New Elmer 'Sked' Page

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New Elmer 'Sked' Page

Post by N6EV » Tue May 01, 2012 5:24 am

As a Code Elmer, I've worked with a number of new operators on the air while holding a simultaneous chat session with them on the K3UK Ragchew page. It has worked well, allowing good discussion and real time feedback before, during and after the on-air QSO session.

As an experiment, I've asked for, and Andy K3UK has graciously created a separate "Elmer Page" on his SKED server. We can use this Elmer 'sked' page as a working channel between Elmers and students real time. This will also be a good rendezvous spot for those without Elmers looking for CW help, QRS QSOs, or having any questions about on-air operating technique. Feel free to post a question, a QRS QSO request, or an offer to help others as an Elmer, answer a question or two, or just be there for an operator's first CW QSO. The page has been operational for less than 24 hours and we've already had a new CW op have his first CW QSO through it! So the Elmer Page has proven it can unite new operators with those willing to help.

The Elmer Page isn't meant to be exclusive to CW or the SKCC, although the idea was based off of SKCC CW Elmering. The Elmer Page is available for questions related to any aspect of amateur radio. If you know of a newly licensed ham, please point them in the direction of the Elmer Page. Those willing to help, both on and off-air answering questions and providing encouragement should also check in. It won't work if just new ops check in! We need you experienced ops to show up too.

Here's a direct link to the K3UK Elmer Page ... indanelmer

If it turns out the page is not utilized, we'll end the experiment and terminate the page.

Feedback welcome.
Paul N6EV
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Code Elmer

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Re: New Elmer 'Sked' Page

Post by on4cgw » Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:15 am

Dear Om's,

How can I log in or register me on the Sked page?


Kurt - ON4CGW

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