SKCC Weekend Sprint Results

May Theme: The Golden Key Marathon

Nobody collected the bonus for working SKCC club keys in all 10 call areas.
Congratulations to Weekend Warriors:
Ed - KG4W, Larry - KA8HFN and Jack - K4CNW for taking the top 3 spots.
A special Thank you to the DX and newcomers, hope to see you again.

# Call Name SKCC SPC Power QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416t VA 100 118 41 265 5103
2 KA8HFN Larry 2046c OH 100 80 35 210 3010
3 K4CNW Jack 2961 SC 100 58 33 115 2054
4 K9SKC Ted K8AQM 00c MI 100 62 31 115 2037
5 K0LUW Russ 1702t NE 100 57 32 145 1969
6 NT9K Bill 1926t FL 100 44 27 220 1408
7 XE1YJL Luis 2934 XE 50 39 32 90 1338
8 AF2Z Drew 2082c NJ 15 45 20 130 1055
9 K8JD John 1395c MI 50 36 21 95 851
10 W4FOA Tony 641c GA 75 32 20 145 785
11 K8NB Noel 3112 MI 30 31 19 100 689
12 N7EF Don 1829t WA 100 30 19 115 685
13 W1DV Dave 1433t NY 100 32 17 120 644
14 NE7D Rock 665c OR 100 28 17 90 566
15 W9CC Larry 469 IN 80 25 18 60 510
16 W6UT Dennis 2417t CA 100 26 15 90 480
17 W1WIU James 486 RI 100 25 15 45 455
18 KG4LDD Steve 151 TN 100 23 13 55 354
19 WB2LOS Mike 2729 NY 50 18 14 70 322
20 N2JNZ George 2836 NY 5 16 11 125 301
21 AB8KS Lloyd 672t WV 100 17 13 55 276
22 N2YHQ Marcelo 2373 NY 50 18 12 55 271
23 N1LU Don 2252 NH 100 15 11 60 225
24 KB3MQN Dave 236 PA 100 17 9 70 223
25 NN8B Don 36c OH 50 13 10 40 195
26 N9AMW Rich 726 WI 100 11 11 35 156
27 UU1CC Andy 3072 UR 100 10 7 40 110
28 AI4RE John 2308c FL 100 9 9 25 106
29 KA3CTQ Dan 2338 MD 100 7 6 55 97
30 DF2OU Rolf 2705 DL 75 7 7 15 64
31 N1LT Dick 2242 NH 5 7 6 20 62
32 NV9X Jim 1358 IL 75 5 4 15 60
33 N1VWD Brad 2143 VT 5/100 6 5 10 40
34 WD9HBC Jim 2298 MA 100 3 2 5 11
35 KI4STU Detrick 2577 VA 5 0 0 0 0

KG4W Had great fun as usual. Worked only 20,40 & 80, to be honest I forgot we could use 10 & 15 so probably missed some action on those bands. Was nice to work 2 of our dx members Rolf DF2OU & Andy UU1CC plus Bob in Alaska WL7WH. As usual, I faded away around 0445z 1st nite & got back on around 1230z & was on/off till the end. Didn't manage to work the 10 call area skcc keys, had only 6. Gave club info to many non-members. 73s till next time.... Ed

K0LUW The propagation was poor because of the solar flare. I had to shut down repeatedly because of the local thunderstorms all weekend. BUT, I had a great time. I hope everyone else did.

NT9K This sprint was the most fun yet. Worked alot of new members too, even DX SKCC members. Got K9SKC on 2 bands, RI, KY and MS for new SKCC states. I collected key nr's from all call areas except 0,1,3. One contact was extra special to me. Don N1LU was my first and only SKCC contact made from me calling CQ, ever. Wonder how many listeners thought I was dyslexic sending key nr 37, thinking I was sending 73, hi. I like the marathon style better than the slot window, but then it's really not a sprint anymore. 73, Bill - NT9K..

AF2Z Was able to attend the entire event this time so made the most of it: stuck pretty close to the radio; even ate dinner in front of the rig! The sprint started & finished strong. Most QSOs were on 40m; only 4 on 80m; the rest on 20m. Highlights: Got a call from Andy UU1CC in Ukraine on 40m Sat evening!... Jim W1WIU in RI--tks for new state!... Tnx Dave W1DV for QSYing to 80m... Got 4 new 'C' nrs toward Trib.

N7EF Weekend Sprint June 3, 2007 Worked 3 hours total (20 & 40 meters), 30 QSOs, 6 band C?s, 6 band T?s, club station once, 19 contest-unique SPCs, 4 band Gold Keys (NT9K twice, KG4W, KA8HFN), 100 watts (except 500 watts to work Rhode Island on 20 meters - a new SKCC state for me, needed to ensure that one was nailed). Don N7EF SKCC#1829T Gold_Key_07

N2YHQ I had a blast. This is my first SKCC sprint and really enjoyed it. My rig is an old but reliable Kenwood TS-820S, G5RV at 30Ft up and a signal electric straight key.

