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US Call Districts

K3Y-0: AD0AB
K3Y-1: NF1O, K1EDG
K3Y-2: AF2Z
K3Y-3: AF3Z, AC2C
K3Y-4: W4KRN
K3Y-5: K0RO
K3Y-6: W6JIM

K3Y-8: K8AQM
K3Y-9: W9DLN

DX Continents


K3Y-Short Notice
         AC2C, KB4QQJ
         NM5PS, N3PDT


Help keep SKCC free:

CQ SKM...January is Straight Key Month!

The Straight Key Century Club's annual on-air event commemorates the club's founding in 2006 directly following the ARRL Straight Key Night. At that time a group of SKN participants wanted to extend the fun of hand key CW throughout the year. SKCC is the result and K3Y is the special call sign that has been granted for this "KEY" event. We refer to the event simply as "K3Y".

K3Y runs from Jan. 2nd through 31st. It's a perfect time to introduce or reacquaint hams to the fun of hand-keyed Morse code sent with straight keys, bugs, and side-swipers. Members and non-members alike are welcome to hunt the US based K3Y stations and the participating DX stations around the world. Non-members are encouraged but not required to use straight keys for their K3Y contacts. This year we hope to field K3Y operators in the ten US call areas, plus KH6, KL7 and KP4, along with associated DX stations in a number of Canadian provinces and each of six IARU continental regions.

You can track your progress working the event stations by referring to the Stats section on this page. Check for regular updates in your standings for Number of Areas, Bands, K3Y Operators, DX Entities, Canadian Provinces & US States that you have worked. K3Y QSL cards and Sweep Certificates are available to document your success.

Earn a QSL card by making at least one contact with any K3Y event station. Work K3Y/0 through K3Y/9 for a basic sweep; or go for the ten US call areas plus K3Y/KH6, KL7 and KP4. Perhaps you will even achieve a 19-area "grand sweep" which includes all the above plus contacts with our DX event operators in six different continental regions. The K3Y "sweep" card lists one contact for each of the 19 areas that have logged your call. Please check the Op Schedule and Operator Map links to find where and when the K3Y stations are operating.

For SKCC members K3Y is a great opportunity to make lots of progress toward various club awards. Contacts with K3Y stations are valid for SKCC awards purposes. Also, by signing up as a K3Y Operator you can readily log dozens or hundreds of award-eligible QSOs with other SKCC members.

Would you like to sign on as one of our K3Y Operators? You can try it for just an hour or two. Or reserve a series of time slots throughout the month. Code speed and station sophistication are not important. The on-air exchanges tend to be fairly relaxed. Please check out the US or DX Operators Guides and contact the Regional Coordinator in your area for more info. He or she will be eager to sign you up. Our K3Y Operators are key to a successful event!

Check the Index on this page for contact info, operator guides & schedules, QSL cards & sweep certificates, stats, operator map and the SKCC print calendar.

Be sure to listen for our K3Y operators during January and work 'em when you hear 'em!


The K3Y Planning Group