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March 11, 2007
March 25, 2007
Can You Spell "Samuel Finley Breese Morse"?
If you can, it's worth an extra 100 points to your bonus score in this month's Weekend Sprint on Sunday, April 22nd. In honor of the father of telegraphy, who's birthday is April 27th, this month's Weekend Sprint challenges members to use any letter of another sprint station call sign to spell out Samuel Morse's full name.
Celebrating the Birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse and welcoming new sprinters.
Spell Samuel Finley Breese Morse for 100 pts bonus: From the QSO's you have, use any letters from the callsigns to spell out "Samuel Finley Breese Morse" and add 100 points to your bonus. Letters can be used more than once. Example, for letter E, you only need to work one callsign with an "E". You may use any callsigns you worked in the 24 hour period.
First timers 25 pts bonus: If you have never participated in a "Weekend Sprint", add 25 points to your bonus. (You may have participated in the regular sprint) Sprinting is easy and all skill levels are welcome. The exchange is simple and predictable.
Call CQ SKS de NT9K k
Basic exchange:
TU Bill FL NR 1926c k
# Call Name SKCC SPC Power 24hr. Total QSO's S/P/C Bonus Score
1 KG4W Ed 2416c VA 100 34 29 23 100 + 70 837
2 K4CNW Jack 2961 SC 100 40 25 20 100 + 100 700
3 K0LUW Russ 1702c NE 100 32 28 19 100 + 60 692
4 KE5AQD Roger 2470 TX 100 31 17 16 25 + 50 347
5 K8JD John 1395 MI 50 17 17 14 25 + 60 323
6 KC9HGW Bob 281c IL 50 31 13 12 100 + 30 286
7 AB8KS Lloyd 672c WV 100 15 15 10 25 + 30 205
8 NA9A Joe 2343 IL 500 23 12 10 25 + 40 185
9 KC2EGL Michael 553 PA 100 13 13 10 40 170
10 NT9K Bill 1926c FL 100 14 10 9 60 150
11 WB1EDI Barry 164c NH 100 11 11 9 40 139
12 N1VWD Brad 2143 VT 100 8 8 7 25 + 40 121
13 AF2Z Drew 2082c NJ 20 20 10 8 40 120
14 K0DBK Brad 24 MN 100 6 6 6 25 + 30 91
15 NN8B Don 36c OH 50 9 8 6 40 88
16 AD5QB Ken 9 TX 50 4 4 4 25 + 30 71
17 KU8T Tom 2442 MI 100 6 6 6 25 + 10 71
18 KD5RSS Butch 1910 CA 95 6 6 4 25 + 20 69
19 W6UT Dennis 2417c CA 100 10 4 4 10 26

KG4W Made 5 qsos on 40 Sat nite but the qrn & Mi qso party got to be too much, so went to bed with NASCAR hi. Got on Sun am & had a ball on 40. Probably should have checked 80 first, but made all qsos on 40 except 2 on 20. Did manage to spell the secret name for the extra 100 pts. Most exciting was to work John W0JFR for a new "C". C U next time.

73 Barry

W6UT I tried. Propagation was some of the worst that I have experienced.

KC2EGL Had a blast. Picked up a few more towards my Centurian. I need to recalculate my Centurian list. I may have hit #100 or be just a few short. Thanks to all who worked me. See you in the next sprint. 73, Michael - KC2EGL

K0LUW It was rough this weekend. With frequent storms in my area, it was tough to get a 4 hour window.The band conditions were poor and the noise levels high. I was fun and I would certainly do it again.

K0DBK I now have my first weekend sprint under my belt. It was a lot of fun and will hopefully get a little operating time again next month. All contacts were either east to the coast, or directly south to Texas and Louisiana.
Brad K0DBK SKCC #24

NN8B Good weather did me in. Wish I could have operated more, but too many projects to take care of. I hope this is not the pattern for the summer. Managed to get a little over an hour in. This was for Sam F.B. Morses' birthday too. We share the same April 27th birthday, but Sam was a bit earlier then I was.

KE5AQD My most successful sprint to date. Collected some new numbers (including some new FISTS) and worked a few old friends. Thanks everyone!

KC9HGW There seemed to be more activity at the beginning of the 24-hour period than at the end. I met some SKCC members I hadn't met before. 73, Bob Carson - KC9HGW SKCC #281c

AF2Z This is the first time I've been able to work both Sat and Sun evenings, but the SKCC fish just were not biting here. Did hear a lot of activity on 80 from the MI QSO party, but few SKCCers. Got a UT station on 40 meters on Sat evening; unfortunately it was not one of our Ukrainian SKCC members.

K4CNW This is my first entry but operated in last months Sprint. Although I only had 2 hours at the beginning and about 1 1/2 hours at the end of the Sprint to operate, I really enjoyed the activity. The first 2 hours were the most productive wilh 25 QSO's all on 40 meters. 20 and 30 meters were open here in SC at the beginning of the Sprint but I could not find any SKCC activity on those bands. See you next month!

KD5RSS Again small number but more than last time. I will continue to improve and hope to spend a full 4 hrs plus working thru out the 24 hr period. Thanks again for all the effort. 73

K8JD Missed spellling the name by a "Y" missing in the calls worked..

N1VWD Icom 736 @ 100w Windom @ 30ft

AD5QB First time in this Sprint, only got to work about 30 minutes but still fun. Seemed like a lot of activity and picked up 3 new numbers toward Centurion. Might get there in a few months at this rate! 73, Ken AD5QB

AB8KS Had a blast, set station up in the woods. Temp was in 80's, I saw 5 Deer, 2 Rabbits and heard some Turkeys close by. The Deer did not seem to mind the new noise in the woods. Also heard 15 Skcc Members.

KU8T I was Mobile MICHIGAN!!! My home qth was IN. Got a Late Start but was a lot of fun. Hope to do it agn. 73's - Tom KU8T

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