N1LU What a great way to spend a rainy Sunday.

N9AMW First QSO was with Ted, K9SKC...great way to start! Went to dinner shortly after, and when I returned to the radio 20 was dead and couldn't hear contesters on 40. Looking forward to the next one.

NN8B Wow, hamfest got me this weekend. got home and was able to get about 2 hours of the sprint in. Band conditions in Ohio were not good for me. Still have an S-6 noise level due to power lines. There was someone I could not pull out, so my appologies to you. Wish I could finally get a quite band to work the sprint. 73 to all, Don, NN8B

W6UT Another enjoyable Sprint. To bad the bands were in such poor shape. Started out good Saturday night, but had to work for them on Sunday. Wasn't unable to muster up any Qs on 80 meters, 40/20 were it. I did hear KH6/W3GW on 15, to weak to work. Didn't get many SKCC Gold Key numbers. Wanted the extra 100 points. Looking forward to the next one which will be from my cabin.

N2JNZ Tough conditions for QRP but had fun !!! Thanks to all who listened hard for me !! Getting more #s toward my Centurion !!!

NV9X My very first SKCC Sprint. Nervous. Lousy band coditions and other activities. Wish had more time. Thanks to K9SKC for my very last contact. I will be doing more.

AB8KS Had grandson for weekend, not nuch time but lots of fun.Lloyd

W4FOA Limited time but lots of fun. Some great signals and neat fists. See you next time.

W1DV Very limited time: Rochester hamfest Saturday, preached twice Sunday, thunderstorms all weekend, horrible solar flare conditions - but this was great fun. Especially good to see so many Centurions and Tribunes QRV. Nice work to all involved - de Dave W1DV #1433T

W9CC This was my first Weekend Sprint and I enjoyed it very much. I hope to do many more.

WB2LOS My very first sprint. Lots of good fists, very enjoyable. Looking forward to next one.

KA3CTQ Had a lot of fun. Like "no" window version. Works well for those of us who can work an hour here, 30 minutes there, and 45 minutes later on.

W1WIU Worked about 4 hours on 20 and 40 meters. Lots of QRN on 40 meters. Meet lots of "old" friends. Thanks to Andy,UU1CC,for a nice QSO from Crimea,The Ukraine, on 20 meters, and Ted for putting the club station on the air! Only 1 station from the west coast, thanks Don, W7EF. See you next time.

DF2OU I was working with 50 watts out. antenna: homemade 65 ft long windom, 26 ft up from the ground Key: my LTA Key# 72 I had a lot of fun in this Sprint, but it was hard to find SKCC stations, we had the "fieldday contest" and much European QRM and bad ConDX, but I was happy to do these 7 contacts and Larry W9CC was a new SKCC point for me and I am looking to work much more.

K8NB I had a great time, gave me a chance to use a lot of the keys in my collection. Used 7 different straight keys during the sprint. Being a new member, all the numbers are new, and this was a great start to Centurion. Can't wait till next month. Thanks to everyone. K8NB, Noel

N1LT Had a good time operating at 5 watts with FT-817 to a Windom antenna. 40M was the best band for me. Heard lots of strong stations, but they just didn't hear me.

AI4RE I hadn't really intended to participate, and it wasn't even in my mind until I saw mention of the contest on the sked page Sunday evening. I thought it was a chance to "shoot some fish in the barrel" and bring up my Centurion count toward Tribune. So I ended up working maybe an hour total, and did add about another three Centurions to my list, as well as give my number in a few first-time SKCC contacts.

K4CNW Had lots of fun. Enjoyed the Marathon format even though I didn't get to operate but about 8 hours out of the 24. 20 meters was in fair shape but nothing doing on 10 or 15 meters while I was on. Andy, UUICC, was the only SKCC DX from across the pond that I heard even though both 20 & 40 was open to Europe at times. Only worked 4 Gold Keys. Thanks to WL7WH for AK.

KI4STU Popped onto 40 a couple of times randomly with my shiny golden key, but no body heard it. Oh well, maybe next time I'll put forth a little more time and effort!


NE7D I was surprised to work more Tribunes than Centurions and was happy to hear the new SKCC numbers in the Sprint. I came back on Sunday to hand out some points and C bonuses, but didn't hear anyone -- glad I got in on the first 4 hours.
Did anyone else's score end up being their SKCC number backwards?
Should get some extra points for that!

KB3MQN Had a great deal of fun, and could only work the sprint because I was on vacation. Collected some more nrs. for the Centurion log, but guess I won't have enough in time to get a two digit Centurion nr. Looking forward to the next one. I'll be portable from Promised Land State Park, PA.

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