nor cell towers. Ouch.

Thanks again to all the other folks volunteering time as K2A/whichever. A very LARGE tip of the key to ops like Max KH6ZM. Takes a very special op to run from Hawaii as a special event station and manage a 10 kHz wide pile-up. Thanks Max for putting K2A/KH6 into this ham's logbook. Also to the op who ran K2A/KL7 when I managed a QSO with you. Another courageous and talented individual.

GL all. BTW, the WES was a bunch o' fun as well. Keep the brass warm and I'll keep my cans on. dit dit