CQ SKM (a 'nuther message handling contest idea...)

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CQ SKM (a 'nuther message handling contest idea...)

Post by af2z » Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:35 pm

Straight Key Message Contest -- CQ SKM [Currently under revision...]

This is yet another message handling contest. Scores are based upon accurate transmission and
reception of CW message traffic. In this case the messages are originated by each contestant
(composed of callsigns logged during the contest) and transmitted to other contestants.

Contact other stations by calling CQ SKM and exchange SKCC numbers (or obtain power output from non-
members) as usual. Also periodically exchange messages with other participating stations (see below).

Separate the callsigns in your contest log into groups of three, in the same order in which they
appear in your log. These 3-QSO groups will form the basis of your messages. Using the following
message format, transmit these callsign groups to any other contestant(s), at any time during
the contest:

Place your callsign at the head of a 3-QSO group and the receiving station's callsign at the tail of the
group. This list of five callsigns constitutes a message. For example, a typical message originated by
AF2Z and sent to N1AS might look like this: AF2Z K8AQM WU8V N4RE N1AS

(This indicates that AF2Z is the originator of the message; K8AQM, WU8V, N4RE are contacts he has
logged; N1AS is the receiving station for this particular message.)

At the end of the contest, submit copies of all of your transmitted and received messages to the
Scoring Center by email (one message per line). These are your traffic returns.

The Scoring Center (spreadsheet) attempts to reconcile all of the submitted 5-callsign messages,
sent & received. Ideally, each Sent msg will have a matching Received msg. However,
due to mistakes in transmission or reception, there will be some messages which will not find a perfect match.

For each message which is correctly matched, the transmitting op and the receiving op who handled
that message are each awarded 1 point. For any message which cannot be matched, the ops who handled the
message lose 1/2 point each. Scores could also be based upon the number of messages accurately sent
or received by a particular op, expressed as a percentage of the total number of messages he has handled.

- Multiple contacts with same station are permitted, except not more than once in three consecutive QSOs;
- No message may be transmitted more than once;
- QSOs with non-members (and even contest non-participants) are allowed;
- Established CW message handling procedures are encouraged;
- Other?


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