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SKCC Stroll

Post by KA3CTQ » Wed Aug 29, 2007 5:59 pm

Hello all,

It seems that this group wants to help preserve the CW mode and help out with those who want to learn and improve. We also have this underlying need to compete in contests and gain awards.

These objectives do not seem to mix well. Contests are (IMHO) not a great way to improve your sending and copying. After a while, some words and phrases are sent without thinking. Repetitively sending name, state, and number takes no effort.

If you don’t believe me, how much effort is it to send CQ CQ CQ de (your call x3) k. After 3 decades, I sit in meetings and tap in on the table top without even knowing I am doing it. Some one else pointed it out to me.

As for the award level issue, that has been batted around by many lately.

We need to work at helping improve ours and others code skills. Most hams improve their skills in rag chewing. This takes some thought and skill. Using that skill will improve it. Maybe that’s why in sports, we practice 10 times longer than play the game.

My last thought is that we need to find a way to get more members and maybe even non-members to participate. Something that will get the contesters, award hunters, and rag chewers together.

OK, now that I got that out of the way.

How about combining the rag chew and a contest into one event? The exchange would have to be a minimum of 20 minutes. The basic info would be traded (name, rst, qth, etc.), but you would also need to tell the other op something about yourself. Not your bank account or social security number, but something like your dogs name, how many kids you have, or who was your Elmer. Anything not radio related. Maybe at least two of these items per QSO would be shared.

The event would not be a short one to accommodate this type of event. It could be a week to 10 days. I was thinking of two consecutive weekends and the weekdays in between. This would not be a sprint, more of a stroll.

That’s probably what it should be called, “The SKCC Stroll.”

I have more ideas about how we could do this;
No “C” or “T” bonus this time around
Maybe a bonus for working members with no trailing letters on their numbers
Bonus for working non members and sharing SKCC info
Can have a QSO with the same op on a different bands, but you must share different info
Dupes allowed if at least 3 days apart, but no dupe on personal info.

I have others, but I want to know if anyone would participate in this “Stroll.”

Throwing it up to see if it comes down.

The SKCC Bureau Card Shuffler

(also sent to the yahoo group)

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